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Ethiopia : Amhara region new Security officials

Ethiopian News _ Amhara region security
Amhara region office of president


The Amhara regional state on Friday announced appointments for the security structure amid an ongoing war between Fano forces and the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

The appointment came a week after a new regional president was appointed following Yilkal Kefale’s resignation – which was said to be pending for about eight months. 

A total of eleven appointments for the regional security structure, according to the disclosure from the regional state which is said to be now lacking legitimacy, as Gedu Andargachew – one the president of the region and Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, pointed out during an extraordinary parliamentary session a few weeks ago. 

Lists of the new appointment is as follows :

1) Desseye Dejen Wolde – Police commissioner

2) Colonel Girma Gessese – Head of Militia in the region

3) Habtamu Sisay – Commissioner for the region’s prison administration 

4) Eshetu Yusuf – Peace and Security office head

5) Dejene Lemeneh Bezabih – Deputy Head of Peace and Security office (“office level”) 

6) Berihun Mengistu –  Peace and Security office deputy head 

7)  Dagnaw Belete – Militia office deputy head

8) Gedebe Hailu – ANRS militia office deputy head

9) Wubetu – Policy deputy commissioner and deputy head of criminal investigation department

10) Ayalneh Tesfaye – Police deputy commissioner and HR 

11) Seid Mohammed – Police deputy commissioner and Logistics head 

With the existing security situation and legitimacy crisis that the regional government is facing, the task of leading the security apparatus is likely to be more than an uneasy one.  There have been killings of security officials at zonal level in many areas of the Amhara region. 

The Amhara regional state has been under a state of emergency for about one month now. The Internet is entirely shut in the region and there are areas where phone communication is erratic as the Federal government mobilized and deployed the Defense Force with the aim to disarm the Fano Force which has not happened yet. 

Apparently a frustration from battle losses has triggered ruthlessness on the part of the government forces. According to multiple local news sources, the Defense Force has been shelling civilian areas and social service providing institutions in places like Debre Tabor and Debre Markos.

Hundreds of civilians are reportedly killed by government forces. 


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