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Gunfire heard in Bahir Dar, city still under government forces 

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Bahir Dar City ( Photo : Social Media )


On Friday, two hand grenades exploded in Bahir Dar city but there was no reported casualty. 

Today,  DW Amharic reported that there was gunfire in the city. Gunfire was heard for most of the day.  Roads and basic service providers in the city remained closed- the source added.  There is no transportation service – especially in the afternoon. 

The new development in the city seems to be a reaction to the decision from the Federal Council of Ministers – which imposed a six months long state of emergency in the Amhara region – starting Friday August 4. 

A fano member who spoke to Anchor Media on Saturday said FANO attacked a Federal Police position near Tis Abay. From the report,  about 40 members of the Federal police were posted near the power station. Ten of them are said to have been killed in the ensuing exchange of fire.  Causality of the part of Fano is unspecified. 

The same informant told Anchor Media that fano forces are in control of five entrances to Bahir Dar – seat of the Amhara regional state.  

Other local media outlets in Ethiopia said there were exchanges of gunfire in the Gondar and Shewa Robit area. 

The Ethiopian government did not release details of its recent deployment of defense forces in the region and its results. 

In a statement released on Saturday, the Ethiopian government accused FANO of making war a “means of livelihood,” and of lacking  interest in peace. 

He also claimed that efforts to steer “these forces” to a peaceful path failed. 

The narrative from the Amhara region is different. It is evident that FANO has emerged as a popular movement in the region.  

Unceasing attacks on the Amhara and plots, on the part of Abiy Ahmed’s  ruling party, to further weaken the Amhara region which created an existential threat for ethnic Amhara are cited as one of the causes for FANO resistance to disarm. 

The Post Pretoria political alliance between the TPLF and Abiy Ahmed force – which appeared to be brokered – or dictated – by the United States and its allice another factor that is alarming people in the Amhara region. It is in these circumstances that FANO appears to rise to the task of defending Amhara and beyond. 


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  1. Stop killing non-Amhara in your region!!Stop killing Amhara people for you to enter Menilik Palace; instead, come to the table! Stop killing non-Amhara in your region!!Stop killing Amhara people for you to enter Menilik Palace; instead, come to the table!

    Stop the war in the Amhara region! Fanno needs to stop the violence against any non-Amhara ethnic members. You can’t say, “” Fanno needs to occupy Arat Killo,” and at times claim that Amhara is under attack and genocide.

    Does Amhara become a target of genocide as of November 3, 2022, the date on which a peace agreement was signed in Pretoria, South Africa, between the TPLF and PP? How funny do you want this argument of radical Fanno narration to be? You, all Amhara within and outside Ethiopia, were fervently supporting the cause of the Prosperity Party without questioning and, in the end, found yourselves riddled with regret.

    Our people, family, and brothers and sisters should not be the military targets of ENDF and Fanno in order to bestow power and wealth on a few demagogue Fanno leaders.

    Ordinary people don’t need this, and hospitable and welcoming Amhara farmers don’t need this deadly and destructive war either! Stop, stop, stop, and come and sit around the table and resolve your deal there!
    We will never support Fanno, which will cause the deaths of millions, and we will not support the massacre of Amhara or any other ethnic members in order to help radical Fanno leaders accede to power and control Arat Killo.

    Fanno has to stop killing Oromos and all non-Amahara ethnic members on account of their political views and ethnicity.

    Fanno has notified itself as a mass murderer, robber, and traitor, anti-Christian (killing children,  priests, and burning churches), and no one has to stand along with this radical terrorist group! Gullible innocent Amhara youth, farmers, and religious leaders have to stop and come to their senses and remove their relationship ! If Amhara people die in this war, the only responsible group has to be Fanno. Because the Amhara region was not invaded or attacked by any foreign or local forces until Fanno waged war on non-Amhara people to occupy power! There is no law or moral philosophy justifying the death of one group and promoting the accession to power of another group!

    Rogue , cannibal fannos , Stop killing Amhara people for you to enter Menilik Palace; instead, come to the table!! If you insist on occupying Arat Killo, do not say “”Amhara have been subjected to genocide”, as you are the only reason for this!

    Stop killing non-Amhara in your region!!

  2. Subject: “Gunfire heard in Bahir Dar, city still under government forces ” borkena, August 5, 2023

    Humble Commentary, 7 May 2023
    1. There is not doubtfull that Ethiopians will destroy Ethiopia !!!

    2. It is the saddest classical age of diminishing thyself.

    3. Ethiopians will do that with gusto!!!

    4. To use the French saying: “C’est la Vie ” to Ethiopia

    5. And, smilingly, Ethiopians are full of gusto to destroy their own precious Ethiopia.!!!!!

    6. What a sight !!!! What a curse.!!!! What a tragedy .

    7. It will be historical phenomenon where an independent free country is liquidate by ITS OWN SELF, with no civilized

    ——- THE END ———-


  3. No more war please. STOP WAR. No one wants war not even Amhara. We need to develop our economy not fight one another. If we can’t live in peace together then we should dissolve Ethiopia and go our separate ways. FANO is fighting for it’s self not the people of Amhara. Abiy fought the told and is fighting OLA to say he is anti Amhara is a lie.


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