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Shimeles Abdissa says forces who seek to restore “Old Ethiopia” defeated

Shimeles Abdissa _ Old Ethiopia
Shimeles Abdissa (Photo : screenshot from EMS video )


Shimeles Abdissa is making a headline again.  Without naming names, he talked about groups whom he said are working to restore “old Ethiopia.” 

We have made those who wish to restore “Old Ethiopia” and were thinking in terms of messing up with the “constitutional order” out of play, Shimeles Abidissa said in what is reported to be a translation of his New Year message. His message was transmitted via the region’s television, OBN, according to a report by Addis Maleda. 

He said that there have been challenges during the year that ended as forces were working to demolish the constitutional order by force. “Different forces who have been relentlessly working to make the country a scene of chaos and violence,” have failed as “we have made their thoughts futile,” he added. 

“Those who were predicting that the gains of Oromo people struggle would become sterile have themselves become sterile, ” Shimeles is quoted as saying.  

Forces “who have been swearing in the name of Ethiopia while enslaving others for ages are now out of play ,” he said. 

Regarding what his administration calls the OLF-Shane ( the Oromo Liberation Army – OLA-  as it calls itself), Shimeles sees that peaceful negotiation is a must. But this time, Shimeles used the Oromo Liberation Army instead of OLF-Shane.

For Shimles, not doing so would give what he calls “enemies” an opportunity to succeed. Again, Shimeles did not name names as to who are the enemies. A few years ago, he said during the Irrecha celebration in Addis Ababa “We broke the spine of Neftegna [ a code word that has been employed to represent Amhara for a long time] in a way that it will never recover from it.” 

“It is inevitable that this year we will make peace with the Oromo Liberation Army,” Addis Maleda cited Shimeles Abdissa.  Divergence in views happens even in small communities let alone big ones like Oromo, he said. However, he added, that our differences should not set us apart and lead to conflict. Rather, they should be seen as good opportunities and lead us to discussion, he said. 

It was reported that Shimeles Abdissa and Abiy Ahmed’s government started negotiations with OLF-Shane in Tanzania but  it was discontinued for undisclosed reasons. Later, Merera Gudina,  leader of the Oromo Federalist Congress, revealed during an interview with an Ethiopian reporter the reasons for the failure of the peace talk. He said the rebel group asked for a power share from the government – something that the government did not accept. What the government offered is, according to Merera’s interview, for the OLA to get amnesty for all the crimes it committed and guarantee wealth protection if there is any that is acquired in the course of the struggle. 


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  1. Not only obbo Shimeles but all the Oromos must be concerned about and fear the rise and military success of the Fano Amhara movement. After months of military operations in the Amhara region,the Oromo dominated army is facing massive surrenders, desertions and defeats. The political analyst Ermias Legesse once spoke about the equivalence of 1 Amhara fighter to 10 Oromo ones. Each day the Eritrean trained and armed Amhara forces are becoming stronger and threatening the government and specially Oromia region and take over Finfine (Addis Ababa). Oromia is the gift of Tigray to the Oromo people and the regional power Tigray has the responsibility to defend it. The Oromo prosperity party has been appealing to Tigray officials for military help according to reliable sources.

  2. Watch your language, young man! What do you mean by ‘Old Ethiopia’? That is a loaded word. My persistent advice to those in power has been to watch their utterances. Both sides of the isle watch what official say or write. Among such listeners and readers there is always a section in the population that is not sophisticated enough to look through what they hear or read. These are those who always walk around with raw emotion and ready to go off on a dime. They don’t have the prism to look at what happened in the past and look back to conclude that events of the past do not necessarily define the current generation. In simple extrapolation what is happening these days may not define the generation 100-150 years from now.

    This official has a history of saying things that could have been better put. I remember him telling the generous people of USA they have been sending pest infested wheat to the starving. That is not true, politely put at least. America’s wheat and medicine donated for free have saved millions of lives during the 1984-85 famines and those that occurred since then. That is besides the billion dollars Good Ole USA gave in various forms of charities. Watch your language, young man. That is not the Oromo way or for that matter the Ethiopian way. And I will be waiting for you to explain what you meant by ‘Old Ethiopia’.

    • Dear Ittu Abba Farda

      spokesperson responded that, in “old Ethiopia” meant the period in which Non-Amhara ethnic groups were subjects of royal families, and they were treated as subhumans, compelled to give their hard-earned outcome to a demagogue, barbaric landlords coming from a few villages. There was a huge visible inequality among ethnic groups and most ethnic groups were ridiculed and given derogatory names etc. 

      These crooked, satanic royal family members divinized themselves, they were considered as if they were chosen, cherry-picked by Supernatural powers and people were deceived to idolized them and kneel down upon their arrival countless miles away before even their shadow. Hope you grabbed the gist of it in your own way. You seem to have no clue about the barbaric old Ethiopian history, or you are in complete denial.
      ———–Mahibrekidusan is a satanic group and sponsoring Fannos secretly——-

      • How can you live with all this hate? Monarchy was the rule of the time and Ethiopian Monarchs were not as bad as other Monarchies. The last king, Haile-Selassie educated kids of poor family from all the provinces. Those educated technocrats started developing the country until the so called student movement came about. I don’t blame the motive of the students who wanted quick development but the way they went about it was wrong. Since then we are in downward spiral. I wish the Constitutional Monarchy structure succeeded as other few western countries are now.
        Wish you the best but please don’t be hard on yourself and out History.


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