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Oromo’s War Against Amhara is Guided Neither by Political nor Military Strategy

ኦሮሞ ታሟል: Oromo’s War Against Amhara is Guided Neither by Political nor Military Strategy

Yonas Biru, PhD 

The purpose of this article is to enter the blind spot of the Oromo social psychology and converse with  the demons that have turned its politics savage in its violence, virulent in its outlook, and self-destructive  in its practice. What Ethiopians and the world at large are witnessing is the Oromo political class degrading  and destroying the very government whose political levers of power it controls. 

In 1993, Bill Clinton won the presidency of the United States by wrapping his campaign around one phrase: “It is the Economy, Stupid!”. The message? America’s political ills could be cured with economic pills.  

The Oromo reality can be encapsulated with “It is the Psychology, Stupid!” The Oromo suffers from self inflicted psychological trauma. Its 50-year victimhood politics has made it unable to break out of victim  mentality and adopt a frame of mind befitting the solemnity of leading a nation as a governing body. 

We cannot address the root cause of the problem until we are ready to put political correctness aside. We  must do so in the interest of salvaging the Oromo soul from the clutches of the evil spirits of the past.  

The Evils of Oromo Psychological Horror 

Ethiopia has never seen the brand of brutality manifested by the Oromo-led government in its modern  history. Stop and watch this video. Look also at this and this as well. Pictures are also important. 

War on Amhara

The first picture shows rounded up people waiting to be processed in a concentration camp. The second  picture shows a small fraction of the nearly one million Amharas who were forcefully evicted out of the  Oromo tribal and. They include pregnant women and elders who could hardly walk. The third picture  shows a camp in the Oromo tribal land where tuberculosis and diarrhea has claimed countless Amhara  lives. The children in the fourth frame ranging from 12 to 14 years old are waiting to be transported to  children’s concentration camps in the Oromo tribal land.

Look at this video also. An Amhara Orthodox priest is being paraded on the streets of Oromo with dead  chicken hanging on his neck. The crowd is shouting “hung him”. The crime is deep rooted in the Oromo  political class that accuses the Orthodox Church of being a voodoo religion; hence the dead black chicken  they hanged on his neck. The perpetrators are ordinary Oromos from different walks of life. You must  also look at the pictures below, showing innocent Amharas in concentration camps in the Oromo Tribal  land. 

War on Amhara _ 2

Below prisoners are being treated for tuberculosis in a makeshift concentration camp and a grieving child  left homeless on the street.

War on Amhara

Where does such a level of barbarism that does not even spare children, pregnant women and  sick elders come from? How can people be cruel for the sake of being cruel? The root cause is  the venomous narrative of the Oromo political class that The Ethiopian colonial terrorism and  genocide that started during the last decades of the 19th century still continues in the 21st  century.” 

In revenge and vengeance, the Oromo are primed for retribution with unquenchable thirsty for  blood. Only the Oromo psyche that has been poisoned with constant flow of venomous lies over a span 

of 50 years and a statute of severed breast can undertake such a level of cruelty. Only the Oromo psyche  with damaged social psychology can comfortably hide behind a “hear-no-evil and see-no-evil” political  position under such inhuman circumstances. Do not try to find a political solution for this. It is the  Psychology, Stupid.  

ኦሮሞ ታሟል: It is the Psychology Stupid  

One pregnant phrase defines the Oromo political problem as described by the Godfather of Oromummaa,  Asafa Jalata: Deep Rooted “Psychological Inferiority.” Many Oromo intellectuals not only share the  sentiment but also peddle it in their articles. 

The Oromummaa literature stands on three legs in the order they are listed: Fist comes psychological  liberation, followed by Oromo unity, and leading to self-determination. According to Jalata, Oromo  psychological liberation requires fighting against the Oromo external oppressor and the internalized  oppressive values.”  

Stripped of their sociological jargon, what their books and articles tell us is that consciously or  unconsciously Oromo is a psychologically damaged good. In this regard, Jalata argues, Oromo intellectuals  “have not yet achieved psychological liberation, they consciously or unconsciously prefer to work for their  colonial masters rather than promoting the Oromo liberation project.”  

Jalata identifies the main problem to be “low level of political consciousness and an imposed inferiority  complex…” As a result, he argues “Ethiopianism replaced Oromummaa.” The solution, he believes, is to  reverse this phenomenon. Oromummaa must replace Ethiopianism.  

The savagery we are witnessing is a result of Jawar Mohammed’s “Ethiopia out of Oromia” doctrine and  Asafa Jalata’s political theology of replacing Ethiopia by Oromummaa. To date, there is no Oromo voice of  any significance in volume or scope opposing the war against the Amhara. Whether Oromo is malfeasant  or nonfeasant may be of interest in legal jurisdiction. Morally, there is little to no difference between  malfeasant and nonfeasant Oromos. 

