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Protest erupts against the formation of Central Ethiopia Region

Voting to establish the new Central Ethiopia Region ( source: SM )

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Following the restructuring of the former Southern Nation Nationalities and Peoples’ Region into four new regions, protest has sparked against the one that was named Central Ethiopia Region, sources said.

The Amharic Weekly Reporter said that Central Ethiopia Regional State, which embraces Gurage, Silte, Kenbata-Tinbaro, Halaba and Hadya Zones including Yem special Woreda is said to have been formed without legal procedure.

Guraghe Zone voiced its resentment through its party, Gogot for Guraghe Unity and Justice that ahead of the establishment of the Region, there should have been discussions on the new draft constitution. Party Public Relation Head, Jemil Sani said that one of the issues that should have been dealt with at the emergency meeting held on 18 August 2023 was the legal procedure to ratify the draft constitution of the new Region, Reporter said.

Stating what he called legal procedure, Jemil said that after approving the draft constitution, the regional and zonal councils including the special Woreda should have come together and asked for its amendment. It was after this discussion, all those bodies should have sat round the table for agreement, he said.

However, he pointed out that, contrary to the legal procedure, before the aforementioned bodies had discussed it, the constitution was presented during the final meeting, which was called to approve Regional establishment. This may cause great confusion among the people, Jemil said, adding that the people of Guraghe have no question regarding the seat of the Region. But it has repeatedly requested that it should be granted its right to become an independent Regional Government.  

Jemil said that the question of self-governance is based on the constitution and is being voiced by the people of Guraghe. If this question is not resolved properly, the area may become unstable.

Jemil said that the procedure and decisions made in the formation of the Region show a situation that violates the provisions of the constitution and stifles citizens’ opinions. The decisions made in the course of the discussion have a tendency to plunge the area into unrest.

Expressing discontent over the process of restructuring, Jemil said that instead of introducing a permanent solution to the region, what has been done on the ground is rather a means of silencing the demands coming from the people.   

Jemil stressed that no public decision has been made to set up a region in Central Ethiopia, especially the question of Guraghe should be resolved by “referendum” as allowed by the constitution. It is inappropriate to deny the rights of the people of Guraghe.

He said that crushing the Gurage Zone with others “is not legal”. The decision made by the ruling party to restructure the Zone in a cluster is neither appropriate nor as per the legal procedure, according to him. Moreover, the proposal presented to the Zonal council was rejected fully, Jemil said.

Meanwhile Council members of Kembata-Tembaro Zone are expressing discontent against the placement of government structures across the Zones. They protested that it was inappropriate to enter into the establishment of the Region without giving answers to the basic questions that were being raised by the people.

A member of Zonal Council, Senait Legesse said that the question of Kembata-Tembaro Zone is that of justice on structural problems. She said that before the formation of the Region, the demands of the people had been submitted to all concerned bodies starting from the council at all levels up to the Prime Minister’s Office.

However, as there are uneven performances in the decisions made by the Region, there are complaints on the placement of the government structures. The Zonal Council asked for further scrutiny of this issue by independent bodies.

Though the meeting should have been held after the discussion with the council and the people, it was called and decisions were made well beyond the legal procedures. This will complicate the problem, Senait said.

Senait said that the people raised questions saying that the economic, social and political benefits of the institutions should have been elaborated properly and fairness should have also been taken into account before their placement in all Zones.

The government structure placed in Kembata-Tembaro Zone is a directorate of Agriculture, Technical-Vocational, Youth and Sports. But to confuse the people, they renamed this single directorate as different offices of Environment, Forestry and Agriculture which were all incorporated previously as a single directorate. This will not respond to the public’s basic questions, Senait said.

Senait further said that the questions asked by the residents of the Zone for equality and justice turned on deaf ears. But until the demands of the citizens are settled down as per the law, the struggle will continue, she said

“The main reason for the disintegration of the southern region is the issue of justice, and now there should be systems of justice and equality that enable us to keep going together,” Senait said.

