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Emergency meeting for Amhara regional council happening this week

Amhara regional council  Ethiopia
Amhara regional council meeting (file/PD)


Amhara Regional Council is reportedly having an emergency meeting this Friday.  Council members are notified about it but without information as to what the emergency meeting will discuss, according to local news sources. 

Speculation from those close to the region’s politics indicates that the emergency meeting could be about new appointments in the region or about approving pending motions regarding the security situation in the region. 

Yilkal Getnet, Getachew Jembere and Seyoum Mekonnen  ( all of the region’s top officials) are not in the region. They reportedly left after Bahir Dar, seat of the regional government, fell in the hands of Fano about two weeks ago. 

Government structures in most parts of the region are said to not be functional after Fano forces launched extensive armed resistance in opposition to Abiy Ahmed’s government move to disarm Fano forces in the region. 

Abiy Ahmed’s government mounted a propaganda campaign with the aim to paint the Fano movement as one whose leaders and members are after banditry which does not seem to be the case given the popular support the movement is enjoying in the region. 

During an emergency meeting of the Ethiopian Parliament last week, Gedu Andargachew, former president of the region and former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia – opposed the government’s characterization of the Fano movement. He said the movement in Amhara is the result of the political failure of the ruling party which he said has no future in the region. 

Anchor media on Tuesday reported that Fano forces in the region have issued an advisory calling for members of the regional council to avoid the emergency meeting that is called for this Friday. 

Amhara region is under a six months state of emergency legislation, a move that is said to be designed to enable Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government to prevent unlawful rights violations in the region through “lawful” means. 

The government has conducted multiple drone attacks in the region killing hundreds of civilians after it declared a state of emergency.  Amnesty International earlier this week issued a statement urging the Ethiopian government to grant journalists and investigators unfettered access to the region.   


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  1. Fannos must stop killing, kidnapping, and torturing Amharas and non-Amhara civilians and public servants targeted due to their political views and ethnic backgrounds. Anyone convicted of a serious crime must be brought to justice. Killings and robberies are hallmarks of uncivilized societies and those of Shabiya servants named Fannos.

    –Humera, Raya, and Welkayit belong to Tigray, and they have never been part of the Amhara region.

    Fannos are killers, robbers, kidnappers, and brutal murderers of children, nuns, priests, and elderly people. Fannos burned churches and plundered sacred religious heritage.

    –Terrorists like Andargachew Tsege, Abebe Belew, Geletaw Zeleke, Messay Mekonen, Dereje Habtewolde (Dere News), Habtamu Ayalew, and all those who share their genocidal views are genociders and should be brought to justice.

    ***Dismantle Mahibrekidusan genociders and hold them accountable for genocide in Tigray and Oromiyaa.


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