Oromos who oppose the diabolical savagery committed in the name of Oromo are rare exceptions – few  and far between. There is a reason. When the crime is attributed to a narrow group of Oromo elites, it is  easy to take a cowardly position of disassociating oneself from the crime. When the crime is attributed to  Oromo as a society as it should be, the political calculus changes both at the individual and societal level. 

Morally Malnourished Leadership Borne Out of a Psychologically Damaged Political Class 

As part of Oromoization of Ethiopia, the Oromo President said the “Prosperity Party is built in such a way  to advance the interest of Oromo. The head of the Party will always be an Oromo… A detailed strategic  plan is provided in a report titled “We Need Modern Version of the OLF With High Confidence Politics of

Haile Fida!.” Here is how it is described: “The aim of an independent Gadaa Oromia is Oromo politics of  the past… We surely will move to the level of high confidence in order to own the whole Ethiopia…” [This  document has been removed from the internet after I brought it to light in my earlier article.] 

What makes the Oromo leadership worse is its insistence to resurrect the Gedaa traditional social,  economic, political, and military governing system form the 16th century and reintroduce it in current  Ethiopia. The Oromo President is on the record, saying the Future of Ethiopia” is Gedaa. 

Allow me to reintroduce you to Mogassa the military organ of Gedaa as seen in the eyes of foreign writers.  Here is what C. F. Rey published in 1924 on Journal of the Royal African Society, Vol.23, No. 90. His article  was titled “The Arussi and the Other [Oromo] of Abyssinia.” The term he used was the “G” word, which I  replaced with Oromo. 

“It must be borne in mind that they are and have been for nearly four hundred years,  invaders on strange soil… Their methods of warfare were cruel even for that age, and it  was they who introduced the horrible practice mutilating the dead, and even the  wounded and prisoners.” 

Pedro Paez added:  

“The Oromo slaughtered many people and carried out extraordinary cruelties, because  they cut to pieces the men and many of the boys and girls that they seized, and they  opened up pregnant women with their spearheads and pulled the babies out of their  wombs. The people of that land therefore came to fear them so much that nobody dared  resist them.”  

It is this system that today’s Oromo political class wishes to reintroduce in Ethiopia. It is this level of cruelty  that modern-day is committing against Amhara children, pregnant women, and elders. Gedaa is  embraced by an overwhelming majority of Oromo and Mogassa is touted as a revered heritage that the  people of Oromo take pride in.  

Beyond the Mogassa-grade savagery that we are witnessing, the result has been economic, political and  law and order collapse. Professor Derese Kassa (@nestaneth), who just returned from Ethiopia, tweeted  14 observations. Let me share three of them. 

  • The loss of law and order and the level of insecurity in the nation is staggering. Kidnappings, detentions, torture, and killings by state actors, by rebels and criminal syndicates have hit the rooftop.
  • The level of corruption by government officials and the extent of state capture is  unprecedented. Business owners are asked to pay bribes in millions, or they will be  subject to inexorable fake taxes. Ministers have a coterie of concubines who also  broker kickbacks 
  • The middle class is no more. Civil servants, teachers, doctors, and engineers are now  reduced to the underclass. It’s heartbreaking to see our former educators wait for  handouts and alms from relatives and kinfolk abroad. 

Dr. Hangaasa Ibrahim (a member of the National Parliamentarian representing the Oromo tribal land)  and Taye Dandea (State Minister of Peace) are on the record, accusing the government of the Oromo  tribal land of rampant corruption. They both expressed fear for their lives for speaking up. Taye went  further referring to high-level Oromo party and government officials as “mafia groups.”  

On May 27, Taye went further on his official Facebook page: “Everybody knows what happened in the  outskirts of Finfinne (Addis Ababa), over the last four years. Who stole the land in the name of Oromo  farmers? Who sold the land of the Tulema and used the money to tip millions of dollars to prostitutes? 

A widely circulating rumor has it that the Prime Minister’s concubines are the most sought-after business  brokers, wealth arbiters, and government appointment traffickers.  

Small wonder why Jawar Mohammed (the self-acclaimed “inventor of the Oromo political calculator”) felt  obliged to wonder aloud in his published manifesto if the claim that “Oromo is incapable of leading the  country” has merits.  

Silence in the Face of Genocidal Threat is a Generational Moral Tragedy of Epic Proportions! 

The narrative that the problem is with the Oromo elite is an epitomic adoption of the proverbial ostrich  strategy when faced with danger. 

The head of an Oromo delegation who, recently, spoke at the Mekele Stadium was not shy to announce  Gedaa elders were a willful part of the war campaign against the Amhara. He publicly announced that the  delegation he led at the behest of the Oromo President included Gedaa elders. In his speech, he proposed  Oromo and Tigray must join forces to fight the Amhara.  

