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The Ethiopian government claims victory over Fano forces in Amhara region 

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After a week-long intensive armed clash between the volunteer Fano group and members of the Ethiopian Defense Force in several cities in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian government body that is in charge of implementing the state of emergency legislation on Thursday said that it has restored normalcy in the Amhara region.

It made claims that it “took measure” on armed rebels after the latter  rejected calls “to lay down arms.” The statement the command post issued indicated that the measures taken so far are the culmination of what it calls the first phase of the state of emergency measures. 

The statement from the Command Post called the Fano Movement in the Amhara region, which has evidently garnered extensive popular  support in the region due to ruthless operation and massacre of ethnic Amhara in different parts of Ethiopia, as a group engaged in “robbery” and “destruction.”

It further said that the group was “given an opportunity to surrender and lay down arms”  but it “did not use it and measure was taken.” What the government said connotes that Ethiopian Defense Force has annihilated the Fano in Bahir Dar, Gondar, Shewa Robit, Lalibela, and other towns in Gojam. 

On the other hand, Ethiopian news outlets based in the diaspora, like Anchor Media, cited local residents in the Amhara region to report that Fano armed group made a strategic retreat after Ethiopian Defense Forces shelled cities with heavy weaponry. As many as 3000 civilians were reportedly massacred in Bahir Dar alone – according to the source but no other sources confirmed it. Similar ruthless massacres of civilians are reported in Gondar, Debre Berhan, Shewa Robit and Lalibela – among other areas. 

The Ethiopian government did not disclose the number of casualties – from civilians, Fano rebels or the Ethiopian Defense Force.   

In its statement, the Command Post further said that it has arrested 14 people in the capital Addis Ababa and it might continue to do so and make it public if necessary. 

It is to be recalled that about 4000 residents of Addis Ababa, mostly ethnic Amhara, were arrested in Addis Ababa a day after the Ethiopian government announced a state of emergency regulation last week in connection with the Fano armed movement in the Amhara region. 

Restrictions on motorbikes and bajaja (three-wheel vehicles) will remain in place while other city transport services are resuming service – it added. The return of public transport service providers as of Thursday is a mandatory one. 

The Command Post also said that Ethiopian Airlines will resume service to Gondar and Bahir Dar starting – Thursday. It was suspended last week following the clash between Fano and Ethiopian Defense Force. 

It said that it has ordered businesses and other public service-providing organizations to resume service as of Thursday, August 10, 2023.  The directive will apply to Bahir Dar, Gondar, Debre Berhan, Debre Markos, Shewa Robit, and Lalibela. 

The Command Post, whose director used to be the head of the Amhara region, has imposed a curfew in many of the cities mentioned above and will remain in place until August 22, 2023. No vehicles or movement of people are allowed to move after 7 p.m. local time. 

Demonstrations and public gatherings are outlawed across cities in the Amhara region and  no timeline is indicated for it. 

It also banned carrying firearms. The only exceptions to it are law enforcement bodies. 

Reports from local sources say the magnitude of massacre of civilians in the Amhara region is unprecedented since the Fascist Italy war on Ethiopia during the second world war. However, the story is not verified by independent sources. 

The Ethiopian government shutdown internet and data service in the Amhara region about a week or so before it introduced a state of emergency. Contacting local residents by phone directly has become difficult. 

Since Abiy Ahmed came to power in 2018, tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara have been massacred mainly in the Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz regions of Ethiopia. Now the massacre is shifting to the Amhara region itself. 

The Ethiopian  government made extensive military and political mobilizations for the military campaign in the Amhara region under the guise of implementing the state of emergency. Regional states were made to issue a statement supporting the military campaign. 

After the infantry of the Ethiopian Defense Force reportedly suffered defeat, the government had to dispatch several rounds of the “republican guard” and reports indicate that Ethiopian Airlines planes were used to fly them to Bahir Dar – which was in a way the center of gravity in the recent development. 


