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Ethiopian church revealed gov’t intervention in the appointment of the episcopate 

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His Grace Abune Abraham, head of the administration at the Patriarchate, making remarks after the ordination of nine episcopates (photo : screenshot from EOTC Media video)


The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church this past Sunday ordained nine new bishops – of which at least seven of them are assigned to serve in dioceses across the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

The appointment met with resistance from religious scholars in the church and devout followers of the church. There was also a debate within the Holy Synod, according to the head of the administration in the Patriarchate at Arat Kilo, His Grace Abune Abraham, who spoke about the decision to ordain the new episcopates. 

He made it clear that the appointments and ordinations are not in line with the canons of the Ethiopian Church tradition. From what he said, it was rather a matter of expediency ( a political one due to government policy). 

It was noted that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made a recommendation for the Ethiopian Church Holy Synod to ordain new bishops for the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

Prime Minister Abiy painted himself as a “peace broker” when three Archbishops, members of the Holy Synod, broke away from it with the aim to establish the ethnic Oromo patriarchate and appointed dozens of Bishops after clandestinely working on the project with backing from radical ethnic Oromo nationalists some of whom are said to be in senior government positions. 

Shimeles Abdissa, head of the administration in the Oromo region, was rumored to be one of them at the time. When groups organized by the renegade group and the political forces behind them took over churches by force in the Oromia region and broke into churches, they were supported by the security forces. Dozens of followers of the Ethiopian church were killed when attempting to protect the church in places like Shashemene. There were reports at the time that many were killed by gunshot fired by government security forces. 

When the Ethiopian Church threatened to stage a nationwide peaceful protest against what looked like government support to the renegade group, Abiy Ahmed called three members of the Holy Synod and the renegade bishops to Arak Kilo palace in ; and his action was projected as a “mediation.” effort. 

The process gave Abiy Ahmed and radical ethnic Oromo politicians to impose the appointment of seven new bishops to dioceses across the Oromia region. In the process the church canon was violated.  

In a similar development, another renegade group in the Tigray region this week conducted “election” of new episcopates. It announced that it has selected five to serve in the region (And it seems that they are thinking of Tigray rather as an independent state) and five will serve in the diaspora.

The group in Tigray turned down a call for a meeting with His Holiness Abune Mathias (who is himself from the Tigray region of Ethiopia) when the latter led a delegation last week. 

The Ethiopian Church has condemned the move to ordain Bishops in Tigray and has called on the interim government in the region and the Federal government to enforce law and protect the church. 


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  1. Amhara murderous bishops can't talk about the transgression of holy sacraments and canonical laws by non-Amhara bishops; fano bishops are offenders and genociders themselves. Amhara murderous bishops can't talk about the transgression of holy sacraments and canonical laws by non-Amhara bishops; fano bishops are offenders and genociders themselves.

    Abba Abraham, a fano supporter as well as the head of the fano synod that financed a genocide against Oromo and Tigray,made it clear that the appointments and ordinations were not in line with the canons of the satanic tradition adopted by fano bishops. From what he said, it was rather a matter of expediency (a political one due to embarrassment brought to Amhara elites in the church). Amhara bishops don’t want to see an Oromo, Tigrayan, or any other non-Amhara clergy member become a bishop.

    These fanatical, irreligious groups monopolized the church and considered all its riches the private property of one ethnic group. All those who are outside the Amhara circle are uncanonical and undeserved.

    Killers and genociders cannot excommunicate, condemn, or even criticize anyone. They must withdraw the giant speck from their own eyes.

    Imagine a bishop like Abraham stealing more than a million dollars every month and all his cliques emptying the church riches in each and every parish church. And you have orthodox church believers expelled from their shelter and their kids suffering from starvation. And most of the population got displaced, killed, and tortured. Amhara bishops don’t want others to get appointed in order to keep the wealth within their group and control the church, and the parasite Mahibreseytan does the same thing.

    Criminals playing religious cards They are not concerned about the canonical laws or the church or whatever, but they are screaming because they are power-hungry, money-minded, unethical beings.

    Did they help even their own people? No. They keep on begging in the name of poor people and orphans for decades,admit  only the children of rich families within the church’s orphanage organizations, and send their families and those who bribed them overseas. Everyone must bribe them or establish business ties with them in order to get promoted or achieve something. Beyond these means of success, you need to talk to their concubines in order to have them intercede for you and obtain a job within the church. Almost all amhara bishopos have concubines, whom they identify as solely exercising the profession of a steward or maid servant, hired to cook, wash clothes, and do the house chores, but in reality a concubine.

  2. The Fano and other Amhara forces are claiming victory over the Oromo dominated Abiy forces in Amhara region. This is how the Eritrean dictator is destabilizing the region and playing the role of king maker. The re-organized Tigray defence force (TDF) will intervene if the Eritrea-Amhara forces advance and threaten Oromia. Oromia is the gift of Tigray to the Oromo people and the TDF has a historical responsibility to defend it.


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