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Eighteen people killed, twenty others injured in Gamo Zone, South Ethiopia

Arba Minch City _ Ethiopia
A partial view of Arba Minch City, South Ethiopia ( Photo : PD/SM )

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (borkena) – Eighteen people have been killed and twenty others injured since last Friday when a conflict erupted in Shara Kebele, in a satellite Woreda of Arbaminch Town, Gamo Zone, sources say.

Voice of America Amharic service reported on 26 August 2023 quoting residents of the area that the killings and injuries were caused by a conflict sparked in a Woreda around Arbaminch Town.

A medical doctor aged at early forty confirmed the incident to VoA that 12 people were killed and 15 wounded in the clash.

Communication Affairs Department of Zonal Administration said in a statement it released,  quoting the Security Task Force of the Zone, that there was “moderate” loss of human lives and properties  in the action taken to put under control the “armed group” that attempted to allegedly subvert the constitutional order and disrupt the peace and security of the area.

However, the residents in the area denied the allegation saying that there is no any “armed group”  as referred to by the officials, but they are the Kebele militias who were trained and armed by the government.

An eyewitness and a resident of the Kebele told VoA that the cause of the conflict was the decision made by the administration to separate Shara Kebele from the Satellite Woreda of Arba Minch and to merge it with the Town.

The eyewitness said that the dispute and the row that occurred following the decision made by the administration have left the Kebele out of government services for months.

The attempt made by the Arba Minch Town Administration and the security forces of the satellite Woreda to make the Kebele operational, and the failure of the discussion conducted with armed militias of Shara Kebele, youth and residents have caused the conflict that led to the loss of human lives, according to the eyewitness. The residents also voiced resentment that their Kebele “will not be merged with Arbaminch Town Administration”.

A hospital doctor said on condition of anonymity that 12 people were killed by weapons and 15 people were being treated for serious and minor injuries. 


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