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  1. If normalcy has returned to the region it is good news. I wish someone will sit down with who said victory has been achieved militarily and tell him to stop bragging about it as if it was against a foreign enemy. It is my conviction that it is the result of the tireless effort of the level head elders. That is where I have all my bets. So tell this man to stop flopping his loose lips bragging about victory this and victory that. If the death of 3,000 innocent citizens is true I call upon the ICC at The Hague to issue arrest warrants for those who gave the orders. Human life is not like a worn out spare tire that you can discard at your convenience. Again if this news of massacre of innocent citizens can be amply corroborated then ICC should go after the perpetrators and bus their sorry asses to jail. But my friends have been telling me about certain media outlets here among us that they are what is called ‘yellow’ journalism. They strive on bloodletting situation like this reporting untrue and exaggerated news to the public to garner more subscribing audience. I just can’t imagine how such individuals go home and sleep well every night. No conscience at all? That is Ethiopian. Not at all!!!

    • All members of the radical Fanno diaspora in the USA, including Atto Abebe Belew, a journalist, Dr. Yonas Biru, Habtamu Ayalew, the employees of Ethio 360, ESAT, etc., and individuals like these men, should be held liable for the widespread murder of unarmed civilians in the Amhara region. They both encourage and finance murders. Abebe Belew is shown openly and explicitly ordering the murder of authorities on his own YouTube channel.
      ጦርነትን በሚሰብኩ ፥የሌላው ብሔር አባላት ማለቅ አለባቸው ሲሉ በድፍረት የሚናገሩ ጀኖሳይደሮች አማራ ተጨፈጨፈ ተረሸነ፥አገዛዙ ንፁሓንን እየገደለ ስለሆነ ዓለም ይወቀዉ ሲሉ የማስመሰል እና በሕዝባቸው ሕይወት ላይ ማላገጥ የማይቀፋቸው አረመኔዎች ስለመሆናቸው እያሳዩ ነው፤፤ያለቀው አልቆ አራት ኪሎ እንገባለን ብለው የጀመሩን እነርሱ ፋኖዎቹ እና ፊሽካ ነፊቹ ሆምቤዝድ ጀነራሎቹ እንደ ሻለቃ ዳዊት፥ ሀብታሙ አያሌው ያሉቱ ናቸው፥፥ህፃናትን ጨምሮ ንፁሓን ዜጎች የጦርነት ሰለባ እንደሚሆኑ በቅርብ ጊዜ በሀገሪቱ ውስጥ በተፈጠረው አስከፊ ታሪክ እየታየ ጦርነትን በራሳቸው ህዝብ ካወጁ በሗላ አማራ ተጨፈጨፈ ማለት ልግጫ መሆኑን አምነው ለሥልጣን ለዝርፊያ በአማራ ላይ ያጁትን ጦርነት ያቁሙ ችግሮቻቸውን በጠረጴዛ ይፍቱ ፤፤ለመሆኑ ተዋግታቹ ነፃ አውጡኝ ሲል ውክልና የሰጠ አማራ የለም፥ ለዝርፊያ ለበቀል የተሰበሰበ ፥ዓላማ የለሽ አውራ የሌላው መነሻ ና መድረሻውን የማያውቅ ስብስብ እንጂ፥፥

      • You wrote: Abebe Belew is shown openly and explicitly ordering the murder of authorities on his own YouTube channel.

        If that man said that urging the assassination of government officials that must be brought to the FBI’s attention. No matter how we may see it, Ethiopia and USA are friends united in the war against terrorism. To call for murders against officials of a friendly nation is against the law and a serious crime. The law is right there in the Neutrality Act. We can differ in the politics of things with officials but that should not escalate into calling for the physical elimination of those we disagree with. I don’t agree with some of the policies and opinions of the regime there but the farthest I can go would be to ask the officials to resign or the parliament to remove them. I have not reached at that conclusion yet given the chaotic status of that country. That may leave the situation wide open for bigots to come in and carve out a territory to call it their ‘Independent Republic’ and personal fiefdom. These ‘republic’ dreamers know fishing in a disturbed water results in a big catch.

        • የተከበሩ አቶ ኢቱ ፋርዳ (የቦርከና ሚዲያ ደንበኛ ) የአቤ ቶኪቾን ሃቅ እና ሳቅ ሚዲያን ይመልከቱ ተዚያ የተገለጠው ሃሳብን ከሚዲያው ካለው ይዘት ጋር ያነፃፅሩት፤፤ የአበበ በለዉ የጥፋት የዕልቂት ፕሮፖዛሎች ምን እንደሚመስሉ ከራሱ ሚዲያ ከተወሰዱ ንጝሮችን ያያሉ ፤፤

          • Please let’s keep our conversation in English so I will understand everything you wrote or even worse not misunderstand you altogether.

