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Tigray : Four reportedly killed in grenade attack 

Tigray  _  twitter
Tigray police authority (Photo source : Tesfa News twitter account)


Four people reportedly killed and twenty others wounded in a grenade attack in Mekelle, seat of the Tigray regional state of Ethiopia. 

According to local sources, it happened around 2: 00 A.M. on Friday according to sources.

Mekelle Police have confirmed the attack. A former Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) combatant is said to be behind the attack and he is at large. 

Motive of the attack or what caused it is yet to be established. 

An estimated hundreds of thousands of Ethnic Tigreans have been killed during the war between the TPLF and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration . The warring factions have formed a new political and military alliance after the Pretoria agreement. 

Earlier in the week, a colorful Ashenda festival was celebrated in Mekelle and many other parts of the region.  Abiy Ahmed’s Oromo Prosperity party sent delegates, whose seized the occasion to call for cooperation in the struggle against what they call ‘neftegna’

There have been reports of discontent in Tigray with the TPLF administration. 


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  1. Mahibrekidusan should be dismantled and its assets confiscated before making further financial aid to Fanno genociders

    The man has reportedly been arrested, and he should be held accountable, and justice will certainly be served. It was devastating and heartbreaking news. The young generations have to be taught to be respectful of each other and pay special, exclusive homage to women regardless of age and all types of social status. The guy uses a bomb to kill his victim, which is unimaginable. People are still living in the 10th century, and they want to die or kill their partner when their proposal is rejected. Primitive men still exist among Ethiopians. Whatever his reasons, no amount of dismay justifies the killing of a human being. This made people live with uncertainty and fear. Regional administrators should intervene and take swift action to prevent any sort of potential harm before it is too late, and retired or former members who left the service must hand over their tools to the state.

    It is disappointing to see that pastors and religious leaders frequently put more emphasis on publicizing festivities during monthly and yearly religious feasts than on teaching the next generation important moral values. These leaders pass up a crucial opportunity to strengthen the social fabric and deal with urgent concerns like crime rates and societal challenges by failing to place a strong emphasis on morality.
    “”ሳይርቅ በቅርቡ ሳይደርቅ በቅርቡ or “ልጅን በጡት እህልን በጥቅምት” ልጅ በሕፃንነቱ በወጉና በሥርዓቱ ካልያዙ ካልመገቡት፣ እህልንም በጥቅምት ካልቆጠቡት ልጁም ሲያድግ መልካ ዜጋ አይሆንም፣ “” Sewaswe
    ልጆች በስነምግባር ተኮትኩተው እንዲያድጉ የሃይማኖት አባቶች ፥የሰንበት ትምህርት ቤቶች፥ የዘመናዊ የስነዜጋ መምህራን ወዘተ አጥብቀው ሊሰሩ ይገባል፥፥በምዕራቡ ዓለም በየትምህርት ቤቱ ለወላጆች ሪፖርት የሚያደርጉ ማህበራዊ ሰራተኛ(ሶሻል ወርከርስ) የክፍል ሃላፊዎች ወዘተከወላጆች ጋር የሚሰሩ እንደሚኖሩ ይታመናል ፤፤የሀገር መሠረት በመሆኑ ፥የልጆች ጤንነት፥ደህንነት ስኬት የአብሮነት ስሜት ዜግነት ወዘተ ላይ ታላቅ ተፅዕኖ ስላለው ይሰሩበታል፤፤ሃይማኖት ባለበት የክርስያንደሴት በምትባለዋ ሀገር ግፍና ጭካኔ ሲበራከት ማየት እጅጉን ያሳዝናል፥፥ፓስተሮቹ ወዴት አሉ ምንስ እየሰሩ ቆዩ ድግስ እና ደሞዛቸውን ለማዳበር ሲንገላቱ ከማየት በቀር ስለሌላ የሚመሠክርላቸው አያገኙም፤፤እንዴት ቢባል ከደጅህ እየው ነው ነገሩ፤፤አናዳንዶቹማ ሰላምን የሚሰብኩ ጦርነት ይቁም ዜጋ ተጨፈጨፈ የሚሉ ሳይሆን ላንድ ወገን የሚያደሉ አክቲቪስት ሆነዋል፤፤

