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Over 100 civilians killed in Debre-Markos Town

Debre Markos city (Photo : SM)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Over one hundred civilians may have been killed in Debre Markos, the capital of East Gojjam Zone of Amhara Region, between 25 and 27 August 2023 in a fight held between the Defence Forces and Fano combatants, sources said. 

A medical doctor, at Debre Markos Specialized Hospital, who wanted to remain anonymous told Addis Malada that more than one hundred people were killed at a place named Bole in the town. The doctor said that the bodies of the deceased were seen littered around the roads for over two days.

“Some people picked the bodies, be that of Muslims or Christians, littered around and buried them in a symmetry located at St Mariam Church and at spots located around. There are still others that have not been buried until Monday,” the doctor said.

Many wounded civilians who were not taken to the hospital due to lack of transport and human movement were believed to lose their lives.

Manager of Debre Markos General Specialized Hospital, Andualem Geremew said that 25 injured civilians were admitted to the hospital from Friday, 25 August to Monday 28 August 2023. “Three of them, aged between 17 and 50 years old, died instantly,” the Manager told Addis Maleda. 

The Manager further said that due to the ongoing fighting in the area, hospital experts have not been able to move and do their work as expected and patients are not getting services at the hospital.

Following this, the manager said that people with non-communicable diseases are not being treated at the facility. “We are facing a shortage of drugs. If the security problem continues like this, the hospital will be in big trouble.” he added.

Apart from Debre-Markos General Specialized Hospital, there are eight other neighbouring primary hospitals. Due to lack of transport services, the patients who need referral treatment are in trouble because they cannot come to the hospital, according to the hospital manager.

It was pointed out that there was no movement of people or vehicles in Debre-Markos over the last four days during the fight held between the government security forces and Fano Militants. 


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  1. Breaking News : The United States of Amhara’s new national map has angered its neighbors.

    Fanno genocider ,Messay Mekonen, EBC
    Updated at 4:16 AM EDT, Thursday, January 31, 2023

    The United States of Amhara’s , dream land of fannos robbers, leader Shaleka Dawit, and India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, attend the 10th BRICS summit on July 27, 2018, in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    Borkena/EBC /Getty Images
    EBC —
    The United Republic of Oromofa has become the latest of the United States of Amhara’s neighbors to object to its new national map, joining Agew and Kimant in releasing strongly worded statements accusing Bahir Dar of claiming their territory.

    Crooked leaders of the United States of Amhara based in the USA like Shaleka Dawit released their new version of the national map on Monday, as they have regularly done since at least 2020, to correct what Bahir Dar has in the past referred to as “problematic maps” that it claims misrepresent its territorial borders.

    The Kimant said Thursday it “rejected” the map because of its inclusion of a dashed line around contested areas of the South Gonder Sea that were subject to an international tribunal ruling in 2016 that found in favor of Agew.

  2. QUOTE: It was pointed out that there was no movement of people or vehicles in Debre-Markos over the last four days during
    the fight held between the government security forces and Fano Militants. UNQUOTE

    a) And so, would the “movement of people or vehicle ” appear anytime soon?

    b) Are we not watching the seemingly impossible banishment of an ANCIENT Black African Country around the Globe?

    c) It is Just a question

    d) Be honest, who ever thought that an ancient, independent, black African Country ETHIOPIA to end up in the gutter ?

    e) In my honest opinion, NOT A SINGLE PERSON expected the down fall of the magnificent history-loaded Ethiopia.

    f) Be honest and scratch your Head — to its limit !!!!!!

    ——- THE END ——–

  3. Ethiopia is crushed, and it is still crushing itself and harming its own people. Ethiopia is at war with itself. Once hailed as “ethiopian black Moses”, Abiy Ahmed eventually identified himself as a multi-degree murderer and savage animal that enters putting on sheep’s clothing. Tamagn Beyene, epitome of bootlickers, and many of Amhara’s elite diasporas introduced Abiy Ahmed, genocider, as a messenger sent from heaven to unite and heal Ethiopians, and when the veil was lifted, Abiy Ahmed was notified as a serial killer whose victims are ubiquitous and they could easily be traced in inter-ethnic and interregional space. It is not too late to save lives—not through gun violence but through unity and merging distractive and disconnected voices into one unified voice.

    Terrorists like Andargachew Tsege, Abebe Belew, Geletaw Zeleke,Shaleka Dawit W/Giorgis, Messay Mekonen, Dereje Habtewolde (Dere News), Habtamu Ayalew, and all those who share their genocidal views are genociders and should be brought to justice.

    Mahibrekidusan is a terrorist organization playing religious cards and must be dismantled to maintain peace, stability, and a strong and united church. Dismantle this mahibreseytan, which is stealthily working to destroy non-Amhara orthodox synods. This organization ignited violence among Muslims and Orthodox church members in the Gurage Zone, and many priceless lives were lost on both sides. There is no biblical verse endorsing violence in order to express gratitude to the Lord Jesus Christ or even to display that you are an ardent, faithful, and devoted person. Praise be to His name, for He is worthy of all honor and glory.

    Stop Killing unarmed, nonviolent civilians and criminals must be adjudicated within the modern legal infrastructure,i;e Donot KIll any one!

  4. the above commentators are crazed ethnic fascisits who like to swim in blood of people that do not belong to their ethnic enclave. One is sorry to be around at this time in the nistory of the noble country called Ethiopia. Surely something is going wrong and mad here…we need to pause and reflect

    • Dear Sorambaw, ethnic fano fascisits
      Do you believe in supporting the killings committed by Fanno? Who is sponsoring the Fannos killings of Oromos and all innocent non-Amharan civilians? You must stop it all, and all people must live peacefully and in harmony, as they have for ages. Fannos are sponsored by people like you, multi-degree murderer Sorambaw, in the pretext of helping displaced Amhara.

      Condemning the killings in Amhara while blessing the genocide of other ethnic groups is animalistic. All people are equal and must be revered in the same way, regardless of status or ethnic-based faction. Let Amhara’s innocent civilians enjoy peace and harmony with the rest of Ethiopia, but these terrorist organizations will not be forgotten.
      Borkena’s terrorist website, You are deleting comments. All those lists of organizations, asking the UNSC, the EU, and all the Western countries, are sponsors of genocide committed in Tigray and Oromia. These terrorist Amhara organizations send money to Fannos in the names of displaced Amhara to sponsor war and genocide in Tigray and Oromia. Their letter indicated that fans are subjected to defeat after defeat.
      Borkena is a radical Amhara website, supporting genocide against non-Amharas like the 16 organizations listed above. Mahibrekidusan is also not an exception-terrorist association playing religious cards.


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