            I’ve a man of peace all my adult life. I crave peace, stability and harmony for that country which we still hold very dear to our hearts. I long for the day when communistic zero sum policy/ideology is totally, effectively and permanently discarded and replaced by compromise and accommodation. I dream of that day every minute of my life on this good earth.

      • Thank you for the list of names in your comment. Since I read your comment I did some research and located their channels on YouTube. They have sizeable/impressive paid subscribers which means they are getting fat checks from that. 180,000, 70,000, 240,000, 540,000, 660,000 are the numbers of paid subscribers to these so-called news channels. It is upsetting to find out that there are some who never held regular jobs but living ultra luxurious lives by peddling news of bloodshed and sermons of hatred to gullible and easily aroused audience. What such messengers of death and destruction do to grow and maintain their source of income is fanning the flames of war from their safe and comfy homes here among us, the Diaspora.

        My advice to those who subscribe to these con artists is this. I understand your anger. I understand how you still love that country which produced us all. I also understand your wish and uncompromising conviction that our old country shall live forever as the gem and inspiration of the colored. I’m 100% with you on that. These smart alecks are taking advantage of your patriotism you inherited from our fathers and ancestors by nudging and poking at your vulnerable emotion. They have been feasting on your raw emotion. You have to wake up to these Iago’s of modern times.

        These are thinly veiled bigots. They used to open their big mouths with ‘Down With Woyane’ before 2018 not because of the oppressive policies of the then regime but because they harbor this deadly hatred for the noble people of Tigray. Now they blabber their mouths with ‘Oromummaa’ this and that just because they have this deep seated contempt for my noble people of Oromos. They mumble with ‘Neftegna’ this and ‘Settlers’ that just because they have this diabolical hatred to our noble people of Amharas. I can tell you this with 100% certainty. If peace and stability descends on that country, these connivers will be left with out income and become unemployed overnight. That is why they work 24-7 and every day of the week to pitch one group of people on another. These are well read individuals. They know peace and stability are the ultimate pink slip to their easy gravy vernacular employment and they have to use every device in their demonic book to maintain war and destruction. They send their children to schools and extra curricular activities here but they urge the youth in that country to take up arms and kill that Amhara, Oromo and Tigre in his sight. These are some of those devils that escaped from hell. These are demons of the third kind. Cancel your paid subscription and shame them. That is my brotherly/fatherly advice.

  2. Who trusts a single word coming out of this crumbling regime? Should we quote the history books about every tyrant that has used his military to massacre countless uprisings, requests for democracy, cry for freedom and representative government?

    1905 Bloody Sunday in St Petersburg, Russia where an estimated up to 50,000 demonstrators flushed with 10,000 soldiers of the Imperial guard resulted in the deaths of some 300 demonstrators and arrest of over 6,000. This did not prevent Tsar Nicholas II from being executed by a firing squad, unfortunate as it was with his entire family.

    Recent history of Iraq and Libya should have been a lesson to the neophyte in office, the despot abiy ahmed.

    Look at his trajectory, he has lost the popular support of most of his supporters, His economy is in tatters. He has zero credibility with the international community.

    His entire pp regional party has been rejected in all Amhara provinces. He is attempting to administer these areas under military command posts. What a laughable loser.

    የተከበሩት ጠ/ሚ ዶ/ር : ፖስተር 7ኛ ጨ አምስት አመት ሙሉ እኮ ማስተዳደር የተሳነዎት መድሎዎዊ በመሆንዎ የፍርድን ሚዛን የሚያጣምሙ ፍርደ ገምድል : በዘረኝነት በሽታና የበታችነት ስሜት ውስጥ ተውጠው ለእውነትና ለፍትህ ስላልቆሙ : ለዙፋኖው እና ስልጣን መንበርዎ ሲሉ ህፃናትን አዋቂ ትንሽ ትልቅ ሽማግሌ ሳይሉ ሁሉን ከመጨፍጨፍ ከማሳደድ የማይቆጠቡ ቡኩን ፍጡር ስለሆኑ እኮ ለሌሎች በተለይም ለአለም ማቀፉ ማህበረሰብ ቁልጭ ብሎ የሚታይ እውነታ ነው:: አልታደል ብለው ዙሪያዎን ከበዎት ያሉት ለከርሳቸው እርሶ ጌታቸው እንደውሻ ከሚወረውሩላቸው አጥንትና ፍርፋሪ መላቀቅ የማይችሉ የአእምሮና ስነምግባር ድኩማን ጋር ሌትተቀን በመታጀብዎ ነው::

