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Ethiopia : Who is there to clear up public confusion? 

Ethiopia _ GERD
Latest image of GERD (Photo : screenshot from EBC video)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – People are heard complaining that pieces of information being disseminated by various officials including the Premier regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has put them into confusion. What has been said by the prime minister recently as the last filling of the dam and the briefings regularly given by different officials are very contradictory…

Moreover, the Egyptians are saying that they have been betrayed by Ethiopia. This is to say that what “they have already agreed on” has been violated… Ahram Online reported on Sunday 10 September 2023 that “Ethiopia’s continuous filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) reservoir without an agreement with downstream countries, Egypt and Sudan, violates the 2015 Declaration of Principles and international law, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry stressed on Sunday.”   

The Daily Progress (online news) has also said on 13 September 2023 that the dam-filling “news brought a prompt condemnation from Egypt, who denounced it as illegal.

Amidst all these, other Ethiopian officials have come up telling us that the work on GERD has not yet been finalized. The Manager of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Engineer Kifle Horo, said  two days back that work is undergoing to put five more units into operation at the GERD.

A report from Amhara Media Corporation (AMeCo) indicated quoting Manager of GERD, Engineer Kifle as saying that the construction of the GERD project is on the verge of completion.  

What we have also been told recently was that the fourth filling of the GERD, which has long been regarded as a promising mega project by many Ethiopians, has been completed. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has made official for the first time in his facebook account that the fourth and final filling of the dam has been given its final ending. He said it was a success by all Ethiopians.

“There were a lot of challenges. We had been dragged backwards. We had encountered internal challenges and external pressures. We have overcome all these and are able to arrive at this stage. However, we have not yet completed climbing the hill…”  

Engineer Kifle on the other hand said that the remaining work on the dam has still been left to be accomplished ahead, at the right and middle sections. He said that the left and right sections of the dam will be between 635 and 645 meters. Some nine to ten meters of wall length is left to be done, according to him.

He said that 20 meters are left to complete the middle part of the dam. “The middle part of the dam will be completed in one year. The remaining work is to build a bridge connecting the left and right side of the dam. After four months, the right and left sides of the dam will reach 645 meters,” Kifle said.

The engineering department of the project announced that electro-mechanical installations are being carried out at the dam. He said that the dam is currently producing two units and they are working to put five more units into operation in 2016 Ethiopian Fiscal Year. During the new Ethiopian year (2016), the Renaissance Dam is expected to have a total of seven units.  

The messages disseminated by the Premier and the engineer have confused the people. Many of them are expressing their hesitation regarding the messages, particularly the one given by the PM. It seems the Premier has put a seal that confirms the final water filling of the grand dam. 

Some heard saying that “first they confused us with the number of turbines and now here they are telling us the water-filling has been finalized while still more water should be collected (?) into the dam”.  Didn’t they tell us earlier that the dam size or the reservoir size will be wider than the existing one? What about the number of turbines or the electricity (MW) capacity? First it was said GERD would have 16 turbines. How many turbines have been fixed now? Why did the Ethiopian government stop the negotiation with lower riparian countries through AU? … Who is there to clear up our confusion?

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  1. Is there a ‘made up’ confusion out there or is it out there in reality? What could it be out there that can be confused about the Blue Nile and its R&R destination, GERD dam? But I don’t understand how any confusion could be out there about the dam. It is out there and Mother Nature has been filling it since the dam was inching up. I can tell you this about those Almighty Blessed people that produced us all. Our Good Lord The Creator has entrusted them with the well being and lives of more than 150 million of His people who live in The Sudan and Egypt since the antiquities and they have kept their word by not adversely disrupting the flow of water that reached its final destination of the Mediterranean Sea. They are Almighty fearing people who never contemplated of harming their neighbors with water that originate inside their territory. These are the legendary and upright Ethiopians. Just look at how they treat their brothers and sisters in Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya and South Sudan. I know for fact where that great Wabi Shabale originates. It is right there in my Itu clan’s backyard. Dawa, Ganaale, Omo, Baro and hundreds of sizeable streams you name it which feed another more than 150 million people.

