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UN Body says delivering Humanitarian aid to displaced in Wollega unlikely 

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The United Nations’ body for  Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, OCHA, says it is unlikely that it will deliver humanitarian aid for the displaced in the Wollega area of Ethiopia. 

VOA Amharic service this week cited the organization as saying that prevalent security problem especially in East Wollega, Horo Guduru and Kelem Wollega ( all in the Oromia region of Ethiopia) made it difficult to delivery humanitarian aid. 

On the other hand, displaced people (mostly ethnic Amhara) in the above-mentioned areas have been saying that they are in dire situations and need emergency humanitarian aid. 

Relevant Disaster management office in the region has reportedly admitted about the challenge in connection with the security situation in the region. However, it made claims that it has formed a committee – drawn from eight sectors – to work on returning internally displaced people to their places. 

The militant wing of the Oromo Liberation Front – which calls itself as Oromo Liberation Army – has been extensively operating in the region after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed allowed the group to enter Ethiopia (from Eritrea) in 2018 for a peaceful struggle. 

The Oromia regional government and the Federal government have been making claims that OLD-Shane, as they call the armed group, is weakened due to military action taken against it and that it is not in a position to pose a threat. 

Recently, there was a change of tone from the government (both from the Federal and regional government ) in that it is making an effort to resolve the problem through a peaceful dialogue. 

Military activity of the armed group in the Oromia region made movement difficult. News of ransom kidnapping by gunmen related to the armed group have been making news headlines in local media outlets. 


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