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Ethiopia ushering to New Year amid full-fledged war in Amhara region, state of emergency 

Ethiopian new year celebration overshadowed by war and economic challenges

Ethiopian New year 2016
Adey Abeba (from the web) 


Ethiopians are on the eve of the New year – and it’s 2016. Ethiopia is ushering to the new year not with optimism due to a full-fledged and under reported war in the Amhara region of Ethiopia which is causing a concern that it could spill over to many other regions unless the government is ready to resolve it peacefully – just like the war in the Tigray region of Ethiopia which is said to have claimed over one million people. 

For the first time since he took power in 2018, the Prime Minister conveyed the shortest new year message. 

“With the grace of God we have passed 2015 and reached the new year. Through ups and down, Ethiopia has been winning and moving [forward]…we have achieved many ; we have overcome several challenges. Although several hurdles are in place, they have passed leaving us with a strong foundation… all those that were a success are results of our multi-national unity and those with which were challenged were due to our division…” he said.  He finished his two paragraph message with an optimistic note forecasting less challenges  in the year 2016 and  saying “We will win.” 

From his message, he does not seem to have intention to resort to a peaceful resolution of the war in the Amhara region.  Numerous reports, from local and international sources, indicate that government forces have massacred hundreds of innocent civilians. 

In addition to employing drone strike and using artillery shelling targeting civilians, government soldiers are practicing execution of civilians.  This week, the Guardian published a story that government forces committed multiple executions of civilians in rural towns like Majete where 29 civilians were executed – following a battle with Fano forces – including two brothers. 

Thousands of ethnic Amhara Ethiopians have been detained in the capital Addis Ababa  and Oromia region on alleged grounds of suspicion to have links to the Fano forces. Video footage and pictures circulating on social media purportedly shows the detainees in an appalling condition. 

On the eve of the new year, there was a reported fighting between Fano and government forces in many areas of the Amhara region. 

Apart from the costly war, price hikes in the country have become completely unbearable to millions. Having a meal a day has turned out to be a challenge for many families in the country.  

Overall, and based on Citizen Journalism, the new year does not feel like the one that it used to be. It is dim, and overshadowed by war and an unprecedented cost of living crisis. 


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  1. The government in Ethiopia is so weak that it has lost control of most parts of the country. The Eritrean trained and armed Amhara forces are positioned to defeat the Oromo dominated and less motivated government army. Oromia is the gift of Tigray to the Oromo people and the intervention of Tigray forces will be necessary to defend it. The regional powers Tigray and Eritrea will play a decisive role in the war.

    • Tigrayans fathered by Oromo soldiers stationed in Tigray proper are not strong enough to defend Oromia, the gift of Tigray to the Oromo people. In other words Oromia is the creation of TPLF.

  2. QUOTE ” …Ethiopia is ushering to the new year not with optimism due to a full-fledged and under reported war in the Amhara region — UNQUOTE September 11, 2023

    Humble Commentary
    a) When an individual shows the tendency to lunacy, one thinks of proper health treatment [hospital]
    b) What do you do when an ENTIRE country has the tendency to going ‘banana’!?!?
    c) Definitely, Ethiopia lost its SERENITY.
    d) The conclusion is obvious: Multiple races mushrooming for their own ideals [i.e. destruction]
    e) As one individual murmured: WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM BLACK AFRICA ?!?!?!?!?! OUCH!!! THAT HURTS
    f) Dear Reader: Be “neutral” [!!!] and judge.
    g) Ethiopia is NOT for tomorrow. >>> repeat: NOT FOR TOMORROW.
    h) I will be extremely delighted to be WRONG, WRONG, WRONG —-infinitely wrong.
    “THE END” (x)”
    (x) = For the time being


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