    ግርማዊ ቀዳማዊ ኃይለስላሴ የኢትዮጵያ ንጉሰ ነገስት እንኳ ሆነው እንደነ ራስ እምሩ የነበሩ የህሊና አማካሪ የነበራቸው: ከእርሱዎም ሆነ እጠገብዎ ከተሰበሰቡት ሊቀ ደናቁርትና ጥራዝ ነጠቅ መሃይማን ስንት እሺ እጥፍ የተማሩ ባለሟሎቿቸውን (technocrats) እንድ ስመጥሩው ጠ/ሚ አክሊሉ ሃብተወልድ( የህግና ኢኮኖሚክስ expert Graduate of Sorbonne) እንደነ ዶር ምናሴ ሃይሌ ( የህግ እና ኢኮኖሚክስ real doctorate degree holder, graduate of Columbia Law School and University of Wisconsin) ያሉትን ምክር የሚጠይቁ መሪ ህዝባቸውን እንደርስዎና ስነምግባር ቢስ የበሰበሰ የካድሬ ስብስብ ሳያንቋሽ ሹ በሰገንት ወጥተው ሲናገሩ የምንወደው ህዝባችን ብለው የሚናገሩ ትልቅ መሪ ነበሩ:: ” ለህዝቤ ምን ምላሽ ልውሰድለት” ብለው በጄኔቫ የተናገሩትን ልብ ይበሉ::

    አብዛኛው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ መርቆ ይቅናዎት ብሎ እኮ ነበር ስልጣን ላይ የወጡት:: ይቅርታ ለምነው ህዝቡን ተማፅነው ነበር እኮ የስልጣን ኮርቻ ላይ የተፈናጠጡት:: ተረሳሽ ወይ የምትለውን የመሃሙድን ሙዚቃ ያዳምጧት::

    Tyranny always ends up in the gutter. Despots final destination is the gulags or the Ethiopian equivalent ( በድንጋይ መፍለጥ ያሸበረቀች አለም በቃኝ ወይንም ልክ እንደክራቫት የምትታሰረዋ እና አምባ ገኖኖችን ጠበቅ ጥብቅብቅ አድርጋ የምታጠብቀዋ ርቅቅ ያለቸው የህግና ፍትህ አንገት ገመድ ማለትም የፋሺስቶች ክራቫት::

  3. The Eritrean trained and armed Amhara forces and insurgents are inflicting heavy losses on the Oromo dominated government army and capturing weapons and ammunition. The government should protest the Eritrean intervention and bring the issue to the UN security council. Eritrea is an isolated dictatorship destabilizing the region and wants to to take control of the fertile Amhara region..The Oromos must demand and demonstrate for the deployment of the superior Tigray forces in Oromia. Oromia is the gift of Tigray to the Oromo people and must be defended.

    • Shut your ass up.
      How exactly is Oromia a gift of Tigray to the Oromo people? Making it seem like you Tigrayans alone turned us from nothing into something.

  4. What we see is a replay of the events that led to Tigray’s war and consequent unresolved state. Tigray was under control in just about 3 weeks. Yet the Ethiopian National Defense Force left Tigray after a year and and a month after a bungled cease fire. What followed after was the most bloody war Ethiopia has known since the Italian invasion. It took another 10 months for the ENDF and countless dead, maimed and raped Ethiopians to “pacify” Tigray and bring the TPLF to the “negotiating table”. What was negotiated was in effect to return to the status quo ante bellum (the situation before the war), with all the TPLF cadre back on the saddle, Eritrea still in its territory, an armed TDF (Tigray Defense Force) operating freely. Any sober minded person is bound to ask: what was the war for if those who provoked and cause so much carnage and destruction on the nation are walking free everywhere? Today, we are about to witness the same thing, perhaps on a grander scale that may bring the end of Ethiopia as we know her. Now it has been declared that all is under control in Amhara, next we will here that Fanno has re-organized, rearmed and expanded even more. Soon after it will take over all Amhara and chase the ENDF shouting and screaming out of Amhara. The ENDF will regroup and will try to re-attack Amhara by recruiting every non-Amhara in Ethiopia to subdue the Amhara region as it pretends to have done in Tigray. But it will not happen because Eritrean forces will not want to be coopted in this new war, and PM Abiy Ahmed may have to go it alone. That will definitely mark the end of Ethiopia as we know her because the ENDF will be so outstretched that every “liberation army” would want to take advantage of the situation and start wars everywhere. Why can’t PM Abiy try the peaceful solution? He has clearly failed spectacularly with Tigray. Amhara Fano have legitimate concerns that need to be addressed, not through violence but through dialogue. Why can’t Abiy Ahmed live up to his Nobel Prize for Peace for once?

