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Federal, Oromia region, Tigray regional states working to disintegrate Orthodox Church – says Enat Party

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Enat, Party, Ethiopian opposition party on Monday issued a statement accusing the Federal government, Oromia regional state and the Tigray regional state of working to disintegrate the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC).

The party said the above-mentioned government entities are making overt and covert activities to disintegrate the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. It called it “unforgivable.” 

Citing the contribution of the Ethiopian Church for Ethiopia as a country, Enat party said the government has been imposing an ethnic-politics-based structure on the church by way of clandestinely supporting groups working to divide the church along ethnic lines.

The church known for preaching peace and unity is now facing challenges from politically motivated groups who are getting support from the government, it was said. 

Enat party said that it strongly believes that an attack on faith institutions is part of the plot to disintegrate Ethiopia and condemns it vehemently. 

The party also highlighted the effort the Ethiopian Church has been making, by way of making a call for peace and discussion, to resolve differences with Archbishops in the Tigray region who declared  “Menbere Selama” – to create an ethnic  Tigray patriarchate.  It also cited the “Nations and Nationalities Synod,” which was attempted in the Oromia region with tacit and over-support of the government as an example to demonstrate that the government is plotting to disintegrate the Ethiopian Church. 

In January 2023, three Bishops, with apparent support from the Oromia regional state and partly from the Federal government itself, declared that they broke away from the Holy Synod with the intention to establish a “nations and nationalities synod” in Oromia Holy Synod and Patriarchate. To that end, they appointed dozens of episcopates.  Their move was resisted by followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. However, the government deployed security forces and attacked members of the church who stood first to defend the unity of the church by protecting church premises from being overtaken by groups that the Ethiopian Church excommunicated and condemned as illegal. 

Last week, four archbishops in the Tigray region of Ethiopia announced they have elected ten new episcopates, in violation of established canons of the Ethiopian Church, and the “elected episcopate” were ordained in Axum St. Mary Church. The pretext for the decision was that the “Ethiopian Church” ignored them during the war between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Federal government. The Ethiopian church refuted the claim while making efforts to meet with the archbishops with the aim to hold a discussion.   A delegation under His Holiness Abune Mathias was turned down in Mekelle as the archbishops declined to meet them. 

Enat party called on the Federal government and Tigray region transitional government to take measures to reverse the “march to destruction” 

Called on the Holy Synod to devise means to resolve the problem and defend the sovereignty of the church. 

it also called on followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church to refrain from taking unconstructive actions 


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  1. Look, the imbecile seated at the helm thinks he is larger than life. In reality, he is less than dust, just an annoying, over-bloated, over-inflated egomaniac, surrounded by sycophants and toadies.

    The persecution of the early Christians, the saints and martyrs of early Christendom, the story of Saint Hripsime (ቅድስት አርሴማ), the persecution years of Emperor Diocletian and on and on, are topics for followers of the Orthodox faith.

    Since the impostor has claimed to be pastor of the Protestants as well, maybe it beehives him to focus more on the era of Martin Luther, his split from the Roman Catholic Church and branching off back in the 15th century.

    የእርጎ ዝንብ ስልሆንኩ ጥልቅ: ጥልቅ የምል:
    እዚህም እዚያ ገብቼ እላላሁ ላማስል::
    ጥራዝ ነጠቅ እንዳልባል ሰው ፊት ተጋልጨ
    ይሄው እሸፋፍናለሁ ሃቁን ስለሰባተኛ ጨ::

  2. Mahibre Seytan, also known as the Enat Anat Party, is once more crying for the outbreak of violence in the name of a single synod and patriarch. You can’t compel someone to join your demonic organization and take control of its finances; you’re a mafia who wants to pillage every region and every parish church under the guise of one church; etc.

    If you adhere to the concept of one church and one synod, you ought to have put an end to violence against Oromo and Tigray people who belonged to your one church, one synod. Without members, the church cannot exist. Please refrain from trying to preach to us because you are misusing the Bible to advance your personal commercial interests. All those who are crying along with you are either naive individuals or those whose financial interests and sources are in jeopardy as a result of Tegaru’s exit from your satanic, evil synod. It is vital and required that political leaders reconcile because their conditions, norms, and principles cannot be the same as those of religious leaders.

    Dismiss warmonger bishops, monks, and priests who do not want to repent and who covertly approach and misapply biblical verses and canonical laws to further their economic interest. Church leaders are not required by any doctrinal or biblical principles to work with those who worship Satan and are unwilling to repent. You are not devout Christians but mafia members, con artists, and blasphemers instead.
    ወተፈሣሕነ ፡ ህየንተ ፡ መዋዕል ፡ ዘኣሕመምከነ ፤ ወህየንተ ፡ ዐመት ፡ እንተ ፡ ርኢናሃ ፡ ለእኪት (Geʿez ፺:፩፭)
    14 በማለዳ ምሕረትህን እንጠግባለን፤ በዘመናችን ሁሉ ደስ ይለናል ሐሤትም እናደርጋለን።
    15 መከራ ባሳየኸን ዘመን ፈንታ፥ ክፉም ባየንባቸው ዘመኖች ፋንታ ደስ ይለናል።(መዝሙረ ዳዊት 90:14:15)
    Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us,
    for as many years as we have seen trouble.(Psalm 90:15)

    No one needs mahibreseytan and fanno bishops and those who resemble them in their sinful act within the holy Axumite menbere Selama . It is not about politics or anything that you are trying to make it look like but about defending genuine religious tenets and Divine convenant handed down to us from our forefathers.
    We will not allow a traitor, genocidal, American bishop like abba Petros to dictate to us what to do and what not to do. When he obtained a foreign, US, citizenship, he pledged to possess weapons-bear arms .He shouldn’t defile the Christian Holy Cross with his hands full of the blood of innocent Tegaru, kids, priests, nuns, etc.

    Abba Petros gave big yes when asked “”To bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; and To perform noncombatant service in the U.S. armed forces when required by the law. [1]””
    ———————————–A Law Went Forth From Zion(ህግ ይወፅዕ እም ፅዮን)———————————————————————

    • TPLF cadre is mad the truth is coming out in the end. Since the coming power of TPLF our church has been kept under bondage by TPLF communists. Now is the restoration time for EOTC so TPLF cadres are not needed anymore.

  3. Subject: “Federal, Oromia region, Tigray regional states working to disintegrate Orthodox Church – says Enat Party,
    borkena.com, July 24, 2023

    Humble Comment,

    Dear Readers: Please help me about the story of children who build artificial mud- houses , but only to destroy them at the end of the game. I know I did it in my childhood days.
    Ah unlucky Ethiopia!!! It is a house to be destroyed at the end of the game.
    Mature Ethiopians will be occupied building and destroying like immature innocents children.
    Post script
    If you don’t like the narration, you know what to do. Thank you for your understanding.


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