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Parliamentarian under police custody files “habeas corpus” petition

Christian Tadele

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Officials who are under police custody filed a “habeas corpus” petition to the Federal First Instance Court. 

Christian Tadele, member of parliament, and Kassa Teshager (Dr.) member of Addis Ababa City Council filed the petition through their lawyers. The Federal Court  to whom the petition was submitted ordered the Federal Police to appear the next day with a written response.

The two lawyers of Christian and Dr. Kassa filed their petition on Tuesday 08 August 2023 stating that the Federal police “detained their clients without trial” since late last week. The attorneys, Henok Aklilu and Solomon Gezahegn, briefed the court on the manner in which their clients, people’s representatives, were held by the police.

Dr. Kassa Teshager

The single page petition of Christian Tadele states that the defendant, member of the House of People’s Representatives, was “beaten” and arrested  from his home last week by the Federal Police Criminal Investigation Bureau. Dr. Kassa Teshager was arrested by the Federal Police at about 6:00 pm midnight on the same day. It is stated in the complaint that both are now under custody at the same place. The Federal Police arrested both individuals “for questioning or investigation”, the petition indicates.

Christian Tadele, who entered parliament representing the opposition National Movement of Amhara (NaMA), has been granted immunity by the Constitution, which declares that any member of the council who commits a serious crime shall not be arrested without the consent of the council. “Unless he is arrested red-handed, he will not be charged with a crime”.

Dr. Kassa, member of Prosperity Party of Addis Ababa City Council also has the same immunity rights stipulated in the City Charter, which was issued under the auspices of the House of Peoples Representatives. The document contains the same provision as the Constitution

By referring to these rights stipulated in the constitution and the charter, the lawyers forwarded their complaints saying that  though  realising the immunity rights  of the defendants, the federal police detained them.

The two lawyers who said that their clients have “unfairly” been detained, requested the hearing that “the petitioners in prison be granted an order that their liberty be respected and released from prison without any prior conditions. The Federal First Instance Court has ordered the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Federal Police Commission to submit its comments on the complaints in writing the next day. 


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  1. Let this family go! What was the clear and present danger this legislator posed for him to be roughed up and taken prisoner before his immunity was vacated? Was he in the process of detonating a nuclear bomb? Is that country becoming a lawless frontier territory or what? Is every one in the law enforcement there is becoming Wyatt Earp now? If they are allowed to go rogue as such then it is a matter of time before they shoot it out among themselves in a ‘gunfight at The O.K. Corral. Leave his case to the current parliament and let his colleagues decide his fate.

  2. The heinous crimes committed by Christian Tadele and all radical Fanno diasporas, including Abebe Belew, Dr Yonas Biru, Habtamu Ayalew, Ethio 360 staff, ESAT etc., are being exposed on YouTube and social media.

    Could you, Mr. Ittu Aba Farda, resist the urge to aid these murderers by asking the administrators of YouTube and all social media platforms to take down all the murderous videos created by Christian Tadele, Abebe Belew, Dere News, Ethiopian artists and musicians, etc.? Anyhow, every Ethiopian home already has the recordings of their statements advocating genocide. Everybody’s life is valuable, not only him , one of freeloaders from the Ethiopian parliament.

    It is possible for someone to be either a genocidal member or naïve when defending a murderer. Fortunately, you have grown out of your salad days of ignorance.

    ———————– Fannos MUST Stop War on Amharas———————————


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