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Tigray : Hunger reportedly killed over 1400 in three administrative zones 

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Gebrehiwot GebreEgziabhier, Tigray disaster management commissioner (Photo : Demtsi Woyane)


A report from a local news outlet in Ethiopia on Wednesday reported that 1,411 people died of hunger after Humanitarian organizations operating in the region halted emergency aid. 

Addis Maleda, the source, cited Tigray region’s Disaster Management Commissioner, Gebrehiwot GebreEgziabhier, who spoke to Dimtse Woyane. 

He described the level of hunger in the region as “very concerning and threatening.” 

The rainy season and cold weather are said to have worsened the situation. The regional authority has also claimed that 2.6 million displaced people, in connection with the war – that ended, at least for the time being, in November 2022 following the Pretoria Peace Agreement – are impacted by it. They are in a saddening situation, he said. 

The Commissioner called on Humanitarian organizations that halted distributing aid in the region and the international community to exert effort to reverse the hunger in the region. 

It is unclear why humanitarian organizations halted distributing aid in the region. 

Last weekend, a UK delegation traveled to Mekele, where they held lengthy discussions with TPLF leaders, and unveiled funding to human rights investigations in connection with the war. 

The Tigray region of Ethiopia is also experiencing locust swarm and has called on assistance from the Federal government and international community. Ethiopia’s Ministry of agriculture and Desert Locust Control Organization for East Africa (DLCO-EA) are reportedly undertaking preparations to respond to the situation in the region. 

It is to be recalled that the two years war between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) claimed an estimated one million lives only for the two parties to reach a political agreement in november 2022  and subsequently even forged political alliance – as rumored by local media outlets. 


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  1. This is an endless chain of consequences of violence, genocide, and blockage of food supply haunting Tigray every waking moment, causing massive death and displacement. This is what you sow, and you probably are enjoying it as sadistic people on the planet. The Fannos are waging war against their own people once they receive bad news about the Pretoria agreement. because they were planning to exterminate Tigray and expand their territory, and their satanic wealthy people too had an unsatiable hunger for land and dreamed of expanding their assets and productive industries for commercial purposes. Fannos’ dreams were shattered by South Africa’s deal. Ethiopian Orthodox Church bishops were mocking when they told the world that they had apologized for their genocidal act. Is this so-called apology sufficient and appropriate considering the magnitude of suffering, death, and displacement of innocent civilians it has caused?

    These religious leaders have to undergo extensive fasting and prayer before even conducting religious services. Murderer bishop and priest cannot enter the church at all before completing the penitential period.

    “”According to Oriental Orthodox Churches, a person who commits a serious crime like murder, even if they are a priest, would generally be subject to disciplinary measures and may even be defrocked.””

    —Stop the war, Stop killing all ethiopians, not simply Amhara , stop your drone attacks against unarmed civilians—–

  2. Here we are 50 years after demonic Mengistu’s famine we still see our people dying of starvation. This heart wrenching story once again make me feel totally helpless. I have been watching the weather radar all along on the old country and had noticed that Mother Nature has been generous with good amount of rain on that part of the country all the way into Eritrea. That might have triggered the unwanted swarm of locusts but it was good news for farmers. Citizens there have lost everything in that stupid war started by bigoted stupid individuals. After the senseless war ended and aids started coming then thieves went on their larceny sprees. The charities were forced to stop sending food aid to the starving people. Now we have this. But that does not mean we should stop from doing anything we can to help those noble people. Let’s pitch in the last penny in our pocket and tell them we have their back. Let’s go!!!

  3. Subject: “Tigray : Hunger reportedly killed over 1400 in three administrative zones”, August 16, 2023

    QUOTE: ” 1,411 people died of hunger after Humanitarian organizations operating in the region halted emergency aid.)
    UNQUOTE. >>>> YES > “Humanitarian organizations”

    Humble Comment, 16 Aug 2023
    a) Who is responsible for the crime?

    b) And, in general, when will Tigray be at the mercy of itself, for its own people, according to its norms and urgency.

    c) Where are the comfortable individuals, of the highest self-appointed individuals, with supreme title?!?!?!

    d) 1411 innocent people died because they were not in a position to save themselves — they were the lowest economic,
    political strata >>> shame on Tigray and Ethiopia in general. Shame, Shame, Shame ………………..

    e) To repeat, WHO is responsible for the 1,411 death? >>>Imagine this happens in UK ………………

    f) Let us further dare ask a question: Shouldn’t the smart-aleck instigators be responsible and openly drag to the Court of
    Law of the Country????????

    g) After all, we are all talking about HUMAN BEINGS —- and do we need to ascertain that WE BLACK AFRICANS ARE
    ALSO CONSCIOUS of OUR LIFE like any country around the Globe

    ——————- THE END ——————


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