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Tigray opposition parties denied permission for peaceful demonstration

Tigray opposition leaders from Baytona, Salsay Woyane and Wudeb Tigray (Photo : screenshot from EMS video)


Three opposition parties in Tigray have planned to stage a peaceful demonstration in  Mekelle on September 7, 2023 ( Pagume 2, 2015 Ethiopian Calendar) but the administration does not seem to be too happy about it. 

Mekelle City administration has reportedly denied permission for the demonstration for three opposition parties who are jointly planning protest march – apparently against the Interim administration whose administration is Getachew Reda -who worked as PR and Foreign relation for the TPLF. 

Wudeb  Netsanet, Salsay Woyane and Baytona Tigray are rejecting the city administration’s decision not to allow their peaceful protest and vow to go ahead with it.  At least two of the parties are radicalized and they advocate for the secession of Tigray from the rest of Ethiopia. 

Why did the city administration deny permission? It is saying, according to a report by EMS, that streets will be busy due to the Ethiopian News Year Holiday and that the city does not have enough security personnel to deploy for the event. 

It remains to be seen whether the protest will take place on September seven. 

Arena Tigray, another major opposition party in the region, does not seem to be part of the planned demonstration. 

Tigray People’s Liberation Front, a party that has enjoyed unprecedented political, diplomatic and financial support for over three decades from western powers (particularly from the United States and the United Kingdom), has formed a new alliance with Abiy Ahmed’s ruling Prosperity Party. 

Opposition parties in the region and some activists from the region tend to think that TPLF is still running the show from behind under the guise of Interim administration. 

Meanwhile, there are reports that the security situation in Tigray, particularly in Mekelle, is said to be deteriorating due to spiraling security incidents. 

Economic hardship is getting harder for many to the point the famine is affecting millions. 


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  1. Subject: “Tigray opposition parties denied permission for peaceful demonstration” September 1, 2023

    An Honest Question
    a). Who is REALY behind the idea of disintegrating the Ancient. Country ETHIOPIA into pieces ????????

    b) Why is it that the inner forces in ETHIOPIA [in tandem with hidden outside forces ] are dying to see the Ancient,
    Independent, History Loaded, Black African Country into pieces???? WHY? WHY? WHY?

    c). And it is shame of shames for certain ETHIOPIANS to be part and parcel for the disintegration of Ethiopia??????

    d). WHY ? WHY? WHY? ………………………………….

  2. This is exactly what I have been saying about the status of opposition parties in the old country. In just a small region there are 4 opposition parties operating openly. Who knows how many groups/parties are there in Tigray that exist clandestinely. That is only in a tiny region of Tigray with a population of less than 7 million. We have heard there are close to 80 groups/parties in the capital alone. Only The All Mighty knows how many more are out there among the Diaspora who are ‘fire tested’ as ‘heroic’ keyboard fighters. Even the regions are multiplying as the exploding population growth like worms. Sooner or later every individual there is going to demand a personal region. It may seem comical but in practice it has proven to be deadly. It seems to be beyond the 80 plus ethnic groups. The next campaign is going to be demanding a region on clan basis then on sub clan level then on sub-sub clan level. After that I’m gonna urge each member of my Itu clan to demand a personal region. Ooo-wee! Problem solved!!! Hey commies! Congratulations!!! You got what you wished for that gem of the colored! Boy! Do I have nothing but utter contempt for you!!!


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