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Ethiopian gov’t forces killed 18 near Arba Minch 

Ethiopian _ Arba Minch
Arba Minch (Photo : file/SM)


Ethiopian government forces have reportedly killed about 18 people near Arba Minch city where there has been simmering opposition to the new administrative arrangement. 

Deutsche Welle Amharic Service, on Saturday, cited residents from the area to report that the killing happened near Gamo zone administration. 

It happened on Thursday in the evening near Shara Kebele – where there was a reported exchange of fire for several hours. The location is only nine kilometers to Arba Minch – a city that was hailed as the most peaceful town in the country and one of the most popular tourist attractions in southern Ethiopia. 

It is the resident of Shara Kebele, whose name is undisclosed, who told the source that eighteen people were killed and several others were wounded. 

Those wounded are reportedly admitted at Arba Minch General Hospital. DW Amharic said it reached out to Wondwossen Worku, Medical director of the hospital to get information on their conditions. It was said that he did not answer the phone after he asked that he be contacted in five minutes. 

Another staff in the hospital said that 12 were dead and 15 others were brought to the hospital.  

From what the residents said, the exchange of fire started after members of Arba Minch Police were dispatched to the area. With whom they were fighting, the exchange is unspecified. 

All of the victims are said to be members of residents of the locality where the exchange of fire happened. 

What caused the clash?

It is related to the new administrative arrangement after the disintegration of what used to be South Nations and Nationalities and  People’s Region (SNNPR) – the only regional state that was not based on ethnicity, unlike the rest of Ethiopia. 

Specifically, restructuring of Shara Kebele, which used to be under Arba Minch District, to be included in Arba Minch City Administration has caused the disagreement. 

Gamo zone government communication is making accusations against ” an armed group that was operating in the area.”

It said the group, without calling a name, has been working on disrupting “peace and security,” and “government system.” It also said that the operation against the group was successful. 


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  1. In the strongest possible terms, everyone should denounce the killings of unarmed, defenseless individuals who battled for their rights in a nonviolent manner. No one should be subjected to killing, torture, imprisonment, or any other form of physical abuse, regardless of their political, ethnic, or religious background. Dialogue should be used to resolve any disagreements. No more violence and conflict among fellow ethiopians. Enough is enough!

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