Members of the Oromo Gedaa who often mediate when Oromo factions fight against each other are  active supporters of the war against Amhara. To date, neither he Aba Gedaas who were in attendance  during the Mekele speech, nor the leader of the broader Gedaa establishment has condemned the  speech. 

Above all, a large swath of the Oromo society is willfully oblivious to the savage atrocities committed in  the name of Oromo. They were quite when the Voice of America reported close to a million Amhara were  forcefully evicted from the Oromo region. They were silent when Amhara are hunted like animals and  slaughtered in thousands in the Oromo region.  

They remained silent, despite a public warning by one of Prime Minister’s Senior Advisors that Ethiopia  is at a juncture similar to that of Rwanda when it found itself at the dawn of genocide.The question of  “genocide again whom” was answered in the Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention’s Red Flag Alert  that warned The Amhara are in a perilous discursive position that could easily devolve into genocide.”  

The Oromo Culture of Betrayal 

During the Emperor Haile Selassie era (an era that Oromo elites and laymen alike lament to be an Amhara  government) the revolutionary campaigns of “land for the tiller” and “the rights of nations and  nationalities” were led by Amhara and Tigray university students. The “rights of nations and nationalities”  doctrine that the Oromo political class swears by is authored by an Amhara. Many Amhara revolutionaries  have died advancing several campaigns whose primary beneficiaries were Oromos in the eyes of the  revolutionaries. 

More recently, the Amhara unanimously voted in the national Parliament to elevate an Oromo candidate  to the prime ministership position.  

Today, as the Oromo-led government unleashes a Mogassa-brand savagery on the Amhara, the Oromo  public is either taking part, cheering on from the sideline or in a radio silent mode. 

When we see Aba Gedaas travel to Tigray to form a military pact with Tigray against the Amhara, we cannot  insist the problem is the elite class. When we see rank-and-file street police officers slapping an Orthodox  priest or beating an Islamic Imam, we cannot say it is the Oromo elite gone amok. When Oromo Street gagsters harass people speaking Amharic or wearing cloth with the Ethiopian flag, we cannot designate  them as Oromo elites. When civilian Oromos take part in the demolitions of Amhara houses and forcefully  evict Amhara people, we cannot insist that they are part of the Oromo elite class.  

Above all, the deafening silence of the majority of Oromos including those who often throw the worn-out  cliché “my best friends are Amhara” cannot be wished away. Silence in the face of injustice is complicity.  Silence in the face of crime against humanity that is creeping toward and bordering on genocide is beyond  complicity. It is a generational moral tragedy of epic proportions!  

There is a reason why the German government issued an official apology to the Holocaust victims in the  name of all Germans. They did so because the Nazi crime was committed in the name of building Greater  Germany and the people of Germany failed to speak up and defend the victims of the Nazi regime.

The Oromo regime is aspiring to build Greater Oromia on the ashes of Ethiopia. Oromo cannot escape  historical responsibility for its deafening silence while an Oromo-led political class and Oromos from every  walk of life commit crime against humanity in its name.  

Yes, the War is Between Oromo and Amhara 

Let me repeat and highlight. The perpetrator in the current war is Oromo, and the victim is Amhara.  Reducing the people-to-people war to an elite-to-elite conflict will undermine the seriousness of the  problem and sustains it beyond its expiration date. 

The Prime Minister is using the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) as a façade in his pursuit of an  Oromo war against Amhara. Let us not forget that 74% percent of the people of Oromo who were eligible  to vote took part in the 2021 elections. A staggering percentage (over 95%) of them voted for Oromo-PP,  despite Oromo opposition party’s call to boycott the election and Oromo-Shene’s threat to blow them if  they dared to come to the election stations. 

There is a pregnant question that imposes itself on the people of Oromo. If they manifested bravery and  valor to vote ignoring Oromo-Shene’s bomb threat, why are they silent when the government they voted  into office commits savagery against the Amhara without so much as a blink? 

The war between Amhara and Oromo is no different from the war between Amhara and Tigray. The  people of Amhara were supporting the war against Tigray, preparing food, and contributing money.  Amhara religious leaders were encouraging their congregation to dust up their rifles and hatchets and  join the war. Housewives were feeding both Fanno and the Ethiopian army. Every facet of the community  from shoe-shiners to farmers and merchants small and large was a part of the war. Musicians were singing  war songs and artists were glorifying the war with poems and paintings.  

Members of the Amhara diaspora community were providing financial and moral support. They were also  engaged in diplomatic አቱቶ ቡቱቶ with their misguided #NoMore አንከስ ፈንደንስ street dance, while blasting  Mehari Degefaw’s war song ግጠም አለኝ. They knew Tigray was bleeding – children, pregnant as well as  nursing women and elders were suffering. Yet, they were pushing for more war, while dancing with  Menbere Mengistu’s war song መች ተነካና ያሸዋል ገና. 

