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Kobo : Reported exchange of fire between Defense Force, FANO 

Residents in Raya Kobo has been organizing peaceful protests to assert that they are ethnic Amhara and do not want to be under the Tigray region ( Photo : public domain)

At least three civilians are reported dead 


Barely a day after the Ethiopian Defense Chief of Staff, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, said that the Defense Force does not have any agenda against FANO,  during a speech in Jimma, an incident involving a clash between FANO and the Defense Force occurred in North Ethiopia

On Wednesday, there was a reported exchange of fire between the Ethiopian Defense Force and FANO Kobo, North Wollo. 

Ethiopian Media Services (EMS) contacted individuals from the area to get information about the individuals. 

Semaw Takele, is a representative of Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice (EZEMA) in Woldia, only about thirty kilometers south of Kobo. He confirmed to EMS that there was indeed an exchange of fire between the Defense Force and FANO. 

According to the report, Defense Force members headed to FANO positions in the rural areas and opened fire on FANO. But it only lasted for hours and the defense force members returned to Kobo town where they met with resentment, according to the report. They think that the Defense Force should not go after FANO. 

At least three people are said to be killed in the ensuing clash between the Defense Force and residents. All of the victims are civilians. And one of them is said to be a 15-year-old boy. 

It is noticeable that FANO forces are popular in the region. 

Ethiopia’s government communication affairs Ministry did not remark about the situation at this writing. 


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  1. More than 50,000 fanos killed in Kobo and many artilleries seized and Kobo, Lalibela, Raya and other cities freed.
    Over 39,643 fanos captured and held in cages.
    No longer will there be a backward and outdated tribe like fano in Tigray and a tenkuway, tebtabi ganen gotach in Tigrayan church .

    Agew, Kimant, and Welayita will soon establish their own Holy Synod and ordain their own patriarch like the Menbere Selama Kesatebirhan Orthodox Tewahedi church of Tigray, which was founded by the seed of Martyrs . The fascist Amhara militia and fano massacred countless Chrustians and burned and looted many churches.

    The holy see of the Agew Orthodox Church will be in Lalibela.

    No longer will the Tigrayan Orthodox Church be led by wicked members of the Islamic and satanic bishops of Amhara fano who was sponsored by Turkey and UAE to exterminate Tigrayans.

    Dismantle mahibrekidusan(unholy mafia group) and all amhara bishops must resign

  2. I hope and pray the level heads in the area will prevail and avoid another senseless bloodshed and destruction. I feel for the gullible youth incited by bigots and smart alecks who will lose their Allah created lives. As a father of two wonderful children and grandchildren I feel for the parents of the youth that will be senselessly lost. I hope level head elders will be able to rein in on both sides and let logic prevail. I will be holding of leaders/instigators of all sides and those of you who have been fanning the flames of war from your comfy homes here among us for the loss of lives and property if this wrangling gets out of hand. Enough with bloodshed! Enough, enough, enough!!!!!


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