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Investors engulf Hawassa Town to purchase communal edifices, plots of land of dissolved Region

Investors Hawassa _ Ethiopian News
Hawassa city (Photo : file/SM)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Government officials have been engaged in looting of money and properties of the dissolved South Ethiopia Region, sources said.

Anchor Media said, quoting its sources that five billion birr was stolen from the recently restructured former Region of the country. Officials who have been busy restructuring the Region seem to suppress the theft. Due to this, nothing has been known about the whereabouts of the stolen public resource of five billion birr, according to Anchor Media.

The news source also said that Hawassa Town has been inundated by investors coming from Oromia Region to involve at the “big sale” in which communal properties including buildings and plots of land were sold on auction. The investors have reportedly been provided loans from the Oromia Region for the purpose of possessing the buildings owned by the recently dissolved South Nations Nationality and Peoples State.

Meanwhile workers of the Region are expressing grievances over the assigning process to the newly structured Regions. This has caused disintegration of families, and social crises, Anchor Media said. The system in which they were assigned to every Region was not on the basis of their choices.

These workers numbering in thousands said that they are neither ready nor willing to travel to their respective regions, which have been restructured as new South Ethiopia Regions,  Voice of America, Amharic Service, reported yesterday. The workers further said that they are waiting for a response to their complaints.

On the other hand, the new regions of Southern Ethiopia and Central Ethiopia have announced that they will soon finalise transporting and organising their workers to their new locations, VoA said.

Attempts made by VoA to get responses from the Regional Restructuring Project Office were not successful. A professor of Law at Hawassa University, Admasu Alemayehu who was approached by VoA criticised the decision made by the Region to assign the workers in such a way that it would violate their rights. The professor indicated that if their questions have not been responded by the Grievance Committee, the workers can take it to court. 


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