    All these life sustaining blessings were gifted by none other than Our Creator himself with eternal trust in our people and our forefathers never walked over that trust. There should never be any doubt about that. This one I did not make it up. Our old country is known as the Roof of Africa. So what happens to rainwater after it falls on any roof? It flows and rushes down to the ground in many directions, right? It rushes into Sudan all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. It rushes all the way to the Indian Ocean thru Somalia. It rushes thru South Sudan and all the way to The White Nile. It rushes through the southern part of the country into the Kenyan side of Lake Turkana. Looking north we can mention the honors of Atbarah and Tekeze rivers. They both originate rushing off the Roof of Africa and there is only one Roof of Africa called Ethiopia. I rest my case.

  2. here is nothing “confusing” about the 4th and “final filling” of GERD; which technical means is, all the 13 turbine “inlets’ are under water at this water level of GERD, therefore if all the 13 turbines are open right now the NORMAL Flow of Abbay-River before 2011 will be equal the total amount of water existing the turbines from this day forward. Meaning the water level in the Dam will remain the same (incoming water to the Dam will be equal to the exiting water from the Dam).
    Final-filling, can also be interpreted as to say, the annual water flow from Abbay-River since 2011 has been consistent to the water flow before 2011 except in the rainy season in the last 4 years. As a result it was proven to the world that the downstream countries were never “negatively affected’ and as promised the year after year flooding downstream has been avoided due to the dam. And from now on the water flow will remain consistent at the usual rate of flow all year round.

    It’s also CLEAR the final “Height” of the Dam has not reached, therefore construction to complete it will continue at the same rate as before. As the subsequent rainy season comes, the level of the dam water will continue to rise accordingly until the dam construction is complete. Any excess water will flow over the “saddle dam”, which might be used for irrigation purposes within the country far and near, provided water passages and a network of canals are built to supply irrigation projects.

    We in Ethiopia and billions around the world know Egypt’s “fear based” argument does not “hold water” simply because the “Normal flow of water ” to the downstream countries never decreased at any time since 2011 when the construction of the GERD began.
    Which exposes Egypt’s agenda as (a) “naked jealousy” or (b) as “temper tantrum” that comes from its ASSUMED “Veto power” Sudan & Egypt slapped themselves with in their 1929 (exclusive) “water sharing agreement” between the two. And the 1929 agreement is ONLY on the combined (blue and white) water that reaches Sudan territory, meant to prevent Sudan from having a monopoly in the use of all water as it sees fit its needs. That is all the 1929 agreement between Sudan & Egypt is all about.

    In fact the 1929 water sharing agreement was NOT even about Egypt and Sudan (the people of Egypt and Sudan) it was for the two British Cotton-growing companies that owned and operated farm lands in the two colonies respectively; which was later adopted by the newly independent states of Sudan and Egypt.

    Abbay river (aka Blue Nile) while in Ethiopian territory has nothing to do with any colonial or so called ‘Western” concocted & self serving “International Law” which has very little international about it, it is purely European.
    First coined by Germans to address issues within the European nations themselves (“inter-nations”, namely conflict) at first, and later was adopted by the rest of the West, that included the US after the first WWI, and continued thereafter.

    In summary, as stated above there is nothing “confusing” about the statement made by the PM as ‘final filling”, meaning this is the last major filling, therefore electric power generation with all the 13 turbines could start at any time provided work on the turbines are completed. He may be playing a political “rope-a-dope” re: “4 month talk” by keeping it short.
    People have all the right to ‘confuse’ themselves any which way they like, afforded to them by their god given “free-will”.

    As for Egypt and her ‘paid’ international ‘writers’ , think thanks”, this or that “organizations”, etc. all know the FACTS about “Gravity Dams” & how they work very well, but their agenda is to ‘project’ their FICTIONAL-conclusions as real, expecting the rest us to accept them, but we will not.

    Egypt’s agenda is very simple, it’s to get Ethiopia to SIGN on their “legally binding” FICTIONAL document, to show its “importance” (dominance in the region) which will NEVER ever happen, under any circumstances whatsoever; period.

    Ethiopia never bowed down to anyone, (even to the colonizers of yesteryears, that run Egypt at one time or another including the Roman Empire which Ethiopian Empire may have had Traded with at that time) and is not going to start now or at any time in the future. It is not in our DNA.

    Congratulations to all Ethiopians at home and abroad, well done!!!

    Best wishes for 2016!!!

    Be well.


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