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UK government sends delegation to Tigray 

UK delegates pose for picture with TPLF leaders in Mekelle, Tigray region of Ethiopia. (Photo : courtesy of UK Embassy in Addis Ababa0


Sarah Montgomery, UK Special Envoy for the Red Sea & Horn of Africa, on Wednesday led a delegation to Tigray where they met with Getachew Reda, a TPLF figure who is currently serving as interim president of the region. 

Darren Welch, UK Ambassador to Ethiopia, was part of the delegation to Tigray region.

The purpose of the trip to Tigray, from the Twitter messages the diplomats shared, was to meet the African Union monitoring and evaluation team. 

The embassy said, “The UK supports all efforts to implement sustainable peace in all regions of Ethiopia.” 

Getachew Reda confirmed that he held a discussion with the U.K. government delegation. Among the issues discussed is the implementation of the agreement. 

Darren Welch, announced new funding from the UK government. According to the Ethiopian Reporter the fund will “support the African Union’s Monitoring Verification and Compliance Mechanism (AU MVCM) team monitoring implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement aimed at ending conflict in northern Ethiopia,” which the U.K. ambassador reposted from the Twitter handle of the Embassy.

In his personal account, the Ambassador said “Protection of civilians and accountability for human rights abuses are critical for peace in Ethiopia.

 On Thursday, he said that the UK government is partnering with the United Nations Human Rights  “to fund work investigating human rights violations and abuses committed during the northern conflict.” 

 “It was great to be in Tigray, Ethiopia, to meet with the AU Monitoring and Verification Team, and hear first-hand how this funding will contribute to sustainable peace for the people of Northern Ethiopia,”  he tweeted. 

He met with Ethiopia’s Federal Police Commissioner, Demelash Gebremichael, earlier this week before heading to the Tigray region  with whom he discussed “peace and security for Ethiopians across the country.” 

The British government is believed to be one of the strong allies and patrons of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and has played a leading role, along with the United States, in making rapprochement between Abiy Ahmed’s party and the TPLF, who were at war for two years,possible. 

From the diplomatic and political campaigns of the UK government during the Ethiopian government war against the TPLF, the revival of the TPLF as a political force, after suffering recurring military defeats, seem to be to a great extent linked to the British and the U.S. government. political and diplomatic leverage at the international stage. 

The United States sees the Wolkait area as part of Tigray – a position that the UK seems to support. The implementation of the Pretoria agreement, which is believed to have ended the two years war, is apparently seen as a tool to restore Wolkait and Raya areas – and these are areas that the TPLF annexed by military force in 1991 and later “legitimized” it with a “constitutional provision.” 


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  1. Subject: “UK government sends delegation to Tigray ” August 10, 2023

    a. A Black African Observer would have been happy to be involved in the affairs of Black African.
    b). And it would have been natural with pride
    c). But then, our Black African Continent was NEVER free from colonial powers. NEVER
    d). And so our Black Africa will remain attached to foreign colonial powers — who have been addicted to the natural
    Richness of the African Continent.
    e). Dear AFRICANS : Take it with grace , and do what you ought to do, for your own Beloved Africa and Thyself.

  2. “The United States sees the Wolkait area as part of Tigray – a position that the UK seems to support.”. I think the truth is better reflected by saying, “The United States and UK plan to incorporate Wolkait into their sphere of influence – be it a direct colony, a neo-colonial territory or whatever.” Their concern is not for Tigrayans, an Ethiopian people who already have rightful claim to the land as Ethiopian citizens. The BilTabilTi ferenji are trying to create a disputed territory that they can end up ‘administering’ in someway.
    Gedel Gibu new mebal yallebachew.

  3. Good job by the U.K. This is a sign that peace has finally arrived in that troubled and devastated region. Ask those two ruffians in Moscow and Beijing to top that. The criminal fugitive in Moscow is busy killing toddlers and the elderly in Ukraine on one hand and hustling poor nations to buy his AK47’s, T72’s and SU29’s on the other. The other despot in Beijing is so busy harassing a small democratic island while stealing precious metals from poor African nations using his thieves he specially trained just for this purpose. Boy, do I have utter contempt for commies and their byproducts!!!


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