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Ethiopian government forces shelling Gondar, historical heritage in the city at risk 

Gondar Castle at risk _ Ethiopian war


The battle between Fano forces and Ethiopian Defense Force still raging in Bahir Dar and  Gonder – among many other clashes. according to sources. 

Government is deploying heavy weaponry  in the clash with FANO in urban centers the result of which is said to be devastating. 

A report from BBC Amharic cited hospital sources to report that civilians have been killed in Bahir Dar and Gondar. Local news sources indicated that in Bahir Dar couples were killed in what is supposed to mean an intimidating action on the part of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s regime. Some sources put the death toll in Bahir Dar to 20 but the Ethiopian government did not remark about it.

Women and elders are affected by conflict. The youngest victim is said to be about five months old.

Apart from the loss of civilian lives , Ethiopia’s 16th century Castle – one of the main historical tourist attractions in the country generating hard currency – is targeted by government soldiers.  A FANO combatant told Anchor Media over the phone that the Castle was directly targeted and has sustained damage from shelling by government forces. However, the informant didn’t specify the exact nature of the damage. 

A source who identified himself as a Fano combatant told Anchor media that the Defense Force is getting reinforcement from the region’s anti-riot force and anti-guerrilla division. On the other hand volunteers from other areas are heading to Gondar to support the fano forces.

No other sources reported about the attack on the Gondar castle. State owned media outlets are not covering the battle between the FANO and government and about the damage it resulted in. 

BBC Amharic cited residents of Bahir Dar to report that there was heavy gunfire in kebele 14, 15 and 16 on Monday night which lasted until Tuesday early morning. Government forces were shelling Bahir Dar city as well but again the extent of the damage is unspecified. 

Battle for control of the airport was a heavy one. But Abiy Ahmed’s government forces have managed to retain control over it, according to sources. 

BBC Amharic cited The Associated Press to report that military planes were seen in Bahir Dar and water supply in the city was stopped. 

Civilian death toll from the clash is said to be high in number but hospital sources did not specify figures. 

In addition to Gondar and Bahir Dar, there are reports of civilian deaths in Debre Berhan, which is only about 130 kilometers north of Addis Ababa, and  Shewa Robit. 

In Debre Birhan a drone was deployed and it is unclear if the civilian death in Debre Birhan was from drone attack. 

Ethiopian Airlines has suspended flights to many of the cities in the Amhara region including Kombolcha. 

Calls for peaceful resolution of the conflict are heard louder from civic organizations. On Tuesday, the National Dialogue Commission called for peace. On the other hand the ruling prosperity party seems to be focused on the war in the Amhara region while intensifying the propaganda war on social media for which it is believed to spend hundreds of millions of birr. 

What many Ethiopians see as a grievance driven and movement to reverse existential threat against Amhara is portrayed as a movement of robbers whose goal is to disintegrate Ethiopia.  Fano is the very force that supported the Ethiopian Defense Force during the war against the TPLF. 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is increasingly seen as a tool for the western power, has avoided talking about the conflict to the media or the public. 


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  1. Fannos must put down their arms and strive to resolve their differences through a series of negotiations to save the lives of innocent civilians and infrastructure before it is too late. It is not too late now to save priceless lives!

  2. Popular Oromo politicians and activists are grateful to Tigray because Oromia is the gift of Tigray to the Oromo people. Among these are professor Gabissa, journalist Tsedale Lemma, Dr. Tsegaye Ararsa, professor Jalata and many others. Oromummaa is a nation building process and the sole right of the Oromo people. In the current conflict, the Eritrean trained and armed Amhara forces are likely to defeat the Oromo dominated army of the federal government and threaten Oromia. The effective and safest way to defend Oromia is for the Oromos to demand and pressurize the government to formally request and legalize the deployment of Tigray forces in the region.

    • Shut your ass up. Warmongering fool. How is Oromia a gift from Tigray to the Oromos? You make it seem like you created Oromos or as some of your former military leaders said, “we made Oromos into humans”. You only call on Oromos now that your tplf is defeated and disgraced. Keep the same energy you had towards us when Meles was still alive and in power. We know and remember your supremacist ways and attitudes.

