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Defense Force warns “Character assassination must stop.” 

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Colonel Getnet Adane, Defense Force Director of the Public Relations Directorate (Photo : PD)


The Ethiopian Defense Force on Tuesday said what it calls character assassination on the nation’s defender must stop. Apparently, the defense force was responding to the allegations in connection with its operation in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.  

Colonel Getenet Adane, Director of the Public Relations Directorate in the Defense Force,  said the Defense Force is accomplishing the mission it is given by the Ethiopian People and the government. 

While stating that the Defense Force honors the call for armed groups in the Amhara and Oromia regions of Ethiopia, it is taking action on the terrorist Shane group (in the Oromo region) and on the armed group that is operating as Fano in the Amhara region. 

He pointed out that the defense force takes orders from the government which he painted as constitutional practice. 

Regarding the situation in the Amhara region, he said that there are situations “where we observe that the talk in the air is made more huge than what is really happening on the ground.” 

“Although it has been repeatedly stated about FANO by leaders of our institution [the Defense Force), we have observed that the meaning given to it in the media is inaccurate,” he added. 

He hailed FANO as a resource to the nation and one that has a history about which much is said. He highlighted its contribution during the Ethiopian Revolution in 1966, “during the war with Eritrea” and during the recent war with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

What makes FANO similar to the Defense Force is not just its deeds but also its situation that there are entities profiting in its name, he said.  “Just like there are those who use Defense Force uniforms for robbery and to engage in criminal activity, there are those who are using the dignified FANO name, without fighting a single battle, to brag about it on social media,”  Colonel Getenet added. 

“It has to be clear that we will not tolerate anyone who is profiteering in the name of anyone,” he warned. 

About FANO, he said it has been stated, he is recalling the words of the Defense Chief of Staff, that there is no reason to go to war against FANO. 

One the condition armed status of FANO, he said it was not said that FANO, who was armed and fought in the battlefront during the war (with TPLF) should go home bare band if not interested in joining legal and regular structure. But those who are acting in FANO’s name and poisoning themselves as a Heron on social media, let alone fire against the defense force, are not allowed to obstruct the development efforts of a single Kebele. “We will take a measure,” he said, “That is what is happening.” 

The statement Colonel Getnet read out also warned unspecified media groups whom the defense force saw as engaging in hostile activity against the Defense Force. It is a matter of time for him. They will face the Defense Force’s resolve. 

There were recent reports of clashes between FANO and the Defense Force including in Raya, Shewa Robit and Delanta but Colonel Gentnet did not remark on it. 

From citizen reports on social media, the FANO forces are getting popular support in the Amhara region, and there are areas where the defense force mistreated people on alleged grounds of supporting the FANO force. 


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  1. Abiy Ahmed must remove OLF Oromo armed criminals dressed in Federal Army uniforms out of Amhara regions. Absence of Law and order, killing of innocent Amharas, looting ,and abduction is in Oromoia region .

  2. My concern also includes some sort of a different nature. In regards to the current disturbance going on in Amhara region my hope is level heads will prevail and the region will regain peace and stability. My other concern is what will or may happen in the capital that will trigger a political tremor shaking up the whole country as it known today and for worse. You see we the generation of the 1960’s were used to hearing about one change of government after another in the then newly independent countries of Africa. Almost all of them were coup d’é•tat’s usually carried by corporals and 2nd lieutenants. It was like a pandemic spreading like Covid-19 of these days. There were some exceptions like Senegal, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania and Morocco. Majority of those coups were very violent and deadly to the sitting(overthrown) leaders. King Farouq of Egypt was very lucky that his overthrow did not happen in the 1960’s. But most of us used to think coup d’é•tat will never happen to the late emperor. Even though his undoing began with the widespread upheaval but the final straw was a gang of military officers who hauled him away in a Volkswagen Beetle and savagely bludgeoned him to death while in custody. One of my countrymen friends who was in the capital when the late emperor was taken into custody told me many students in the capital including himself took to the streets supporting the action of conniving officers not knowing or foreseeing what was afoot for them at a later date. These days we hear one overthrow of a ruling civilian government after another in that continent with a mysterious military officer appearing on the national TV telling his citizens the leader they elected with hard won voting right is no more. The new sheriff in town tells them ‘L’État, c’est moi’, all roads of governing lead to him! Just bear that in mind.

  3. Character assignation only applies to those, who first and foremost, have CHARACTER!!!!!

  4. “He hailed FANO as a resource to the nation “” funiest phrase

    fanno is enemy of amhara . Killing one person is like killing many people. Why can’t deal with it peacefully and just simply fight against those fight them in battle field ? these people must be eradicated by ENDF?

    They ENDF is OROMO , if ENDF is defending OROMO not Ethiopia. Fanno don’t belong to Ethiopia and must leave all Oromo territory which they call at time ethiopia when they are hallucinating;

    Defeat and agony to Fanno , maybreseytan and fanno bishops and their unholy synod!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. አብይ የዘመናችን ድንቅዬ የኢትዮጵያ መሪና የአፍሪካና የአለም ተስፋ አብይ የዘመናችን ድንቅዬ የኢትዮጵያ መሪና የአፍሪካና የአለም ተስፋ

    “All ethiopian land belong to Oromia and protected by ENDF “

    Where is oromia???? We all know where Gojam, Gonder, Shewa, Harar, etc are. Where’s is this oromia fiction land of oromumma fanatics? In almost 3 plus millennia of Ethiopian History, nobody has heard of oromia- it is a fiction, a utopia, a pipe dream of the tplf instigators and oromumma sycophants.

    Fanno will keep driving the oromumma thugs out of Ethiopia.

    Incidentally, tplf thugs trashed by the abiy regime have no choice but hold candle to their former protege and current master. Now they are irrelevant. Unfortunately, the people living in Tigray have paid with their lives, limbs, sons and daughters and have been betrayed by their tplf leaders.

    ግዜው ብራማ ነበር:: የተከበሩት ጠ/ሚ በኦሮሙማ ጭፍራዎቻቸው ታጅበው: ባማረ ቀይ ምንጣፍ : በዙሪያና ቀኝ በአለም መንግስታት መሪዎች ዙሪያ በሜካፕ ያጌጠ ፊታቸው ላይ በሚታየው ልዩ መለኮታዊ በሚመስለው ገፅታችው: ወደ መድረኩ ወጡና:- ይሄው በአምስት አመታት ውስጥ በልፅገን ብልፅግናን ለዝሆን ማህበረሰባችን አጎናፅፈናል: ብለው ልክ እንደጨረሱ:- ንጉሳችን ሆይ

    ሞ ፒኮክ ዘ እምነ ነገደ በሻሻ ስዩመ ኦሮሙማ አፄ: ዶ/ር: ጠ/ሚ: ፓስተር: ኮሎኔል: ፕሮጄክት ማኔጀር: ችግኝ ተካይ ንጉሰ ነገስት ዘኦሮሚያ አብይ አህመድ አሊ

    ሺህ አመት ንገስልን ሺህ አመት ንገስልን ብለው ሲጮሁ: ይበቃል ይበቃል ይሄም ሲያንሰኝ ነው ብለው እያሉ:-

    የመኝታ ቤታቸው በር ተከፈተ:

    አብይ: አንተ አብይ ተነስ: ሁለት ሰአት ተኩል ላይ ቀስቅሽኝ ብለህ አልነበረም: ተነስ የሚል የሴት ድምፅ ተሰማ::

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