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Ethiopian PM tells green legacy project participants “You have made history”

A woman carrying her child and a seedling to be planted in this year’s tree planting campaign, July 17, 2023 (Photo : public domain)


Ethiopian on Monday launched another round of tree planting campaigns across the country. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed claimed that the campaign broke its own record. More than 566,971,600 seedlings were planted across Ethiopia in one day – according to information from the Office of the Prime Minister. 

The Prime Minister made a speech and he said that the number of trees that are planted during the dare is “georeferenced” and he said he got the information from “the situation room.”  

Furthermore, it was said that as many as 34 million people from all walks of life including members of the diplomatic community in the capital Addis Ababa took part in the campaign. 

The information released from the office of the prime minister further indicated that -302,000 hectares of land is now covered with tree seedlings. 

According to a report by ENA, state media, more than nine thousand places were prepared for the tree planting campaign. 

tree planting _ green legacy
Ethiopian PM Abiy is seen planting a tree. Apparently security arrangement is made (Photo : public domain)

“You have made history. Those of you who came out accepting the call to break your own records by planting 500 million trees deserve gratitude. You have made green history. You wrote green history,” the PM minister wrote on his Facebook page in Amharic and Oromo language.  

The Prime Minister seized the opportunity to talk about politics – particularly emphasized disputes over land without mentioning it by name. 

“We should not allow people to die because of land hereafter,” he said. He started talking about it by describing the situation as “there is a case that is not closed.”  

It was apparent that he was particularly talking about Wolkait and Raya – lands that are now being administered within the Amhara region after 30 years of control by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).  TPLF incorporated the areas as parts of Tigray after taking power, with support from the United States and its allies, in 1991. 


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  1. Such campaign and work should be unanimously commended and encouraged. That country has been denuded of its forest at an alarming pace. Mountains, hills and valleys that were covered with thick forests are now laid bare due to mainly deforestation by the population itself. People there have been multiplying like worms and they have to chop down every tree in sight to feed their families. Add erratic rainfall and frequent drought to that then you have the perfect recipe for desertification. This replanting effort/campaign will contribute to the rejuvenation of the lost vegetation. Kudos!!!

  2. RE: Ittu Aba Farda:

    MY Dear Ittu Aba Farda (notice, I called you ‘MY’ dear) without even knowing who you are (you could be woman, man, group of people, African, European, Asian, or others, or mix race or even ‘AI’) – whatever/whoever you are, I really don’t care about it BUT I cared about what you have been posting for a long time on ‘’ about the current/past affairs about a country called ‘Ethiopia’ with simple, attractive, readable, not boring, comical and well crafted and understood English language skill (if I may say so). Today, I decided to say something about you/your postings. In fact, I don’t need to know who you are but I can say this with confidence, I have always, here & there, enjoyed your seasoned, systematic as well as educational comments about Ethiopia. Your optimistic approach to the enormous challenges Ethiopia faces is very commendable, life giving and it’s not naive or foolish but it is experience based and most importantly practical.
    In my opinion, Ethiopia would be the most beautiful and livable place if Ethiopians figure out, learn from history and must identify, magnify and celebrate the vast common identities (backgrounds) exists among over 80 tribes while recognize, respect and celebrate their little differences.
    Please continue your wonderful insights despite discouraging events. I am sure there are lots of people like me read your comments day after day.
    I like ‘’ website for so many reasons about the current affairs of Ethiopia.

    With lots of respect!!!!


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