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Ethiopia: curfew introduced in Gambella region 

Gambella regional state cabinet meeting to deliberate on the security situation in the region, July 19, 2023. (Photo : Public Domain)


Gambella region communication secretariat on Wednesday announced that a curfew is introduced in consideration of the security situation in the region.

The region’s members of the cabinet held an emergency meeting this evening (local time) and they have reached an agreement to impose a curfew effective today, it was said.

It is in effect between the hours of 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. local time.   Movement of people and vehicles is restricted during this time. The only exception is security personnel who are on duty.

It also said that no one is allowed to carry a firearm except security forces assigned on duty. 

The statement from the secretariat also indicated that government officials or others who are involved in creating a security problem in the country will be investigated and held accountable.

The regional government also called on residents in the region to observe restrictions introduced to ensure peace and security in the region. 

Meanwhile, the regional cabinet passed a decision for public servants in the region to go back to work starting Thursday.

The Gambella region of Ethiopia has been experiencing a security crisis due to militant groups operating in the region and inter-ethnic violence. There have been recurring killings of civilians in recent times. 


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  1. Steps like this rehab program of former rebels (reported to be more than 375,000) being planned on national and regional basis is one of the ways to woo away the gullible youth that was lied to by bigots to roam aimlessly in the wilderness. This could be a big blow to these smart aleck goons there and those here among us who have been fanning the flames of war from their comfy homes. With average age of that country hovering around 20 yrs old there always be a fodder for rabble rousers of all sorts and hateful individuals and groups. The commies in the 1960’s and 70’s used the easily agitated emotion of the youth to push their satanic verses and in the process over 2 million of them were lost if you include those who were forced to abandon and flee their beloved country. Let me sorted it all out for you and explain why I have had beef with those who deafened those like me with cacophony of ‘liberation’ this and ‘liberation’ that. They tell me the resources of the region I am from have never been allowed to benefit people like me and they are here to put a stop to that. When they tell me that I am like ‘Who does this idiot think I am? Does he think I’m that stupid? I may look stupid to his numb brain but I am not dumb’. What he really means is once he and his entourage carve away a region with the blood of the gullible youth and call it a ‘liberated’ republic, all the natural resources of the ‘liberated’ republic will belong to him and his inner circle cabals. Then if you complain about it you wouldn’t know what has just hit you. Poof, you’re gone. Don’t start with me about these connivers. Please don’t!!! Nuff said for now.


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