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Stop Misidentifying FANO as “Volunteer Militia”! Please Understand the Historical and Unwavering Firm Stand of FANO!

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By Belayneh Abate

It is irritating to read and listen when media such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) , Associated Press (AP), Reuters and others identify FANO as just “Volunteer Militia”.  Some even cut the age and the history of Fano to 75 years citing the second Ethio-Italian war, which was concluded with a decisive victory of FANO. 

FANO is not a mere “unorganized Volunteer Militia” as the foreign medias and domestic traitors misidentify it intentionally or out of deep ignorance.  The foreign media and the domestic traitors willfully failed to realize that FANO is a physical, spiritual, and cultural force that firmly believes and stands for liberty, dignity, and sovereignty.  They do not want to admit that the history of FANO is the History of Ethiopia, which is the origin of mankind, the source of the Gihon River (the second river of Genesis), the cradle of Aksumite, Lalibela and Blue Nile civilizations. They do not want to accept that the age of FANO is the age of Abyssinia and Ethiopia. 

FANO is a spiritual force incarnated in a physical body that strongly despises and fights the evil spirits of indignity, slavery, subordination, and colonization. FANO is the Kudus spiritual and physical force that defeated the advances of colonialism in Adwa for the first time in the history of the world. During the Adwa victory, the Emperor, the Kings, and the men and women Patriots who fought fiercely for dignity, and national sovereignty were all FANOS. The unbreakable forces that defeated Mussolini during the second Ethiopian-Italian war were FANOs. In its five thousand history, FANOs have effectively defended their territories but never invaded any country. 

Besides standing for liberty, dignity, and sovereignty, FANOs are also known for their unique virtuous characters: multitasking and humanly treating peaceful citizens and prisoners of wars. FANOs are described as the gradient of society that serve as soldiers during wars, and as farmers, merchants, and priests during peace intervals. Since FANOs are highly disciplined forces, they take care of children, women, the disabled and peaceful citizens even in the middle of intense wars. Similarly, FANOs are known for their humane treatment of captives and prisoners of war. History is the witness that FANOs fighting under commanders such as Belay Zeleke and Abebe Aregai treated Italian prisoners of war as guests while Mussolini’s Air force was spraying mustard gasses indiscriminately on the faces of the Ethiopian people, including children and women.  

Therefore, please understand that FANO is NOT just a “volunteer militia ” but a highly- disciplined physical and spiritual force that strongly despises indignity, slavery, and colonialism and firmly defends dignity, liberty and sovereignty at any cost. Please stop misidentifying FANO as mere volunteer militia. Please understand the historical and unwavering firm stand of FANO. Thank you. 

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