  5. Ok Digital Tigraway,

    Tell that to shimeles abdissa, aka sh**face the clown, who once said the following: ሰዎቹ እኮ ማለቃቀስ ልማዳቸው ስለሆነ ዝም ብለው ያልቅሱ ነበር ያለው:: ከሁለት መቶ በላይ ህፃናት እርጉዝ ምስኪን ሴት ወንድ አዛውንት ሽማግሌ ከኖሩበት ከቀያቸው በአማራነታቸው ብቻ ከወለጋ በአንዲት ቀን ሰጨፈጨፉ ሲታረዱ::

    The abiy regime has been given five years to correct course and make amends. Every day he has been creating chaos after chaos, bloodshed after bloodshed. The pp with ably as its chairman allocated budgets and financed pilot studies to divide Ethiopians along ethnicity, religion, tribe, you name it to advance oromumma, whatever that means. abiy attacked the EOTC, the Islamic Faith, two pillars of Ethiopia’s ultra structure. He allowed the massacre of hundreds of thousands non Oromos, and the displacement of tens of millions of non Oromos to advance oromumma.

    He lost his political center and his regime is on life support, with its broken wings doing their last flutter.

    Regimes rise, regimes fall. Nothing new or amazing about this fact.

    abiy came with a popular mandate, he had the support of hundreds of millions domestically and globally. No other politician in recent Ethiopian history had the level of support and goodwill that abiy had at the beginning of his arrival to the political arena.

    Instead of good governance, the establishment of ethics, the ascendancy of the rule of law and the exercise of due process, he chose a governing style by intrigue, secrecy, and ( ተንኮል: ሴራ ሸፍጥ ይሉታል በአማርኛው).

    He gambled; he lost.

    I guarantee you 100%, abiy ahmed ali has written his own legacy with his own hand to read like this:

    Wiki: abiy ahmed ali

    abiy ahmed ali WAS the 2019 Nobel Peace Laureate who came the world stage with unprecedented good will and popular support. His reign was however mired in political chaos, wars and massive displacements that saw the massacre of hundreds of thousands and the displacement of tens of millions. His regime was accused of uncontrollable frauds, embezzlement, corruption, unprecedented human abuse and trampling of human rights and ended in total failure.

    The person who contributed to this legacy is nobody else but abiy.

  6. Who do you think is gaining from all this war? oromuma. After the annihilation of tigray and Amhara, who is there to challenge the womb-spearing ferocious oromo warriors..sine the last 500 years, this has been the story. abiy is not interested in keeping Amhara in the nation – rather in pauperizing it to dust level (as if the poverty of the Amhara farmer is not enough – compared to oromo or south farmer). So we should not go for another round of war with the or-pp ENDF simply maintain the status quo until the international community intervenes…meanwjile the massacre of innocents continues…..OMG

  7. Why does the Amara Supremacy Resurrection Zombie Club [Amhara Popular Front, aka የአማራ ሕዝባዊ ግንባር, aka ‘Fanno’] antagonize Amaras with ALL other 85 Ethiopian ethnics? Watch Major Dawit Wolde-Giorgis:

    Take’s word for Ethiopia’s & Amara’s population estimate for 2023: (i). Ethiopia: 116,462,712; (ii). Amara: 24.1% [≈28,067,514]. Bear with me:

    In a 2019 interview on Walta TV, Christian T. [አ.ብ.ን.] said, “Over 15 million Amaras live in Oromo Zone [OZ].” COMPARE: No Oromo lives in the Amara Zone [AZ]. Even if we leave the Amaras at the 2019 count, it means more Amaras live in OZ than in AZ.

