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Four command centers formed in the Amhara region


News update from Anchor Media, U.S. based Ethiopian Digital Media, reported that four command centers are formed in the Amhara region. They are to be based in Debre Birhan, Finote Selam, Dessie and Gondar.

Deputy Chief of Staff Abebaw Ayalew is to lead the Command Post. It is also reported that the Council of Ministers reached an agreement to declare a state of Emergency. Theoretically, the Ethiopian Parliament has to approve it before it is implemented.

Anchor media also said that the FANO movement is gaining momentum in the region. The Defense Force move to take control of Gondar is halted, according to Anchor media. Forces were deployed from Chilga. The military base nearby is vacated, the source added.

The effort to control areas in Gojjam was not a success either. The source added that there are reports that the FANO movement called on the Ethiopian Defense Force officials with intentions to hold talks, the result of which is undisclosed.

Mesfin Aman- Amsterdam based Ethiopian politician, activists and analyst, says the Ethiopian Defense Force was deployed to the Amhara region for about four months now.

Reflecting on the FANO movement, he said the movement in the Amhara region has reached maturity and that it could have implications for the rest of Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, the council of ministers have passed a unanimous decision to impose a state of emergency in the Amhara region as the FANO movement is controlling towns after towns in the region. It is said to be in a close distance to control Bahir Dar  – seat of the regional state. Senior authorities have reportedly fled to Addis Ababa. 

Video : embedded from Anchor Media youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video.

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