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Ethiopian gov’t forces summarily executed 15 young men in Shoa

Ensaro indicated with red star. credit :


Ethiopian government forces summarily executed 15 young men  in Ensaro, North Showa, according to local news source which cited sources from the area. Ensaro shares boundaries with the Oromia region from two sides – from the south and from the west. 

The incident happened near Addisu Gebeya this week, according to Ethio News. The source added that the young men’s hands and legs were tied before they were shot dead. 

The source added, citing local sources, that they were executed because the government suspected them of being Fano supporters. 

The incident has reportedly caused shock and anger in Ensaro. Fano forces have popular support in the Amhara region and pervasive executions in the Amhara region are meant to intimidate people not to support Fano forces.  

The Ethiopian government has been intensifying killings of civilians after the introduction of a state of emergency in the Amhara region early this month. 

However, executions and killings in the region are believed to be under-reported as the government has shut down the internet for several months now, and reporters do not have access to the areas where the government is waging war in the Amhara region. 

In a related development, at least 27 people were killed in Debre Tabor – including three members of the same family – where there was renewed fighting between Fano forces and Ethiopian gov’t forces.  

Much of the city was under Fano forces for days. Sources said that government forces shelled residential homes with artillery in the city. 

Similarly, there was intense fighting in the Debre Markos area these past few days. Civilian casualty reported from it. 

However, Fano forces resistance to government atrocities continues in many parts of the city.  Much of the armed resistance is taking the form of ambush attacks on military camion. In Genete Mariam, Lalibela area, several government forces were killed in ambush attacks. 

When Abiy Ahmed met with party officials and cabinet members in connection with the development in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, he said “our killings will be multiple of times worse than the one that Derg government [Colonel Mengistu’ Hailemariam’s gov’t] committed  during red terror.” 

On Tuesday, the United Nations Human Rights Commission released a statement saying that at least 183 civilians have been killed in the Amhara region since July of this year.

There is no indication so far that Fano has killed civilians in the region. However, the report painted that image when it played its bothsidesism narratives.  It said “With federal forces reasserting their presence in certain towns and Fano militias reportedly retreating into rural areas, we call on all actors to stop killings, other violations and abuses. Grievances must be addressed through dialogue and political process.” 


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  1. The neophyte and murderer in office openly and arrogantly said “our killings will be multiple of times worse than the one that Derg government [Colonel Mengistu’ Hailemariam’s gov’t] committed during red terror.” Similarly during the war in Tigray, this criminal and perpetrator of genocide made this inhuman and psychopathic statement “ምን እንዳደርገናቸው ሂዱና የትግራይን እናቶች ጠይቁ”::

    This power and war monger is not normal up there. Who as a leader and pm of 120 million speaks like that???? How cursed and unlucky this two bit wanna be tinpot dictator is ????? His entire five years have been years of bloodshed, displacement, disenfranchisement and failures after failures.

    ሁሉ ብርቁ ስለሆነ: ገና ክራቫት: አድርጎ sun glass አድርጎ ወይ ኬክ ወይ ፓስታ አልፍሬዶ በልቶ ስላልጠገበ ስላልወጣለት ወይ በ suv መሄድ ልክ መንግስተ ሰማያት መግባት ስለሚመስለው ለምስኪኑ ህዝብ በሱ ክፉ ዘመን የገጠመው የአንዲት ዳቦ ዋጋ በ400% መጨመር የአንድ ኩንታል ጤፍ ዋጋ በ600% መናር የአንዲት ኪሎ ስጋ ዋጋ በ500% መናር የአንዲት እንቁላል ዋጋ 16 ብር መድረስ ለዚህ ነውር አያውቄ እንዴት ይገባዋል??????

    ትናንት የትህነግን ሰዎች በባለጌ አፉ የቀን ጅብ ብሎ የተሳደበው ነውረኛ ዛሬ ልክ እንደትናንቱ የኢትዮጵያዊያን ህዝብ ጀርባ ላይ ልክ እንደመዥገርና ትኹዋን ተጣብቀው ከእርሱ ከኦሮሙማው ጌታቸው እንደውሻ በሚወረወርላቸው አጥንት የከተማዋን ስጋ ቤቶችና ሬስቴራንቶች ባጨናነቁት የበሰበሱ ካድሬ ስብስብና የኦሮሙማ ህልም ቅዠት አንቀላፊውች መተራመስ አይኑ ስለታወረ ይሄንን እንደ ስኬት ቆጥሮ ” ይሄ ሁሉ ሰው ስጋ ቤት ሞልቶ ስጋ ቤቶች መቀመጫእጥተው ስናይ ደግሞ እንደእኔ ውጭ መብላት የምትወዱ ከሆነ በየምግብ ቤቱ በተሞላው ቦታ እንፃር ሲታይ ችግር አለ ለማለት እንዴት ይቻላል እያለ ያጉዋራል: ይደነፋል: ይበሻቀጣል!!!!!!!!!

