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Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission says it protected 7 billion birr embezzlement 

Ethiopia Ethics and Anti Corruption
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Addis Ababa City Administration Ethics and Anti-Corruption office on Wednesday said that it has protected about seven billion birr worth of wealth from embezzlement during the ending fiscal year. 

Assefa Tola, the Deputy Commissioner, told the Ethiopian Press Agency that there was “an extensive anti-corruption struggle in Addis Ababa city,”  during the Ethiopian 2015 budget year (2022-2023 G.C). The result was that, based on his claims, 7 billion worth of public and government assets was protected from embezzlement.

It was further said that about thirty studies have been conducted during the ending budget year in institutions that were identified as vulnerable to corruption. Law enforcement institutions are among those identified as vulnerable to corruption. 

The report indicated the existence of extensive tenancy and practices of corruption in land administration,  vital event registration agency, government procurement, educational credentials, and Kebele housing offices. 

Gaps in ethnic practices in those agencies are said to have been reported to the government so that they will get lasting solutions. 

Ethiopia’s Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, a body that is believed to be leading the campaign against corruption in the country, said it has received over 3,811 tips (including from district levels) during the fiscal year, and that 2,751 authorities were held accountable. 

The commission further claimed that it partnered and coordinated with entities with corruption-prevention capacities to protect six billion birr worth of public assets. The Emergency Anti-Corruption Division within the Commission protected one billion worth of public funds. 

240,681 square meters of land were recovered and transferred to the land bank during the same year. 

The commission also made claims that the campaign to create awareness among citizens to contain corruption practices has been given attention and that a lot has been done in that direction.  

A consultation has been organized with professionals from the media on ways of fighting corruption and an agreement was reached. However, it was unspecified which media institutions were involved in that regard.  

There was also consultation with religious organizations, members of the community, activists, and educational institutions, according to the report from state-owned media – Ethiopian Press Enterprise.  

Corruption became a serious problem in Ethiopia after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) took power in 1991 and has been worsening since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018. 


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  1. Humble Comment
    QUOTE: ” Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission says it protected 7 billion birr embezzlement
    July 26, 2023″ UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary
    Admirable Action.
    But let us be very very very frank and honest
    It is a good guess by ALL that this is only, and the only, minor beginning.
    The REALITY must be accepted that for sure Dear Ethiopia is infested by “CORRUPTION”
    It will take dedication and long effort to clean dear and ancient ETHIOPIA.
    Good Luck


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