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Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice says government’s inexpedient approach is costing Defence Force unnecessary sacrifices

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – August 03, 2023 (BORKENA) – Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (ECSJ) said in a statement it released last Monday in connection with the current situation that the decision made by the government to dissolve regional special forces being not implemented consistently in all regions and its slovenly way of communication have exposed the defence force to an unnecessary sacrifice and further attacks.

“The unwise approach of the government is making the defence forces pay an unnecessary sacrifice. As it has been done in other regions in the past few months, the political game of labelling the national defence forces as enemies and fighting against it has been intensified in the Amhara region,” the party announced in a statement.

ECSJ states that at present the Ethiopian Defence Forces is being attacked from two sides. On the one hand the attack comes from the arrogance and debauchery of the government officials and on the other hand from the side of ethnic-based militants.

The government’s unclear political line, quarrels and squabbles among party leadership, the desire to achieve political goals, the use of the defence army for political interests other than the purpose for which it was established, and the obsession of playing a negative role so that the army does not act by respecting its institutional and professional independence and protect the country. All these have become common trends nowadays, the party said.

Failure of the defence force to arrive in areas with security problems, leaking information regarding its deployment and exposing the army for a surprise attack by armed elements. These are instances to show how the defence force is made to pay unnecessary sacrifice, according to ECSJ.    

The party urged the government to refrain from decisions, political debates, quarrels and corruption that would hinder the defence forces from achieving public goals.

ECSJ requested the government to design and implement a short and long-term plan to resolve differences peacefully and give due attention to public grievances on abuses and threats and ensure the peace and security of the innocent citizens by giving the proper responses immediately.

The party recalled the Ethiopians who were organised as Fano and conquered the colonial invaders and handed over a free country. The posterity that inherited the bravery of their forefathers were also organized under the name Fano, and especially, they defeated the terrorist invasion of the TPLF at the front, and proved their advocacy of the country in action, and buried in the same pit with the members of the national defence army for a noble cause.

However, ECSJ said in a statement that starting from a few days’ back, members of the defence forces and militants organised under the name Fano are fighting each other.

The party further said that this unfortunate situation is not only caused by the negligence of the government, it should also be taken into account the move taken to portray the defence army as the advocate of a caste and a party. On the other hand, assuming that Fano is the only protector of the rights of one caste and making the defence army to become vulnerable to attack by this structure should be taken into account, the party said in its statement.

ECSJ said that organising armed and guerrilla warfare in the name of protecting the rights of society will be nothing but gaining national losses.

“The history of our country testifies and we have also observed about the ethnic-based armed groups in Eritrea, Tigray, Oromia, Somalia, Gambella, Benishangul-Gumz and in the southern areas have had no role other than creating social animosity, abusing the people and deepening the racist politics,” the party said adding that there would not be different solution if others go the same way. 


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