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German gov’t authorities hint “Brigade N’Hamedu” from Tigray behind attack on Eritrean festival, Ethiopia 

"Brigade N'Hamedu"
Eritrean festivals in Europe and North America were attacked by violent mob. An investigation from the government of Germany seem to indicate that Ethiopians from Tigray region were posing as Eritreans to cause the problem. Image credit : Junge Welt website


Eritrean Festivals organized internationally have been experiencing violent attacks since early July this year. The group behind it was projected as “Brigade N’Hamedu” – an alleged Eritrean opposition group opposing President Isaias Afeworki’s administration. 

As it turns out, the group leaders do not seem to be Eritreans. They are rather Ethiopians from the Tigray region. It seems that there has been an investigation going on since July of this year including on some of the leaders behind it, like Tsehainesh Kiros, who is now believed to be from Ethiopia. 

Junge Welt, German news source, on Saturday published that  Peter Beuth (CDU), State Minister of the Interior and for Sports, has confirmed that “at least in part – the allegations that the violent mobs, which have also attacked international Eritrea festivals, are Ethiopians. …” reads google translation of part of the Junge Welt report. 

Jörg-Uwe Hahn, FDP spokesman for domestic policy, Jörg-Uwe Hahn, is cited as saying, in a press release, that “it was confirmed today that the person who reported the counter-demonstration came from Ethiopia…What is meant is,…Tsehainesh Kiros, who has so far posed as an oppositional Eritrean who is demonstrating against the “dictatorial president”.

The report indicated that names of all those involved in it are not released due to an ongoing investigation. 

The report further added that “because they speak the same language, it is easy for them to pretend to be Eritrean refugees and be granted asylum because of this. It can be assumed that the violent perpetrators are violent groups led by the probably extremist organization Brigade N’Hamedu from Tigray (Northern Ethiopia)…” 

It is to be recalled that several people, including children, were injured due to the violent attacks of Eritrean festivals in several European cities and in Edmonton Canada. 

Result of the full investigation from the government of Germany is expected to be released at the end of October and it seems that opposition politicians are following up the matter. 


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  1. Subject: “German gov’t authorities hint “Brigade N’Hamedu” from Tigray behind attack on Eritrean festival, Ethiopia”
    September 2, 2023

    Humble Commentary, 2 Sept 2023
    a) The ancient independent, proud, country in the World, ETHIOPIA seems to be attractive to the gutter.

    b) At this point in time, GUTTER seems to be the attractive sanctuary for ETHIOPIA & ETHIOPIANS .

    c) Well, as the saying goes, each to his own liking!!!

    d) Dear Ethiopians: Have you ever thought of your beloved ETHIOPIA to come down to such a gutter?!?!?!?!?

    e) You don’t need to answer it >>>> IT WILL BE BEYOND YOUR STRENGTH !!!!!!!!!!!!

    —————-THE END ——————–
    Post Script
    The “German gov’t authorities hint” has no value

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    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to convene a special ministerial team to examine measures to be taken against illegal infiltrators who took part in the disturbances, including steps toward deportation,” the statement read.

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