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TPLF military leader says 55,000 forces demobilized

TPLF _ Tadesse _ Demobilization
Tadesse Worede ( Public Domain)


Tadesse Worede, leader of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces during the two years war against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Federal government, and who is now serving as Tigray region’s peace and security office, said about 55,000 forces were demobilized and reintegrated to the society. 

Fana, one of Ethiopia’s state media, quoted him as saying “In accordance with Pretoria Peace Agreement, [ which theoretically ended the war between TPLF and the Federal government ] over 55,000 troops were seen off with honors to reintegrate with the society.” 

He said that demonstrates the readiness on the part of the people of Tigray for durable peace. 

His claim came at a time when local sources are reporting the TPLF is reorganizing forces and even undertaking conscription to launch another round of war with the aim to take Wolkait and Raya by force. 

TPLF, and Tadesse Worede is said to be one of the influential figures in the Organization, is also accused of orchestrating the breaking away of four Archbishops in Tigray from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Holy Synod and establishing their own ethnic Tigray Patriarchate. 

It means that they have taken control of all the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Churches in the Tigray region. The Ethiopian Church last week issued a statement calling the action illegal and has also called for the Federal government and the regional government in Tigray to enforce law and facilitate a dialogue with the renegade Archbishops.   

There are noticeable fears that war could break out again.

As many as 1 million Ethiopians are believed to be killed during the two years war between the TPLF and the Federal government. The Federal government mobilized all regions of Ethiopia for a military response when the TPLF launched an unexpected attack on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force in November 2020. 


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  1. Excellent news! What a break for agonized mothers. Enough for the youth being taught how to master AK47’s and kill/maim fellow youth from outside his region. Keep demobilizing more former rebels. Keep up with the good job, brother!!!

  2. If true, good for the agreed upon terms and for the country but one should take grain of or haslve doubts about its truthfulness . As an old dictum goes, leopard never changes its colors as the political MO of the TPLF group is well known for it. Abye and his clueless coteries and cadres could care less either about the veracity of that claim . It is only convirent marriage of their dog-eats political mentality for time being Theiy are willing to do nothing short of their cycle of revenge to settle scores with each other in t next destructive wars in the earlist opportunity for another violence episode.

  3. Subject: “TPLF military leader says 55,000 forces demobilized” borkena, July 26, 2023

    Humble Opinion, 26 July 2023
    When a country is controlled by individuals — hungry for power — there is no peace and tranquility in any country.
    It does not matter the extent of hunger for power —even if they have Doctor of Philosophy Degrees from any Institutions around the Globe. For sure, relatively illiterate individuals are hungry for totally blind power in the governance of any country. For some mysterious reason, our dear Black Africa seems to be a natural perfect place for the cruel and ugly phenomenon. Take it or leave it. WE BLACK AFRICANS ARE STUCK, SEEMINGLY FOR EVER. Please, prove me wrong


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