    Remember that over 3 million Amaras live in Addis and top that up with the number of Amaras living in the other Zones. In effect, it leaves less than 10 million Amaras in AZ.

    Problematic Wollega is <20% of OZ and the Amaras there are 98% of Amaras in the rest part of Oz live in peace & harmony. Recall that ኦነግ ሸኔ kills/loots/displaces Oromos all over OZ & Wollega Oromos are the hardest hit by ኦነግ ሸኔ!

  8. Sorry! Correction: The last paragraph should read as follows:-

    Problematic Wollega is <20% of OZ and the Amaras there are 98% of Amaras in the rest part of OZ live in peace & harmony. Recall that ኦነግ ሸኔ kills/loots/displaces Oromos all over OZ & Wollega Oromos are the hardest hit by ኦነግ ሸኔ!

    • According to Borkena or its Moderator, <50K Famine-stricken Wolloyes resettled in Wollega by Major Dawit Wolde-Giorgis make 98% of the 15 million Amaras living in the entire Oromo Zone. Do the Simple Math!

      I wrote the last paragraph above as – "Problematic Wollega is <20% of OZ and the Amaras there are 98% of Amaras in the rest part of OZ live in peace & harmony. Recall that ኦነግ ሸኔ kills/loots/displaces Oromos all over OZ & Wollega Oromos are the hardest hit by ኦነግ ሸኔ!”

      NB: Borkena altered it to what you see above and altered the correction also to same! አይ የኢትዮጵያ ሰዎች! What a SHAME!

    • Borkena distorted my original last paragraph as well as the correction I submitted to Borkena’s distorted version!
      Here is Borkena’s Math: <50K Amaras resettled in Wollega make 98% of 15 million Amaras in the Oromo Zone. Hence, this Year's Math Nobel Prize goes to Borkena & its Moderator(s).

      ከእናንተ አይነቱ ጋር – "ኢትዮጵያዊ!" – ከመባል በላይ – ምን – ስድብ እና እርግማን – አለ?

  9. ኢትዮጵያ በተንጋደደ ሃዲድ ላይ ችሎታና ክህሎት በሌለው ሹፌርና ረዳቶቹ የምትነዳ የህዝህ ባቡር

    Whether anyone likes to admit it, pp and abiy’s 15 seconds of fame is up. Look at abiy ahmed, look at his face, he knows the end is not too far. Every macro and micro economics indicators show massive inflation, unprecedented and hitherto unseen currency devaluation of the Ethiopian birr.

    2018 before abiy
    1) $1 = 22 birr bank rate, about 26 birr parallel market
    2) 1 quintal tiff= 2000 birr
    3) 1 kg beef= 125birr
    4) 1 loaf of bread = 1 birr 50 cents

    2023 on abiy’s watch

    1) $1 = 58 birr bank rate, about 107 parallel market. THIS IS A SHOCKING -150% DEVALUATION OF THE BIRR!!!!
    2) 1 quintal Teflon= 10,000 birr. THIS IS A 500% PRICE RISE.
    3) 1 kg beef= 800 birr. THIS IS OVER 600 % PRICE HIKE.
    4) 1 loaf of bread= 6 birr. THIS IS 400% PRICE RISE,

    QUESTION: Are Ethiopians doing better today than they were doing 5 years ago????

    Answer is CLEARLY NO!!!!!

    On top of all this abiy is an ideologue.An ideologue is ለአንድ ጭፍን አላማ ወይ አስተሳሰብ ወይንም ርዕዮተ አለም ህሊናውን የሸጠ ወይንም አእምሮውን ባሪያ ያደረግ በስሜት እንጂ በአመክንዮ ወይንም logic የማይመራ ግዕዙ ፍጡር ማለት ነው::

