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Ethiopian PM says government is ready to resolve conflicts through dialogue 

Ethiopian PM
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed (OPM/File)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Primer said that the government is ready to solve problems peacefully so long as there is no foreign intervention, sources said 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) said that the government is committed to resolving the conflicts in different parts of the country through peaceful means and negotiations as long as there is no foreign intervention, the Amharic Weekly Reporter said. 

President of Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions (CETU), Kasahun Folo, told the Weekly Reporter that the prime Minister said this on 30 August 2023 for the first time while having discussion at his office with leaders of CETU.

Kasahun Folo,  told the reporter that one of the questions CETU leaders forwarded to the Prime Minister was related to a security issue. 

Kasahun said that it is important to resolve conflicts peacefully and CETU appreciated the steps taken by the government to put an end to the recent bloody war in the northern part of the country and similar opportunities should also be given to current conflicts happening in other areas. 

In response to questions that were put forward by CETU regarding the peaceful resolution of conflicts in Oromia and Amhara Regions, the Prime Minister responded that his government wants peace in every possible way.

Kasahun said that where there is no peace, the issue will be a concern because it is a problem for the workers and the entire population. Stating that workers in some organisations are killed and taken hostage by armed men, CETU leaders forwarded the questions believing that conflicts should be resolved peacefully.

The Prime Minister said that the CETU leaders were right to present the questions and his government wanted everything to be resolved peacefully, according to Kasahun. “There is no one who hates peace unless forced. Peace is the most important thing for us.” It was learned from Kasahun’s statement that the government will give priority to peace.

“It is right to raise the question from the perspective of ensuring production and productivity,” the Premier told CETU leaders, according to the President, Kasahun. The Prime Minister, who conveyed his message to leaders of CETU, said that the government wants peace.

Kasahun said that apart from the questions presented on the issues related to the security problem, the workers’ pressing issues were also raised directly to the Prime Minister. Kasahun pointed out that the Prime Minister responded positively to the various questions CETU leaders had raised in the discussion that lasted for three hours.

“The Prime Minister has given direction so that all the questions we have forwarded should be responded to,” Kasahun said, adding that the discussion was a platform in which he got confirmation that the questions would be answered properly.

It has been learned that CETU forwarded in this forum a request for the implementation of the lower wage rate and a reduction in wage tax  to ease the pressure coming due to inflation on the workers. 


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  1. The longer the PM waits to start open ,transparent ,fair discussion the country falls to civil war the ball is under his control. It is very hard to get back the trust ,support and love from the people of Ethiopia. I hope he learns from what has happened and is happening.
    Ottawa, Canada


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