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Ethiopia’s sweep clean at Budapest World Athletics Championships Women 10000 meters race

Ethiopia Budapest World Athletics Championship
Gudaf Tsegay crossing the finishing line during the 10000 meters race at the Budapest World Championship on August 18,2023 (Photo credit : Reuters)

Updated on August 19, 2023 at 7:37 P.M. Toronto Time

It is a clean sweep for Ethiopia in the Women’s 10,000 meters category at the Budapest World Championship. 

And it is Gudaf Tsefaye who crossed the finishing line in 31:27:18 minutes to claim the Gold for Ethiopia. Gudaf is also reigning world champion in the 5000 meters category. 

Letesenbet Gidey, a record holder in the distance, finished second in 31:28.16 and  Ejgayehu Taye third in a time of 31:28.31 minutes to claim Silver and Bronze respectively. 

Sifan Hassan, Ethiopian born athlete running for the Netherlands, was in the leading pack but stumbled and fell 20 meters into the finishing line. She got up and finished 11th – according to a Reuters report. 

Reuters quoted Sifan as saying “I think I got pushed by the Ethiopian…I hope I am not crazy. I will need to look at the replay to see what exactly happened.”


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  1. There was no excuse for every one of us for not having watched this race this afternoon unless you are at work or under the weather. I was one of those who were gifted and privileged to watch it. Our daughters were not only number one but one, two, three. I have seen it all. I was looking at our gallant daughter down the last stretch and I was looking at something on the sky above them. I saw their late uncles Obbo Abebe, Mamo and Mirutz hovering above them urging them till the finish line. I was hearing Obbo Abebe asking Gudaf, Letesenbet and Ejgayehu to look at his bare feet. I saw Obbo Mamo showing them how he obliterated the field in a stifling weather in Mexico in 1968. I heard Obbo Mirutz screaming at all three with ‘shift, shift, shift!!!’ Then something got hold of me and with a cane in my hand started running with them when suddenly my octogenarian legs began giving up. I was back on my sofa still screaming ‘Get’em! Go get’em!!!’. When it was over and seeing my daughters were one, two and three, tears started flowing from both of my eyes. Tears of joy. I’m good now! I’m good for a week!!!


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