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Amhara Region Chief administrator sacks his security chiefs

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Yilkal Kefale, Amhara regional state head (Photo : SM/File)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –  (BORKENA) – Chief administrator of Amhara Regional State fired his security advisor and deputy head of the Regional Peace and Security Bureau. Dr. Yelikal Kefale dismissed the security advisor for allegedly failing to shoulder “his duties and responsibilities”, sources said. 

Ethiopia Insider reported here yesterday that Yelikal sacked the two officials from their respective positions through letters of termination dated 24 July 2023. Security Affairs Advisor of the chief administrator at the level of Deputy Head of the Regional Peace and Security Bureau, Kefale Esubalew and Deputy Bureau Head, Commander Mengesha Awraris, confirmed to Ethiopia Insider that they received the letters of termination.

The Security Bureau Head, Kefale, who was dismissed from his position has reportedly been in the position for about five years. He was appointed during the leadership of the former head of the Amhara Region, Gedu Andargachew. Kefale served as a consultant to five heads of government of the Region over the past years including the current head of state, Dr. Yelikal.

Kefale Esubalew, a security consultant with first and second degrees in sociology and peace and security studies from Addis Ababa University, is one of the people who organised the Amhara Regional security institution, which is currently in operation, it was learnt. The termination letters signed by the Regional Chief Administrator, Dr. Yelikal, read that the officials have been sacked for failing to perform their duties and responsibilities properly.

The outgoing advisor, Kefale told Ethiopia Insider that he had his appraisal report from his party with good performance execution. But the decision coming from the president is unexpected, according to him. Asked if there is any connection with the current security situation of the region, the ex-security advisor said that “though this is not the time”, there are things which he would explain later on.

The Chief Administrator of the Region said at the meeting of the Amhara Regional Council held last week that the recent security problems in the Amhara region had an “influence” on the “social and economic activity” of the State.  The deputy head of the Peace and Security Bureau of the Region, Commander Mengesha,   who was relieved of his duties also told Ethiopia Insider that the decision was unexpected. The commander said that he was “on duty of assignment” on the day of his dismissal. He said that he was not told the reason why he was fired.

Commander Mengesha was appointed as the Deputy Head of the Peace and Security Bureau of the Amhara Region by the former Head of State, Temesgen Tiruneh. Before the outgoing Deputy Head was appointed to this position, he served as Public Relations Director and Human Development Director with the Police Commission of Amhara Region. Commander Mengesha, who worked at the Peace and Security Office for about three years and four months, has served in the security structure of the Region for a total of 20 years.

Ethiopia Insider requested the President Office of the Amhara Regional State for further information regarding the dismissal of the two officials. But the office said that “it has reached no letter” of such kind and refrained from giving a detailed explanation. It is to be recalled that following the measure taken to assign members of Amhara Special Force to other security structures, there has occurred security disruption in various parts of the region.


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