The same was true with the people of Tigray. Members of the Ethiopian Defense Forces who hailed from  Tigray betrayed their oath to defend the Ethiopian Constitution and joined the TDF and TPLF war. Tigrayan  university professors and students alike joined the TDF and TPLF military establishment.  

The Tigrayan diaspora contributed millions to the war front and became TPLF’s geopolitical street  diplomats. They performed street shows alternating between public grieving and victory dancing. One  day they did their signature protest, including ደም ተቀብቶ አስፋልት ላይ እያለቀሱ መንከባለል. The next day, they

performed Tigrayan victory dance with ከበሮ, ፊሽካ and all, as they salivated to enter Addis Ababa in victory. Every Tigrayan was behind the war lock, stock, and barrel. 

Par for the Tigrayan political culture, Tigrayan bishops who publicly and vocally supported TPLF and TDF,  divorced their region from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC), accusing the Ethiopian  Church of supporting the war’s atrocities against the people of Tigray. 

In sum, to say the war was between TPLF/TDF vs. ENDF/Fano/Eritrea is to willfully deceive ourselves. The  same is true with the Amhara and Oromo war. It is a war the Oromo waged against the people of Amhara.  The Amhara are defending themselves as people, not as elite forces. That is why the people are supporting  Fanno warriors. 

Oromo’s Targets are the Amhara Masses, Not Amhara Political Elites  

Let us focus on the last 30 years, since tribalism became the sacred principle and foundational creed of  the Ethiopian Constitution. As a matter of political narrative, neither Tigray nor Oromo political leaders  publicly accuse(d) the Amhara masses. Their political narrative targets Amhara elites, whom they brand  as ነፍጠኛ (war monger), ትምክህተኛ (arrogant with a superiority complex), and/or ጽንፈኛ (extremist).  

In practice, their victims are always the Amhara masses. The thousands of people that Oromo-Shene  murdered and continues to murder are not Amhara elites. They are very poor members of the Amhara  masses. When Shimelis Abdisa said our enemies know what our intentions are with Sheger City, the  enemies he targeted his wrath at were not the Amhara elite. They were the Amhara masses.  

When the Oromo government and Oromo-Shene forcefully displaced nearly one million people, the  victims were not Amhara elites but the Amhara masses. When Abiy, Adanech and Shimeles deny Amharas  from entering Addis Ababa, it was the masses that they targeted, including poor framers, hard-working  merchants, the sick who needed treatment in the nation’s primary hospitals. Their targets were not the  Amhara elites. 

When TPLF and OLF used population census in 1994 to statistically depopulate Amhara by three to four  million, the target was not the Amhara elite, but the Amhara masses. During the 1984 census under  Mengistu, the Amhara accounted for over 28.3% of the total population of Ethiopia. The corresponding  figure for Oromo was 29.1%.  

In 2023, Oromo accounts for 34%, a 17% increase from 1984. In contrast, in 2023, Amhara accounts for  22%, a 29% decrease from 1984. This is a crime against the Amhara masses with systemic voting rights  disenfranchisement. Amhara’s allocation of seats in the national parliament is far less than what they are  entitled to per their true population size. 

It also has significant budgetary implications. In the 2023-24 fiscal year, the federal government  distributed budgetary support to the tribal homelands according to their population. The Oromo tribal  land got 34% of the federal budgetary subsidy and Amhara got 22%. This denies the Amhara tribal land  badly needed resources for school, hospitals, roads etc. The victims are the Amhara masses. 

During the TPLF era. Amhara was the least developed region by any standard, road density, hospitals,  schools, access to electric city, poverty rate etc. The data from international agencies, the World Bank, UN,  Africa Development Bank leave no doubt about the favorable treatment of Tigray region and the targeted  discriminatory treatment against the Amhara masses.  

The Tigray political class did not isolate and target the so-called Amhara ነፍጠኛ, ትምክህተኛ, and/or ጽንፈኛ elite.  Its target was the Amhara masses. The Oromo political class is doing the same with far more viciousness  and cruelty that they have inherited from the Mogassa tradition.  

Oromo-PP and TPLF were able to do such crimes using their tribal home as their power center. For years  we were told TPLF is Tigray and Tigray is TPLF. The Oromo reality is a bit different in form, but not in  substance. The Oromo people are OLF and OLF is the Oromo people. Oromo-Shene is the military wing  of OLF. And OLF is widely embraced as “the Spirit of Oromo.” The phrase is coined by Jawar. 