    Who really takes this buffoon seriously? The more he opens his mouth, the more repulsive and unacceptable he becomes. There is no heart, humanity, morality, any trace of compunction, any evidence of maturity, any vestige of empathy in this individual. He corrupts everything!!!!!! Every institution he has touched has disintegrated, split, divided, or gone bye bye. No exception!!!!

    The Grim Reaper , አፈ ጮማው ሆደ ጩቤው: የበግ ለምድ ለባሹ ተኩላው : እጅ እግሩ በንፁሃን ደም የጨቀየው የጎደፈው አራጁ: ባለበት ሁሉ ሞት አለ: ጦርነት መፈናቀል ስደት ረሃብ ቸነፈር እርዛት ውሃ ጥማት አለ!!!!!!!!!!! ይሄንን እርግማን እንጂ ሌላ ምን ይሉታል???????

  2. Subject: “At least 183 people killed in the Amhara region, says UN Human rights body” August 29, 2023

    a) What will be the next savagery crime ???
    b) No doubt, the killing will keep on ‘flowing’ not only in one region but also in other Ethiopian regions.
    c) In short, It means YOU, Dear Reader, >>>> unless your sanctuary had already been attained far away from Ethiopia.
    d) No wonder the flow of people out of Ethiopia is accelerating — by any means available.
    e) And it is so SAFE to click these words in a safe, secured, rich country — far, far, far away from the ancient beautiful
    country named Ethiopia who turned out to be —— please fill the gap ——
    THE END OF …..

    • Breaking News : The United States new national map has angered its neighbors. 

      Fanno genocider ,Messay Mekonen, EBC 
      Updated at 4:16 AM EDT, Thursday, January 31, 2023 

      The United States of America’s , dream land of fannos robbers, leader  Shaleka Dawit, and India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, attend the 10th BRICS summit on July 27, 2018, in Johannesburg, South Africa. 
      Borkena/EBC /Getty Images 
      EBC — 
      The United Republic of Oromofa has become the latest of the United States of Amhara’s neighbors to object to its new national map, joining Agew and Kimant in releasing strongly worded statements accusing Bahir Dar of claiming their territory. 

      Crooked leaders of the United States of Amhara based in the USA like Shaleka Dawit released their new version of the national map on Monday, as they have regularly done since at least 2020, to correct what Bahir Dar has in the past referred to as “problematic maps” that it claims misrepresent its territorial borders. 

      The Kimant said Thursday it “rejected” the map because of its inclusion of a dashed line around contested areas of the South Gonder Sea that were subject to an international tribunal ruling in 2016 that found in favor of Agew.

  3. Q: If the ENDF wanted them dead, why would it bother to bind them?

    The “Amaras Executed…” lie is routine. Dereje [Dere News], EMS, etc. also reported the execution of 3 Oromos by ‘Oromia Special Forces’ as ‘Amaras Executed…’ If lives equally matter, why doesn’t Borkena post APF-Fanno’s crimes against Wollo Oromos?

    APF-Fanno [አማራ ሸኔ] & ኦነግ ሸኔ are on “Who is the worse evil?” contest. Here is what an Oromo answered to Gedu’s rant in parliament [APF-Fannos enter Wollega, harass Oromos, cut off Oromos’ heads, and put them on poles]:

    Borkena doesn’t also inform us of “The Wollo Democratic Party” and the Gojjam-Gonder APF-Fanno’s Anti-Wollo campaign. Look, the ENDF saved the Borkena Bridge and also seized APF-Fanno’s 12 truck loads of weapons:

    PS: I suggest that ALL Ethiopians watch the last video clip from the beginning.

  4. some oromo buffon from safe america has said that they will decrease Amhara from 30 million to 2000. Do you believe him? and if not does not the number of Amhara people dying from the recent OPD-army attacks convince you? This curse is going to finish our country……….and some people still believe he is OK????


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