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Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church calls on relevant gov’t bodies to put an end to atrocities inflicted on laity in Siltie Zone


Ethiopian Orthodox _ Silte attack

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –(BORKENA) – The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) called on relevant government bodies and the religious fathers to look into the atrocity and suffering the Orthodox Christians have gone through in Siltie Zone of South Region so that the immoral acts will not cause religious conflict.

The General Manager at the Office of the Patriarch of EOTC and the Archbishop of Bahir-Dar Diocese, His eminence Abune Abraham and the Secretary General of the Holy Synod and the Archbishop of New York City, His eminence Abune Petros, made a joint statement expressing their concern regarding the atrocity and hardship the Orthodox laity have been enduring in Siltie Zone.

His Holiness Abune Abraham quoted a Biblical verse to show the severity of the hardship the Orthodox Christians have faced in the Siltie Zone. “For your sake we will be killed all day long, and we are counted as sheep to be slaughtered.” (Ps. 43:22 Romans 8:36)

His Holiness said that innocent Orthodox Christians were injured and lost their properties following the orchestrated attacks and atrocities inflicted by Muslim extreme forces in the Siltie Zone. Moreover, over 1000 Orthodox laity were displaced and took shelter at St. Mary Church in Butajira Town of Gurage Zone.

Abune Abraham further said that he was very disappointed by some government officials and members of the security forces who remained silent while the destructive and dangerous act was carried out in the area by the extreme groups.

Abune Abraham recalled the hardships the Orthodox Christians have endured in the area for years and asked in surprise whether there is the government in the area, which was hit by such sordid acts. Therefore, he called on the relevant government bodies and the fathers of Islamic faith to look into the matter and fix it so that the problem that erupted in the area will not expand and lead to a religious conflict.

Finally, he passed Ethiopian New Year greetings to those who were displaced from their warm homes and towns where they had made wealth and had been through joy and hardships, but now have been left in cold and shanty shelters that pours rain.

His Eminence the General Secretary of the Holy Synod, Abune Petros said on his part that it is heartbreaking to stand in front of the congregation with such sad information while “we should have come to announce happy news on this eve of Ethiopian New Year”.

He said that those who consider the golden rule, “don’t do to others what should not be done to you”, should not go beyond the law of love; because there is no God who is glorified by torturing and harassing people. We should make irreplaceable choices by respecting one another.

His Eminence further said that the true leaders of the people will have to shoulder their duties and responsibilities and strive for the prevalence of peace and security in the New Year all Ethiopians have just ushered in.

Video embedded from Mahibere Kidusan Youtube channel

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  1. “”His Holiness”” is attributed only to the Patriarch and “”His Grace” to the Archbishop, acc to some sources.

    In reality, Abune Abraham and Abune Petros, along with a criminal gang within Mahibrekidusan, control and administer the church. The chuirch is in the hands of demagogue criminal genociders from a few villages in the Amhara region.

    May innocent Orthodox believers find peace and stability and live harmoniously with neighboring people. The criminals should be brought to justice, and the call made to state leaders is the appropriate measure. Leaders of the Muslim religion should also be notified, and they should condemn it. Muslims do not solely live in Silte, and they all have business settings, and EOTC members are their clients. This violence should stop.
    . Though it is difficult to trust Amhara activists reports,FREE INNOCENT CIVILIANS, PARTICULARLY CHILDREN.
    ————— ——- Dismantle Mahibrekidusan (the satanic group). ————-


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