    ++++Fannos, who ran away from ENDF and entered areas where Gumuz people lived in mass, are targeting these people and torturing and killing them. Fannos claim they fight for unified Ethiopia but are killing Agew, Gumuz, Kimant, and all non-Amhara people; they must stop it.
    ማፊያ ዘራፊ ጀኖሳይደር የሃይማኖት ካባ ደርበው የሚያታልሉ የፖለቲከኞች ስብስብ ነፍሰገዳዮች ጥርቅም የሆነውን So-called ማህበረቅዱሳን (Mahibreseytan)ተብየውን ማህበረሰይጣን ነቃቅላቹ አፈራርሱት፤፤የቤተክርስቲያን ሀብት ዘራፊ ሁላ
    Mahibrekidusan should be dismantled and its assets confiscated before making further financial aid to Fanno genociders.

  2. Dismantle Mahibrekidusan(Fanno sponsors) and genociders-this organization must be dismantled and removed from Oromiyaaa!!

    Dear TPLF-supporting writers,

    Please attempt to send a letter that has just one sentence requesting that the TPLF mafia and violent Tigrayan businessmen cease stealing food supplies, resulting in the starving deaths of large numbers of children and patients. And again, another warning to the TPLF to put an end to those thieves who kill women while stealing their valuables and phones. It should be emphasized that a significant portion of crimes against women have involved Tigrayan youth. When foreigners were fighting a brutal war in Tigray, Tigrayans attacked Tigrayans and committed serious crimes against women. While it is evident that Eritreans and Fannos committed severe crimes in Tigray in a 2-year-long war that still continues to loom over Tigray, don’t hold Eritreans or Amhara solely responsible for all crimes. According to rough estimates made by observers and caseworkers who asked to remain anonymous, nearly 15% of crimes against women are committed by Tigrayans themselves. Don’t lie. It is shameful, and you cannot hide it for so long. A lady has been subjected to atrocities and killed recently in Tigray. The region has a violent background when it comes to atrocities against women and against people of various regions and woredas. Things will not be kept under wraps for so long and will be itching and exposing themselves in various ways.

    NB: Please invite those TPLF-supporting hooligans here and help them read out loud and translate them, as they cannot understand their own faults and serious crimes; they suffer from self-serving bias or confirmation bias, attributing every failure to Amharas and fanno criminals, who have the same traits too. Viva Oromiyaa!!
    Dismantle Mahibrekidusan(Fanno sponsors) and genociders-this organization must be dismantled and removed from Oromiyaaa!!

  3. This is what you get when you produce a generation primed for killing others and wanton violence. This is just a harbinger of lawlessness that will engulf regions that had their own armed militia fighting for liberating this or that nonsense. Some of those regions had/have battle hardened riff raffs with a history of being demonically sadists to others who labeled enemies by their bigot leaders. Tigray, Oromia, Benishangul, Gambela and Amhara regions seem to be awash with such brutes. The sight of gushing human blood is like the unfurling of a red rose bud. I hope my fear will be wrong and unqualified but unless some efficient mitigating steps are taken and taken now that country could go Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador soon. Some areas in Oromia, Amhara, Gambela and Benishangul are as such already. They will come and kidnap or even worse kill you. There is no capable justice system in place in those areas to hold perpetrators accountable avenge you. You are just one worthless and expendable object. There is no fearless gunslinger Wyatt Earp to gun down your killers in a duel. That is why I’m having beef with those of you who have been inflaming the situation over there. You gonna answer for all of that on The Judgment Day. You must be ashamed of yourself.

  4. QUOTE: “Four people reportedly killed and twenty others wounded in a grenade attack in Mekelle, seat of the Tigray
    regional state of Ethiopia” .UNQUOTE

    Humble Feeling, 09 Aug 2023
    a) VERY SAD to say, more innocent people will be killed, in Ti gray
    b) Who said so???
    c) The few initiators — NOT MORE THAN SIX — are the guiding force leading Tigray to its demise!!!
    d) Do you remember the well known Tigrayan leader who lost his wife, wound up in Addis Ababa prision?
    e) Finally, he let go out of prison and wound up some where in good old USA (*)

    (*) Post Script.
    It was said that the poor fellow could not even utter the words >>> “good morning” to anyone!!!!!
    AS the French say: “C’est la Vie “


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