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TPLF supporting Abiy Ahmed’s military campaign in Amhara

TPLF _ Abiy Ahmed _ Genocide in Amhara
TPLF leaders are seen with Ethiopian Defense Chief of Staff, Field Marshal at the Nairobi Meeting in late 2022 (Photo : SM/ file)


The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), now  portraying itself as Interim regional administration of Tigray,  on Sunday issued a statement in which it indicated that it will work with the Federal government of Ethiopia “to tackle spoilers of the peace process.”

The statement tends, just like Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration,  to see the movement in the Amhara region as an attempt to sabotage the Pretoria agreement.

“Amhara irredentists and their cronies have been doing everything to hinder the full implementation of the Pretoria Cessation of Hostilities Agreement,”  it said, as reported by Tigray TV. 

While indicating that the people of Tigray support peaceful resolution to the conflict,  it said “However we will continue to work together with the federal government to tackle those extremist forces and their allies who stand in the way of peace.” 

There have been reports that the TPLF is directly involved in the war that the Federal government declared against people in the Amhara under the pretext of combatting “hoodlums and hooligans.”  TPLF denies it. 

Tigray TV cited the IRA statement as saying “claims by Amhara extremists that TPLF is directly participating in the war between ENDF and Fano Vigilante Group as a continuation to “their incessant accusations.” 

Rounds of political brokerage by Western Diplomats, primarily from the UK and United States, have managed to repair the broken relationship between Abiy Ahmed and the TPLF elites. 

In a recent trip to the United States, Getachew Reda, president of the Interim administration in Tigray, told members of the Tigray diaspora that the Federal government is working to break apart structures in the areas TPLF leaders and western backers refer to as “Western Tigray” and Raya areas. 

Before Abiy Ahmed’s administration declared state of emergency to launch a large scale military offensive in the Amhara region – including with the use of drone attacks with dozens of unarmed civilians are killed – there were reports that the TPLF has embarked on fresh mobilization after demobilizing thousands of its combatants who are no longer capable of fighting. 

Last week, the UK government sent a delegation to the Tigray region and there was a discussion with the TPLF leaders. The UK Ambassador to Ethiopia was part of the entourage.  The next day Eritrea summoned a UK diplomat in Asmara for questioning regarding U.K’s  Ambassador to Ethiopia remark during the meeting with TPLF leaders in Mekele – the details of the remark are undisclosed. 


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  1. የብልፅግና ፓርቲ ድንቅ ፖርላማና የረቀቀው የአባላቱ የአመክንዮና የሰለጠነ ህግ ማርቀቅና ማፅደቅ ክህሎት የብልፅግና ፓርቲ ድንቅ ፖርላማና የረቀቀው የአባላቱ የአመክንዮና የሰለጠነ ህግ ማርቀቅና ማፅደቅ ክህሎት

    tplf is just a sidekick, a third leg, coattails clinging to abiy’s oromumma thugs party. And to a sidekick, one ought not give that much time and effort. Just stand a couple of inches away so he can’t keep

    ትህነግ እኮ ማለት የትናንትና ቁሱሉን እየላሰ ወልዶ ባሳደገው የእንግዴ ልጁ ተዋርዶ ለምኖ የሚኖር የንግዴ ልጁን ቀሚስ የሙጥኝ ይዞ አየጎተተ ግዜና ቀን ካለው ይሄንን ውዳቂ ፍልፈሉን በርበሬ አጥኖ አይቀጡ ቅጣት ለመቅጣትና ለመግረፍ እየቋመጠ ያለ has been ነው::

    ፖርላማ አባል ተብዬዎቹ በጣም ነው የሚያስቁት:: ልክ እኮ እንደሰለጠነ ማህበረሰብ አፋቸውን ሞልተው ሌላውን ቆሞ ቀር ህዋላ ቀር ሲሉ ገድለው ዝርፈው ሰርቀው የተጨማደደ ኮትና ሱሪ ስላደረጉ ክራቫት መሳይ እራፊ አንገታቸው ላይ ለጥፈው ስለተንተባተቡ ያወቁ የመሰላቸው የሊቀደናቁርት ስብስብ እና የበሰበሰ የኦሮሙማ ዝቃጭ ህልም የአእምሮ ባሪያ ስለሆኑ ነው::

    አሁን በትክክል ኢትዮጵያ ለምን እንደወደቀችና እንደተንኮታኮተች ለማወቅ ተችሏል:: ከእነዚህ ከእንስሳነት ባህርይ ገና ካልተላቀቁ ዝግመተ ለውጥ ገና ካልጎበኛቸው በ16 ኛው ክፍለ ዘመን አሃክ እንትፍ ተብሎ የማህበረሰባዊ ዕድገትና የህዝብ ንቃተ ሂሊና ከተፋው የበሰበስ ህገ አራዊት ወይንም የተከበሩት ጠ/ ሚ ዶር: ፓስተር ኮሎኔል አብይ አህመድ ወይንም ባጭሩ 7 ኛ ጨ አንደበት ተቆለዻዽሶ ” መደመር ” ወይንም “የገዳ ስርዐት ” ከሚለው ህሳቤ ላይ ልክ እንደሚስማር ተቸንክረው አምስት መቶ አመት ላይ ተተክለው የቀሩ ሻግተው ሌላውን ለማሸገት በሚዳክሩ የአእምሮና አሰተሳሰብ ድኩማንና የሰነምግባር ግብረገብነት ሃቀኝነት ጠላት ጎጠኛ የመንጋ ስብስብ ካድሬዎች እጅ እምዬ ኢትዮጵያና ጨዋው ህዝቧ ለግዜው መውደቁ ነው::

  2. The involvement of Eritrea in the war justifies the intervention of Tigray forces in the conflict. The Eritrean trained and armed Amhara forces should not be let to overthrow the government and occupy Oromia. Oromia is the gift of Tigray to the Oromo people and Tigray forces have the moral and legal duty to defend it. The citizens of Oromia and all the peace loving nations, nationalities and peoples must urge the government to open for the deployment of Tigray forces in Oromia.

  3. Does the tplf have any more fighters to spare with so many cripples and komche. The whole ploy is a hdden agreement between tplf and oromuma. sorry for the lives lost to bring this history will judge you traitor tplf and olf

  4. QUOTE: “TPLF supporting Abiy Ahmed’s military campaign in Amhara” UNQUOTE August 14, 2023

    Let us be honest

    1) What TPLF is saying the skirmish between Abiy’s military campaign and Amhara is to to LIQUIDATE EACH OTHER from the surface of Ethiopia.!!!

    2) The consequence of which is so obvious that repeating it here makes it the languages of the foolish.

    3) Poor Ethiopia. It’s glory , as an ancient independent country in the World, turn out to be the ashes of the 21st Century.

    4) And that will be its closing page of its admirable history. THE END

    Post Script
    If the Honorable President Abiy Ahmed proceeds with his ‘campaign’ it will be — without a doubt — the end of him in Ethiopia — and possibly ————— Dear Reader: please finish the sentence, as you wish .


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