Oromo-Shene and the Oromo People’s Congress (the largest Oromo opposition party) may have different  view from Oromo-PP. The difference is that Oromo-Shene and the Oromo People’s Congress want more  of the anti-Amhara and anti-Ethiopia policies. Merera Gudina (the President of Oromo People’s Congress)  is on the record promising to replace all non-Oromo statutes in Addis Ababa by Oromo statues.  

Oromo’s War Against Amhara is Guided Neither by Political nor Military Strategy 

Let us put the Oromo war against the Amhara aside and see if it makes political or military sense. It helps  us to see the source of the war is psychological. First let us briefly discuss the difference between the war  against Amhara and Tigray.  

An Imperative Comparative Between the War Against Tigray and Amhara 

The Tigray war was triggered by TPLF. First, the TPLF refused to allow Federal forces to move federal  weapons out of Tigray that accounted for up to 70% of the ENDF’s firepower. Second, the TPLF shot first, killing members of the ENDF in their sleep and confiscating their weapons. Third, using the confiscated  weapons as a leverage, TPLF demanded to form a transitional government.  

The people of Ethiopia stood together against the TPLF. People from every region of the country provided  logistical and moral support. News such as the following were staple to the daily news.

Yonas Biru _ War on AmharaThere is no such broad support to the current war against Amhara because the war was triggered by the  Oromo-led government to subjugate the people of Amhara in pursuit of building Greater Oromia. The  other tribal lands are facing similar atrocities and have no intention of supporting the Oromo criminal  enterprise. After reading this the government may force them to send ላምና በሬ and በግና ፍየል.

The proverbial last straw that triggered the war in Amhara was the Oromo-led government’s decision to  disarm the Amhara special forces and militia. The Interim Tigray President is on the record, stating he has  200,000 strong fighters and he has no intention of putting down small weapons such as rifles and  Kalashnikov. The Oromo-led government did not go after Tigray but declared war against Amhara that  has far less fighters than Tigray. To the contrary, the Oromo government sent a delegation to Mekele to  form a military pact between Oromo and Tigray that will allow Tigrayans to use those weapons against  Amhara.  

Does the War Make Sense from a Political and Economic Strategy Perspective? 

The Tigray war was devastating to the nation both in terms of human life and national treasure. The  estimate for fatality ranges from 600,000 to a million, not counting the wounded and maimed. The  number of children who are orphaned and adults who are widowed by the war remains unknown. It  makes no sense to launch another war before the nation pulls itself halfway out of the abyss the war-torn  country is sinking into. 

The role of the governing party can be broadly classified into two fundamental duties: the protective state  and the productive state. As a protective state its duty is protecting the human and civil rights of the  people. This involves, among other things, mitigating conflicts, stabilizing the political system, and  maintaining the legal and social order. Its role as a productive state includes creating a conducive  environment for business and building the economy.  

To the contrary, the Oromo political class is instigating conflicts, destroying the economy, giving the Prime  Minister’s and his Cabinet Minister’s concubines more power in economic decisions than line managers  in the nation’s bureaucracy. Once again, what Ethiopians and the world at large are witnessing is the  Oromo political class degrading and destroying the very government whose political levers of power it  controls. 

Building a Parade-Grade Army Without Soldiers 

We must ask: Does the war make sense form a military strategy perspective? For 27 years, the TPLF built  Ethiopia’s military in a way that served Tigray, putting the strategic, operational, intelligence and logistics  management under the tight control of Ethiopians of Tigrayan origin. When the TPLF started a war in  November 2020, all Tigrayans either joined TPLF or were removed from their posts by the ENDF. The  Ethiopian military was left without leadership structure. Ethiopia was building its military while fighting  against TPLF and TDF.  

During the war, the ENDF lost a large part of its midlevel military leaders and experienced rank and file  fighters. After the Pretoria agreement, Ethiopia started rebuilding its military from the ground up.  

The Amhara accounts for 30% of the population. This means Amhara soldiers are likely to constitute about  30% of the military, give or take a few percentage points. The military is the last bastion of the nation’s  unity and security. The Oromo plan to wage war on Amhara has created tension and friction between  Amhara members of the military and others.  

Launching a war on Amhara did not sit well with the Amhara soldiers. According to the Ethiopian peace  minister, 50% of the Amhara special forces deserted their duty and are believed to have joined the Fanno  uprising. The government is fighting against Fanno using new recruits primarily from Oromo. 

Furthermore, the military has duty to protect the rank-and-file personnel who are paying the ultimate  sacrifice to defend their nation. The military has suffered more than any part of society under the current  Prime Minister. Those who were wounded during the war with TPLF are begging on the streets. 

The PM is focused on vanity projects to fan his fancy and feed his ego rather than addressing the needs  of veterans and their families. Sadly, he has turned the Army as a vanity project. Ethiopia under Prime  Minister Abiy and Field Marshal Berhanu Julla is building a parade-grade army without soldiers.  