  3. I am calling on the government there to stop shelling targets in Amhara region immediately. I will be holding the regime primarily responsible for any loss of lives and destruction of property. At the same time I call upon the leaders of the armed groups to stop all actions of war and work toward a peaceful resolution. Both sides should learn what such senseless armed conflict had brought upon the region and people of Tigray. It is going to be a photo copy except the number of casualties will be many folds. I can’t even start to imagine the number of young people losing lives or maimed in this stupid conflict. It is going to be in millions. I also ask every government official to avoid any remark that may irritate the people and armed groups in Amhara region especially regional officials like Shimelis. This man has a history of moving his jaws just to be seen as a heroic advocate. I remember him telling The US government to stop sending pest infested wheat when US threatened with sanctions on officials there. He put it in a way that ‘take your pest eaten wheat and shove it’. That was not called for because it was US wheat that saved millions of lives during the 1984 famine and several such calamities since then. Some one at a higher level should straighten him out and teach him a thing or two about wise leadership. He should be told to avoid irritating terms like ‘neftegnas, oppressors etc.’ in his public utterances. None of the current generation bearsthe responsibility for what happened during the generation before them.

    Again this senseless conflict must stop now. I call upon the US special envoy H.E. Mike Powers to use his good office to help bring this fighting to an abrupt stop.

    Finally if the regime there now believes it is muscled up and no one will have a chance I want to remind them that that was what all your predecessors thought. That was what Mengistu thought after he gobbled up more than 500,000 of those he thought were his enemies. That was what his successors thought after they seemed to be unchallenged bully of the neighborhood. Some of them even went to the distant to give themselves a new race classification as pure ‘gold’ race. Where are they now? Just Don’t let that fact escapes you! Ethiopia has a unique way of showing the door to those in charge who believe in their muscles than their Allah gifted brain.

    Peace y’all!!!!

  4. If the regime continues on the paths of war and destruction I call upon all democratic nations to impose sanctions on every smart aleck brute in the leadership role of that country making sure innocent citizens will not suffer from it. I also call on ICC court and its persecuting attorneys to issue arrest warrants for every human blood craving official in a leadership and decision making position. These niggers have refused to learn from the recent bloody and senseless mayhem. Damn, damn, damn, damn you stubborn niggers!!! Issue arrest warrants and chase their sorry asses around until they are caught.

    This is for my very dear Amhara brothers and sisters. You know me by now that I have nothing but love for you and every one from that blessed country which produced Bilal and Mary Magdalene who saved the two major religions. From the bottom of my heart I believe there was a blessed reason why our Good Lord put us together in that gem of the colored. He had instructed us to live in peace and harmony. I am calling on you to do everything in your connections and capacity to calm down the agitated youth in that region. With every loss of human life I feel like I have lost one of my own children. I cry in spirit with their grieving mothers and love ones. You have to stay away from any utterances that will fan the flames of a raging fire. There are some among you just like in my own community who are trying to profit from this predicament. They are like those con artist contracts who try to take advantage of you during and aftermath of a destructive weather. Shut them off. Shame them! I’m with you on that one. I also call upon the dear editors of this esteemed to do everything in their capacity to help this senseless war come to an abrupt end. This bloodshed has to stop and stop now!!!

    Blessings to you and your families!!!

    • Make that:

      They are like those con artist contractors who try to take advantage of you during and aftermath of a destructive weather. Shut them off. Shame them! I’m with you on that one. I also call upon the dear editors of this esteemed website to do everything in their capacity to help this senseless war come to an abrupt end.

  5. Subject: ” Ethiopian government forces shelling Gondar, historical heritage in the city at risk” August 8, 2023

    “Ethiopian government forces shelling Gondar” ?!?!
    1) It is so shocking one can not help repeating: Ethiopian government forces shelling Gondar !?!??
    2) It sounds outright madness !!!!!! Why shell Gondar ?!?
    3) One can’t help asking: Who is the enemy? GONDAR OR ” FANO ”
    4) I am really at a loss
    5) In that case, wouldn’t one be FORCED to conclude that the present government of Ethiopia is outright LUNATIC.?????
    6) In that absurdity, sane Ethiopians must take drastic action immediately and save GONDAR THE END


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