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U.S. envoy to hold talk on “Continued cessation of hostilities” during his visit to Ethiopia

The war in the Amhara region does not seem to be the focus of US especial envoy Mike Hammer’s visit to Ethiopia

Special envoy _ Ethiopia
Mike Hammer during a visit to Ethiopia in June of this year (Photo credit : Teshome Toga Twitter page)


It has been more than four months now since Abiy Ahmed’s administration deployed troops in the Amhara region of Ethiopia with the aim of disarming Fano members – a situation that is said to have caused extensive human rights abuse and loss of civilian lives in the region. The Amhara region has now become a devastating war zone affecting civilians. 

Unlike the case in the Tigray region of Ethiopia about which the United States and its allies introduced a rage of sanction measures as leverage to influence policy change towards TPLF and to cover TPLF’s crime, the U.S. State Department has been silent about the ongoing rights violations in Amhara region nor has it boldly called for a peaceful resolution of the war. In fact, there is even a sentiment among some politicized Ethiopians that the war on the Amhara region of Ethiopia is the U.S. project about which the U.S. government has not yet remarked. 

Mike Hammer is in the region but apparently, his priority, when it comes to his working visit to Ethiopia, does not seem to be the war in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

It was in a media note issued on August 28, that the United States announced Mike Hammer’s visit to the Horn of Africa and planned a meeting with Ethiopian authorities. 

In his even days working visits to the Horn,  he will meet with African Union and IGAD authorities among others. The situation in Sudan and Ethiopia is why he is in the region now, based on State Department disclosure. 

“Mike Hammer will travel to Nairobi and Addis Ababa from August 28 to September 8, where he will meet with Kenyan and Ethiopian officials, the African Union, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, and other international partners,”  said the statement from the U.S. State Department. 

The business of his talks with Ethiopian Authorities is a discussion on “continued implementation of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement as well as urge the protection of civilians and a negotiated resolution to ongoing conflicts in the Amhara and Oromia regions.” 

The security situation in the Oromia region of Ethiopia has been there for several years now and it has been mainly affecting ethnic Amharas. Apart from recurring massacres ( including children and women) and kidnappings, Amhara region passengers to Addis Ababa were being detained at checkpoints in the Oromia region. But the United States has not been vocal about it. The focus of the United States government was on improving the political stature of TPLF – which was experiencing political and military bankruptcy.

Reports from local sources indicate that the fighting between Fano forces and the Ethiopian Defense Force is continuing. Government forces are shelling residential areas in major towns with artillery and the death toll is rising. 


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  1. Subject: “U.S. envoy to hold talk on “Continued cessation of hostilities” during his visit to Ethiopia” August 29, 2023

    Humble Comment, 29 Aug 2023
    a) About six hundred thirty words (630) all about the good old USA, maneuvering the ancient country named Ethiopia.
    b) It is the norm in our Globe — A Globe that is controlled and maneuvered by Uncle Sam.
    c) The above article said it all — no need to waste words.
    d) And so the good old Ethiopia would have to carry the current load
    e) And the current young Ethiopian leader would have to start searching for a way out of Ethiopia — Perhaps to New

  2. F*ck the U.S!
    The U.S. has never been concerned about the safety of the Amhara people. They actually want to wipe out the Amhara race from the face of the earth along with the Ethiopian Orthodox religion.
    The U.S. has always been the mastermind of all the wars in the world starting from WW1, and including this civil war waged by the #stupidabiy, the foot soldier and evil creation of the U.S government to destabilize the East African region.
    Nobody should care about what the U.S. has to offer or attempt to negotiate with them because they are evil. The end is near for their fagotised movement and fake capitalism. They are turning their own country into a hellhole.
    It’s obvious that the U.S will try to infiltrate the Fano movement by paying off some of their leaders, but it’s not going to work because it’s a national movement that every Ethiopian is fighting for…#FuckYouAmerica.

    • If you are that brave and daring devil, do not hide your name.
      Secondly, but also finally, if you do care for orthodox religion, where were you when people were massacred by Fannos and the Eritrean army inside the church yard? Thousands of monks were displaced, nuns killed, priests slaughtered, etc.
      Johnson is a hypocrite. You are not Johnson but Anberbir, Jembere, Sileshi, etc.

  3. It seems Good Ole USA is the only global power that has been trying very hard to bring warring factions before and now to their senses. USA and the AU was able to bring the two warring sides in the conflict that raged for two years in 2020 thru 2022 to a peace treaty that silenced the guns. It was possible because the riff raffs in Tigray had a cohesive leadership. It was the TPLF and it was it. But the current armed men fighting the government both in Oromia and Amhara don’t seem to be lead by unitary leadership. I’m hearing that in Oromia there are at least 6 groups that are their own bosses. My Amhara friends are telling me that the fighting in their region is not being waged by a centralized command. They are telling me groups in Gondar are fighting on their own specific issues and those in areas of Raya and areas close to the capital have their own agenda. That makes the peace making efforts by Envoy Mike Powers and others very taxing.

    One group in Oromia demands ‘referendum’ in the region right away before laying down its arms and other groups are busy in kidnapping citizens for ransoms. They are demanding a referendum because they have made up their mind what has to be on the ballot. That is ‘Total Autonomy Yes’ or ‘Total Autonomy No’. The majority will be pressured to vote for ‘Yes’. Then you know what to follow. The federal defense and law enforcement forces will be asked to leave and be removed from the region. That is called personal fiefdom for dictators who have honed their cruelty in killing citizens during their days in the bushes. They will prove me right in my long held assertion that no democratic system will follow armed liberation fronts. I can’t even start to imagine how Oromia will be besieged from all sides because of the lack of common sense among its leaders. Sidamas will rise up to make sure they will never be threatened by the thugs. Somalis will not spend a day to be up in arms to make sure the new bloodthirsty and adventurous rulers will never be a threat for their lives. Even Kenya will make sure all options are on the table just in case the new leaders start acting ‘funny’ about grabbing the Kenyan territory they claim as part of their fiefdom now. They will be the only bully in Oromia to demand my Oromos black milk from a non existing green cow. That is what they are doing now in Wallagaa. They have a not-signed-yet death certificate for every peasant and urban dwellers there now. They come and kill you when they fell like it. Right now in that part of Oromia you will be murdered on the spot if you stare at the armed riff raffs when they walk by you because that makes you the government agent trying to take a good look at them for later on reporting. When they raid banks easy money is not the only item on the plan. The thugs also have their eyes on record books at the banks that shows them who has how much. They use such bank records to come after you. You have two choices. The first one is give every red cent you have in your pocket or skip town in the dead of the night. Most choose to flee their home towns with their families and that is why you will find Oromos internally displaced at many towns now. So imagine how these thugs and bigots will behave after they secure their personal fiefdom thru ‘referendum’.

    It is a blessed and the right thing to do for Ambassador Mike Powers in his endeavor to bring the warring factions to a dialogue table. Let’s all do everything we can to make him succeed in his very difficult task. Enough, enough and enough is enough with stupid bloodshed unleashed by stupid individuals!!!

    Peace y’all!!!

  4. Subject. Thirteen (13) words of joules for the benefit of ALL. >>>> NOT fora few ambitious self-ambitious individuals.

    a). As the saying goese: TAKE IT or LEAVE IT.
    b). The people of Tigray and the overall people of Ethiopia would know what is good for them.
    c). The history of the overall ETHIOPIA attests to that desirable fact.
    d). It is a fact — loaded with wisdom —that Ethiopia has always been ONE and ONLY ONE for ALL.
    e). Is there a problem for being one and only one successful independent country ??????????????????


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