In order to live together, all the government structures in the region should be shared fairly, she said. However, as the decisions passed by the assembly are made by putting aside the people’s vote, they are not acceptable. The people know that as the structures given to the Zone are not on the basis of fairness, they keep on with their peaceful struggle until justice prevails, Senait said.


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  1. It is very clear that the administration of Prosperity Party headed by Abiy Ahmed has shown repeatedly that it has no regards for minority Ethiopians. It has decided that their enclaves can be sliced and diced at will without their consent. The whole principle of self-determination governing the constitution is out of the window, and a dictatorial imposition is in. When the concerned people are protesting and not wanting to consent to be forced into regions created in the PM office, have at least the decency to listen to them. We know what the next move is going to be: send more troupes to quell the protests and erect a command post. This administration has never been committed to peace, but to impose its will by violence. The protesters should expect to spend their coming months in prison, if they are lucky enough not to be purged.

  2. As usual, pp dunces including the imbecile at the top, masquerading as pm of all Ethiopians create problems after problems, chaos after chaos. The next steps of this criminal mafia group with capocrimine, don Abi’s Ahmed will be as follows:

    1) the dissenters will be sidelined and imprisoned

    2) the people of the region will protest

    3) the oromumma thugs masquerading as the Ethiopian army will be sent by their mafia boss, abiy the terrible

    4) the people will fight the mercenary “army”

    5) the oromumma thugs get beaten and defeated

    6) abiy gets angry and will ask the sycophant daniel kibret to label and target the dissenters

    7 the sycophant daniel kibret will label the new group as ሳውንታ ከዚያም ልቅ አፉን እየከፈተ እነዚህ የጁንታውና የጃዊሳው ግብረ አብሮች ሳውንታ ናቸው ብሎ ይለፋደዳል::

    8) all pp cadre dogs will flood social media and scream down with sawnta, down with swanta

    9) then abiy’s cowardice army will start another round of drone attack.

    ከእነዚህ እንስሳዎች ስብዕና ከሌላቸው አራዊት ጋር እንዴት የኢትዮጵያን ሰሜንም ሆነ ደቡብ ምስራቅም ሆን ምዕራብ ህዝብ አብሮ መኖር ይችላል????????????

  3. Fannos has to stop manufacturing lies to kill NOn-Amhara ethnic group members August 19, 2023 At 5:07 am
    Fanno has to stop killing all non-Amhara people by sticking names on them and affiliating them with the OLA, TPLF, or other groups. It is the right time to dismantle MahibreKidusan, a satanic Amhara genocidal association playing religious cards and enjoying the best of both worlds by acting like a religious leader and meddling in the socio-economic and political affairs of the state.

    Due to Andargachew Tsege’s demonic, nasty rhetoric, many lives have been adversely affected and have been subjected to mass killings and arrests. Andargachew Tsege, Abebe Belew, Habtamu Ayalew, and those who share their genocidal views are genociders and should be brought to justice.
    Atto Andargachew Tsege and Habtamu Ayalew are terrorists-
    ———Dismantle Mahibrekidusan genociders and disband the stinky tail of mahibrekidusan which is Enat party

  4. May The Almighty Our Creator Save That Country that we still hold very dear to our hearts!!!!!

    Blessings to you and your family!

    I just applied for 5 more new regions:
    1) The Black Mane Lion Territory South West
    2) The Colobus Monkey North Central
    3) Mountain Nyala North East
    4) Pointed Nose Shrew West Central
    5) Mountain Red Fox North West.

    The Gelada baboon is pissed off at me that I left him out. That will be next. In fact I have 110 more new regions I am gonna represent and apply for their own regions. May be 310. The drive is not and will not be over yet. Don’t blame it on me. I’m just a world renowned constitutional and SWAG lawyer doing my job. How about this y’all clueless folks? I am thinking about going for the big enchilada which is to apply and demand a region for each citizen. How about that? I learned that from the commies who came aboard in that country way back in the 1960’s. Why are you surprised by me applying for a region for each citizen? It is right there in the commies’ scriptures. It says people have the right to self determination up to and including secession. I told you I’m always right much better than Know-It-All, Pants-On-Fire and Af-Mishar.


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