The military displays an impressive display in military pared but melts down in battle fields. This was the  case in the Tigray was and now in the Amhara war. Many of them surrender with their armaments. Others  desert their weapons and scatter like spooked birds. One thing you will admire, and respect is the  beautiful colored hats. Credit must be given when credit is due to the Prime Minister.


War on Amhara

It is impossible to explain the Oromo war against Amhara from a military strategy perspective other than  the colorful hats. The purpose of the war was to forcefully disarm the Amhara. As it turned out it is the  ENDF that is disarmed by Fanno, including their colorful hats. Today, Fanno is more armed than it was  before the war.  

Further, the solidarity in the resistance in the entire Amhara region and the increasingly fragile position  of the military, leave only one viable explanation for the Oromo’s futile war against Amhara. It is the  Psychology, Stupid.  

The Mother of All Questions 

I understand our Prime Minister has promised us to make Ethiopia one of the two super-powers in the  world by 2050. He has gone as far as hiring a mole to spy on the United States of America. I mean if you  have a vision to be a superpower you must know what the US is up to. 

But we must still ask this: How can such a corrupt, incompetent, and psychologically damaged group  survive for five years? The answer resides with Shene-Amhara at home and abroad. In the past I have  called them useful idiots and that was putting it generously. I guess my Amhara part in me has some pity  for them. 

By the grace of God, the rise of the Fanno uprising has dominated the political bandwidth of late. There are grounds for optimism. The Fanno uprising has brought with it the seeds of a transformative change.  Ethiopians must keep the lords of Shene Amhara at bay to give Fanno a room to breath. Fanno needs to  build a broad-based Amhara and national coalition concurrently. That will not happen with the likes of  Shaleka ወልደ-Ethio360 trying to hijack it.  

Let me close by sharing with you a story. One of the brightest students in Ethiopia left the university and  joined a “struggle for justice”. His phrase not mine. He suffered as he lived most of his life hiding from  the government. He had passion for the people he was fighting for. In the meantime, his collegemates  who were far lower in his university’s performance ranking scheme became top surgeons in America’s  premier hospitals. Others became CEOs, and VPs in major corporations in America while he stayed behind  in mountains and forests of Ethiopia often suffering from diseases and braving the vagaries of weather. I  used to be one of his ardent critics. His followers were ruthless in reminding me I had no moral ground  to criticize him. The man was Meles Zenawi, not Eskinder Nega. አትጃጃሉ ለማለት ያህል ነው 

It took you three years to understand your #NoMore was an utter idiocy. How long is it going to take you  to figure out Amhara-Shene is what has condemned Amhara to be leaderless. You may now rant until  your face turns purplish yellow and synchronize your “Oromo-Phobia” and “Anti-Amhara” አቱቶ ቡቱቶ. 

ምን እግዚአብሄር የረገማቸው ናቸው በሶስቱ ስላሶች:: አደኛቸውን ሙአዘ አብይ እና ባባቱ-እምላለሁ-ኣባቴን-አስክዶኝ አል ማሪያም ይሻላሉ

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  1. trashy, messy, and distorted article as usual by Fanno General

    He is  crafting and promoting  hate speech and inciting people to violence subtly.
    Fanno’s War Against Non-Amhara is guided neither by political nor military strategy but by sinful sentiments for the robbery and killing of children, nuns, monks, priests, and all unarmed, defenseless innocent civilians.

    TPLF leaders and their supporters within Tigray and overseas are putting poor Tigrayans in slow-motion execution by starving them and abandoning them to die gradually. These TPLF mutidegree murderers sent their families abroad, and their riffraff are collecting money in the name of poor tigrayaans and manipulating the funding donated by generous people who have been deceived into believing that they are helping poor tigrayans.

    Thus, the leaders and sponsors of Fanno, that of the TPLF cancerous party , and the Prosperity Party(Abiy Ahmed and his gang) are enemies of all Ethiopians. They are bedbugs and cancer. All Ethiopians should oust these cancerous regimes and strive to leave peacefully and harmoniously. This is all about those murderous politcal elites .

  2. I think this writer’s overall physical and emotional well-being may have been compromised. All I can do is looking up to The Good Old and beg for him with ‘Heal! Heal!! Heal!!!’ I never thought he could go this far!!!

    But I can give him this brotherly advice. Oromos are more civil than he thinks about them. Just ask Menelik about that. Oromos are more civil than he sees them. Just ask the late Emperor Haile and his living descendants about them. Ask the religious fanatic Emperor John about Oromos and he would tell you how the Yeju and the rest of my Barentu Oromos saved his sorry behind from the demons of Egypt at two wars. While you are at it try to open pages on the Battle of Adwa so you can learn a thing or two how they saved Menelik’s sorry behind from the sworn enemies of Italy at the last minute which become the decisive blow and earned the victory for all of us to be proud of to eternity. Ask those young men and women who escaped the deathly Mengistu’s dragnet and found refuge among Oromos for months until my Oromos found them safe passage to neighboring countries. Ask the surviving loved ones of those Oromos who were shot or hacked to death for trying to protect their Amhara neighbors since 2018 till to this day.