    ሰውየው ያለእውቀት ያለችሎታ በትዕቢትና ድንቁርና ተሞልቶ የሚነዳት ባቡር ውስጥ 120 ሚሊዮን ተሳፋሪዎችአሉ:: በፉርጎው ውስጥ ያሉ ሰዎች አይናቸው እያያ የአሁኑ ሹፌር ተብየውና የቀድሞው ሹፌር ተብየዎች እኔ ነኝ መሪውን የምጨብጠው አይ የለም እኔ ነኝ በሚል የጉረኞች አተካራ በሚሊዮን የሚቆጠሩ ተሳፋሪዎች አልቀዋል:: ተሳፋሪዎቹ ሃዲዱን መንገዱን አርቀው ሲመለክቱ ባቡር እየተንገጫገጭ ሃዲዱን እየሳተ አይናቸው እያያ ገደል እየገቡ ስልሆነ ሌላ አነዳድ የሚያውቅ: ልምድ ችሎታ ያለው ሹፌር ይንዳው እያሉ ነው::

  10. Why did the ‘Moderator’ alter the last paragraph above & its correction? That’s STUPID! That’s EXACTLY why I AVOID ANY contact with ANYONE from Ethiopia BECAUSE MOST ARE OF SUCH DIRTY MINDS! You always hide behind a façade!

    Problematic Wollega is <20% of OZ and the Amaras there are 98% of Amaras in the rest part of OZ live in peace & harmony. Recall that ኦነግ ሸኔ kills/loots/displaces Oromos all over OZ & Wollega Oromos are the hardest hit by ኦነግ ሸኔ!

  11. So, you are hacking? Why did the ‘Moderator’ alter the last paragraph above & its correction? That’s STUPID! That’s EXACTLY why I AVOID ANY contact with ANYONE from Ethiopia BECAUSE MOST ARE OF SUCH DIRTY MINDS! You always hide behind some ethnic façade!

    Problematic Wollega is <20% of OZ and the Amaras there are 98% of Amaras in the rest part of OZ live in peace & harmony. Recall that ኦነግ ሸኔ kills/loots/displaces Oromos all over OZ & Wollega Oromos are the hardest hit by ኦነግ ሸኔ!

  12. Sorry for Wollega! Major Dawit Wolde-Giorgis settled some 50k famine-stricken Wolloye’s there and Borkena’s Moderator wants to portay that as making 98% of the over 15 million Amaras in Oromo Zone! These are Canada-Educated Dummies!

    I wonder what they could have done to Ethiopia had they had anything better than a 50 cent website like this!

  13. You blocked me Borkena! No surprises! You would lose some cents from Internet pPan Handling!

    Sorry for Wollega! Major Dawit Wolde-Giorgis settled some 50k famine-stricken Wolloye’s there and Borkena’s Moderator wants to portay that as making 98% of the over 15 million Amaras in Oromo Zone! These are Canada-Educated Dummies!

    I wonder what they could have done to Ethiopia had they had anything better than a 50 cent website like this!

  14. Price(ss)/የጠቅል አሽከር/Dejazmach/Grazmach/Kegnazmach/Fitawrari/Fanno/etc.,

    During the White Supremacist West [WSW]-backed Haile-Selassie’s Feudal Monarchy [HSFM], ≈100 gram Shewa Bakery bread was ≈10¢. It was a give-away price, wasn’t it?

    So, I still wonder why the “Bread for the Hungry” riots & the Wollo Famine brought down your WSW-backed HSFM. Are you HSFMs Dumb or Cruel or What? Does this “ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ!”ሲሉ… “የረሃብን ጉንፋን ሲስሉ…” Famine-Appeal Song ring any bell?

    What puzzles me the MOST is this: How come NONE of the HSFM or its lackeys lacked an iota of commonsense to airdrop ≈10¢ bread packs for starving millions of Wolloyés? [I asked Prince Wossen-Seged Mekonen this very same question in Alem-Bekagn Prison]

    Abiy & Ethiopia’s Economy: Isn’t it your WSW Patrons who drastically devalued Birr from 1USD:10 Birr to 1USD:140 Birr? When Ethiopia refused that, the WSW’s Proxies flooded the black market at ≥140 Birr rate to Plunge Ethiopia’s Economy in to Free Fall!

    PS: These were concurrent to your WSW’s Assault on the Ethiopian Economy: drought, locust, IDPs, COVID, WSW’s Proxy Wars [TPLF/ኦነግ ሸኔ/etc.], etc. Weren’t they? Yet, despite all that and against all odds, Abiy KEPT ETHIOPIA AFLOAT! He did his best!


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