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Gedu Andargachew, spearhead of the change, detained


Gedu Andargachew _ Sept 23
Gedu Andargachew, former Amhara region president and Foreign Affairs Minister of Ethiopia. (Photo : from the web/file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –  (BORKENA) –  Gedu Andargachew, the former President of Amhara Region, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Security Advisor to the Prime Minister was detained by state security and intelligence forces for hours today around the area commonly known as Kera-Bulgaria in the capital, Addis Ababa, sources said.

Local sources released the news hours after that the security forces detained Gedu Andargachew, and took his cell phone, laptop, and personal documents they found in his car. Gedu is the Board Chairman of the newly established Tsedey Bank.

Gedu Andargachew denounced the incumbent for derailing the “change”, which was regarded by all Ethiopians as a promising move. Gedu’s vehement opposition was revealed for the first time at the recent gathering of the House of Peoples Representatives. He challenged the parliamentarians through his 12 minutes statement he made on the occasion urging all not to ratify the draft bill of the State of Emergency declared against Amharas. Gedu took the opportunity and called for an immediate withdrawal of the Federal Defence Force from the Amhara Region. He also admonished the incumbent to resolve the conflict through peaceful dialogue.

Gedu was one of the spearheads that led the ‘Lemma-Gedu’ Team, which paved the way for the establishment of the incumbent government of Prosperity Party. 

Gedu was released after hours of detainment by the state security forces. 


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  1. This is now very disturbing to me, if this story is true. Any government with police force and army ‘CAN’ detain anyone. When I say ‘CAN’ I am not saying it has the right to do so and at will. But what I am saying is it may have the disposal and ability to incarcerate any one on a whim or trumped up charges. Is that the right thing to do by a sitting authority? Absolutely not. It in stead it shows weakness and desperation. Again, if this story is true things are really getting off the tracks. From experience I am led not to believe every story told about the old country. But from what I have been hearing and reading especially from the ERC there have been wanton incarcerations in several regions except Somali and Afar regions. From what I hear from my own relatives they have asserted to me that such random and at will imprisonments are carried en masse in many parts of Oromia. They are common. The police just come in town and bus every one on one side of the street to jail. All they need to see is a young man usually a teenager who is not one of their own. Then the rounding up follows. My Amhara friends have been telling me about the same type of mass rounding ups in their region and also in the capital. This is disturbing and reckless. This patriot Obbo Gedu was the face of change during the 2018 transfer of power. He was a member of what was called Team Megersa’. I am hearing that Obbo Megersa himself has been under house arrest since he disappeared from the public. But I have not been able to verify that. He might have decided to go sabbatical on politics. My nightmare is some smart aleck officers in the military will start rearing their heads and come in as ‘saviors’. Then you can kiss and say good bye to that gem of the colored. Some of you may tell me that is not possible. Why not? There is no opposition group strong and united enough to take up the mantle. It is disgustingly splintered into lifeless zombies. So the vacuum will be there naturally. It is been giving me the willies just thinking about it.

    I tell this to this young man PM Abiy. Leave this man, Obbo Gedu alone! Leave him alone!!!

  2. Mr. ITu Aba Farda

    You are hopping to overthrow our current government, that is right. Yes, you have every right to express your view. We do not have any problem with that. With that being said, you are thinking about getting rid of Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali government without thinking what will take place next. I mean, if what you are thinking happen to our government. Moreover, as you appears to be smart and articulate person, why you can’t come up with more relevant solution ariented viable policy option. Then, you might have some support and acceptance to what you said. By the way, for your own information, Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali government is far from what you think. And, he has a sizeable, if not 100%, people’s support.

  3. let there be fair election without the ro goons running arond arresting people, killing opposition, distorting minds..all the things which they say previous ahadawi were what is the difference? only chnage of ethnic composition.. people in power seem to think thta it will last forever…no way…there will be change fair chamge not fooot soldier of etnic maniacs


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