    No this man is not the same person I came to know from some of his articles before. He has been had!!! Some of these rabble rousers are able to push the ‘unfortunate’ button on him and are now feeding on his raw emotion. O Lord! Heal! Heal!! Heal!!!!

  3. መፃፍ እንደምትቸል ምንም የሚያጠያይቅ አደለም። ነገር ግን ከዚም ከዚህም የተቀነጫጨቡ ጽሁፎችን አንድ ላይ በማቀነባበር ዙሪያ ጥምጥም በሆነ መንገድ ከዚህ በፊት የፉኖን ትግል ከውስ ሆነህ እያኮላሸህ ነው የሚለውን ፅሁፍ ለመመለስ የአማራ ህዝብን በኦሮሞ ሕዝብ ፣ የኦሮሞ ሕዝብን በአማራ ሕዝብ የሚያነሳሳ ዞረት ባላስፈለግ ነበር። ብዙ ጉዳት አድርሰሀል ከጥላቻህ የተነሳ ላንተ ላይታውቅህ ይችላል።

  4. This writer holds a PhD, and his bio shows he is high caliber person. When I read this long, disjointed, grossly inaccurate, hateful and insulting article; the question in my mind was” where the grey matter of this esteemed doctor is; that was trained over the years to use logic and knowledge! Unfortunately, over time people lose their mental acuity and descend to the level of banality and disorder.
    He claims that “Oromo is Sick” and does not even specify an individual or group of people but he ascribe to the whole Oromo nations. Such claims and unethical psychological assessments of the whole nation without putting forth the parameters, is just as malicious and damaging to the civil discourse we all want in that country. The reality on the ground is that the Oromo people are in serious struggle to live in their own land with dignity, freedom and justice. They do not have any claims over the territories of other people in Ethiopia. This writer knows the recent campaigns by his kins to take over the lands the Oromo inhabit. I hope he comes back to his conscience and stop writing such unhelpful diatribes.

  5. It seems that you’re repeating your own history because you don’t have no business in the bedroom of the Oromos. Your own house is in disarray and you might be contemplating to find someone else to put it in order. This time it is going to be your job. It is amazing how wrong you’re from the start because it’s still the economy stupid, not the psychology.

    What the government is saying is please put an honest day’s of work, while minding what takes place in your own community first instead of being worried about what takes place in the bedroom of others. Because what you call fanos are doing exactly that. All they are asked to do is to put down their arms and either join the military or do whatever they think makes sense economically, of course not psychologically because they have to eat, and believe me that is economics, which means hard work, not wallowing into the sphere of psychology.

    What you are doing will definitely mislead your own people whom you are addressing because the rest of Ethiopians have a lot of economic and social problems on their hands, not psychological problems. It is you and the people you represent who have psychological problem because you never ever wanted in your whole existence to do an honest day’s work. You always wanted someone to do it for you. And the only way you can get your way is by resorting into violence and warfare, similar to what fanos are doing. The reason why they do not want to disarm is they might have plans to raid the other communities like their grandfathers did at the time of Minilk and commit all the crimes and atrocities you are talking about again. And here you are trying to delegate it to the Oromos even if you are the one who committed them, not very long ago.

    This time it seems like you are out of luck because the rest of the people have worked hard and gotten rid off you from their back and there is no way you are going to do it again. Of course, damage was done when the rest of the nation was raided by Minilik and his lazy entourages who swore through their “fukera” they would rather die as soldiers rather than work to support themselves or engage in an honest day’s hard work such as farming. Therefore, it is you and the people you claim to represent who have to be told, it is the economy not the psychology stupid. And in order to make them understand they might need rehabilitation. In order to attain that all members of fano who are suffering from recidivism in the open have to be sent somewhere and that somewhere might look like a concentration camp. The poor county might not afford more than that.

    You are revealing that you have a serious psychological problem because all the atrocities and crimes you are claiming the Oromos were committing were the exact crimes and atrocities Minilik and his entourages committed on the Oromo population decimating millions of people in front of the world. Now, when accidentally, the Northern Amaras put their hands on weapons because of what ensued in the country, what came to the forefront is exactly that, and what might have come to their mind might be what their grandfathers did. Invade and raid the rest of the country and colonize them brutally. No other ethnic group including the Oromos has this kind of drive. Look at the Tigreans and Eritreans. They are very well equipped and armed, and their priority is advancing their region by putting an honest day’s hard work, not by trying to invade and raid the other communities, because their priority is the economy stupid, not psychology. And no ethnic group wants to go into the Amara region and take their land or commit any of the atrocities you highlighted.

