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Fano, Shene exchange heavy fire in Dera Woreda 

Ethiopia Fano
OLF Shane is believed to get different forms of support from a clandestine group within the Oromia regional state and Federal government structure. (Photo credit : Ethiopia Insight

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – There was heavy exchange of fire between the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)-Shene and Fano forces in Gunde Meskel Town, Dera Woreda, North Shewa Zone of Oromia Region, sources said.

Town residents told Addis Maleda that there has been a serious exchange of fire between the two armed forces since Saturday, August 26, 2023.

This has caused a serious security threat to the peaceful residents of Gunde Meskel Town, the seat of the Woreda Administration, Addis Maleda reported.

The news source quoted eyewitnesses as saying that several members of OLF-Shene militants were killed when they crossed into places called Andako and Bala through Adere-Gemechu, Babu-Dire and Seleluka.

It was reported yesterday that there were many Fano militants in Gunde Meskel Town and the National Defence Force is heading towards the location.

Over 180 individuals who were previously arrested in connection with their relation to the OLF-Shene were escorted by the Oromia Special Forces and entered into Dera Woreda from Fiche Town on Saturday, according to Addis Maleda.

Several disputes and conflicts  caused by bordering issues have reportedly occurred time and again in Dera Woreda, which is located between Amhara and Oromia Regions.

Addis Maleda said that the attempts it has made repeatedly to get a response on the issue from the Woreda Peace and Security and Administration Offices were not unsuccessful.

In a related development, Addis Maleda said that a serious exchange of fire had taken place since yesterday afternoon between Oromia Special Force and Fano Militants in Mendida Town, North Shewa Zone of Oromia Region and other bordering places with Amhara Region. 


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    Innocent people are dying regardless of their ethnic, religious, or political views.


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