    The rest of your claims are absurd because how many Oromos or Tigreans live in the Amara region? Very few and why would Amaras live in the other regions in such huge numbers? That is straight forward because there has to be some kind of mutual interaction for all regions to allow others to live in their regions. And that brings us back to the economy, stupid, not the psychology.

    But since the Amaras always keep a blind eye to the economy and preach about psychology, similar to what the foreign colonialist were using religion to rob the land of the Africans, they will always be a problem, and every ethic group should join hands to put them in their place since the fact that they are a misguided ethnic group is a threat at best, and a disaster at worse, the reason why the rest of the country should not put their case under the rug.

    It does not mean there is no problem in how the country is led and run or who is running the country, and what kind of political outlook they have. There might be some truth in some of the things you are highlighting, but it has nothing to do with a militia that is refusing to put down arms after the joint effort had attained its goal which was to put the arrogant TPLF in its place. The fano group has no right to refuse to put down their arms which is an outright rebellion and anyone who is in charge has the moral and legal responsibility to see to it that this run away militia group will not be a threat for the rest of the communities. Even the powerful TPLF had complied with putting down their arms and see what kind of peace came into the country. Members of the government can go there freely to discuss with them the affair of the whole nation. That is the kind political environment the nation needs to make it to a better stage on its political strive. That tells you it is the economy, not the psychology because everyone knew they have to work hard so that they can feed themselves. You cannot rely on outside aid for the rest your life.

    What you should preach if there are people who listen to you is tell to fanos to put their arms down and do whatever they want such as joining the government army or work for themselves or find work if it is available and let everyone focus on the problems at hand. The Oromos could have a special agenda in their own territory only, not in other territories. And it is not your business to eavesdrop everything the Oromos are saying and speculate on everything they are doing, as that applies to the Oromos too, they should not be extremely preoccupied with what the Amaras are doing unless some of the thing they do is considered to be a threat.

    Therefore, you have to wake up from your bad dream of taking Ethiopia where it was because it is not only Oromos and Tigreans, but the whole country is against the Amaras and everyone knows that fact. They have not demonstrated any new improved outlook let alone an altered one because they are choosing to die as always for the weapons that came into their hand accidentally and that makes everyone suspicious. It is not only that it threatens the security of the whole community and the nation when some bandits are roaming the region armed since it will not be long before they start committing atrocities.

    The other problem is there is something to be settled, which is where is the exact border of Oromia and Amara, and both groups should accept the demarcation. Once they do that the second phase will be how many people of the other group are allowed to live in both territories an occurrence that will put the Amaras at a disadvantage because they are out of their own territory in big number. That is very important because if Addis Ababa area falls behind the demarcation allocated to the Oromo, no one can have a say about what the Oromos should be doing in Addis Ababa. And the time the nation should be constructing a new capital city is looming, and when that happens, individuals like you have no right to blame what the Oromos are doing in their own territory unless there is a national law that prohibits everyone from doing certain things such as asking or forcing other ethnic groups to evacuate from their own territory without due diligence and approval of authorities. Without such an arrangement it will be difficult to blame anybody.

    What this shows is there is a lot of work to do and it is better to focus on that instead of trying to revive the Amara’s colonial drive that is put to rest for good and it should not be resurrected. At the same time you cannot compare Tigreans with Amaras because they are not colonialist. They would rather live with everyone else and they are the ones who promoted vehemently “the nations and nationalities” doctrine and they have adhered to it by simply going back into their region and start working with the rest of the country. The Amaras do not have to do anything else except follow suit and tackle the national problem. And of course, they have to work on their own psychology that requires a lot of work because they still would rather die fighting than putting an honest day’s work. This kind of psychology is very dangerous and it might warranty suppression by some kind of military force, the reason why the rest of the ethnic groups have no choice other than bringing their resources together until the Amaras are rehabilitated that will take a long time and effort.

    As to the government in office, there is no reason why it cannot be replaced at the time of the coming election. But to accomplish that the nation needs peace so that it will be possible to at least nurture different party groups with different purposes and drives that do not necessarily are ethnic based, without eliminating ethnic based parties. Then it might be possible to say, it is the economy and what comes next will be politics, and trust us it is not psychology.

    As far the military concerned it is obvious it has to be made up of the various nationalities. The mistake the Amaras could be making is the exact mistake the Tigrean made because they never thought everyone will join hand against them. Now the same thing will repeat itself, and the fact that some Amara military personnel are joining fano does not mean anything because soon they will fight the whole country, although it is very doubtful they will make it that far. So do not be very concerned about what goes on in the bedrooms of the Oromos.


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