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Ethiopian Church seeks government intervention to stop illegal ordination in Tigray 

Ethiopian Church _ Tigray _ Ordination
His Holiness Abune Mathias , Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (Photo :SM)


The Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church on Thursday released a statement following two days of the emergency meeting regarding the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Confirming the failure of the intended discussion with the four Archbishops in the Tigray region of Ethiopia due to a lack of interest on the part of the archbishops, the statement indicated what it called illegal ordination is planned to take place in a few days. 

The Holy Synod said that ordination is illegal because it violates articles 37 and 38 of the canons of the Ethiopian Church – one of the oldest churches on earth. 

It also said that it damages the centralization of the church structure and is not in the interest of people in the Tigray region of Ethiopia who went through trying times due to the two years war ( between the Federal government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front – TPLF).

The Four Archbishops in Tigray are making a move to declare an independent ethnic Tigray church because of what they say are grievances in connection with the war.  The now renegade Archbishops accuse the Ethiopian Orthodox Church of failure to reach out to Tigray during the war and express support. There is even a tendency to accuse the Ethiopian church of supporting the war. 

The Ethiopian Church cited the inaccessibility problem, due to the war, as a reason why the Ethiopian Church was unable to reach out to the Tigray region and donated 20 million birr to displaced people. It also said that the Federal government and the TPLF have resolved their problem following the Pretoria agreement. 

The Church underscored that discussion is the way forward and that it had been undertaking efforts in that regard. The latest effort on the part of the church was this week. His Holiness Abune Mathias led a delegation to Mekelle with a plan to meet with Archbishops who are pursuing an agenda of a separate ethnic Tigray Synod in the Tigray region. What happened was dramatic; the Bishops failed to show up to meet with His Holiness and his entourage.  Not just that, His Holiness and accompanying Bishops from the Holy Synod were unable to get into St. Michael Church in Mekele. It was locked. The church tradition is that when a Patriarch visits a church, a religious reception event is organized.  

His Holiness returned to Addis Addis Ababa and the Holy Synod had to call an emergency meeting. Today, it called on the government – the Federal government and the interim regional government in the Tigray region – to enforce the law against the planned illegal ordination. The church also called on the government to support the effort for peace. 

The Ethiopian government and Getachew Reda’s Interim government in Tigray are yet to remark on the call from the Ethiopian Church.  

The situation within the Ethiopian Orthodox Church can not be understood without understanding the political context in the country. For someone who is unfamiliar with the political situation in Ethiopia over the past three decades, it may seem like a power struggle within the church. 

In reality, it is a problem related to ethnic radicalization which the TPLF nurtured as a modus operandi to rule the country. This week a video of an ardent pro-TPLF ( if not TPLF) monk, whose residence is in Australia, was blaming the Amhara people for “not having an ethnic identity and for identifying with Ethiopia.” 

The orchestrated move to weaken the Ethiopian Church did not come as a surprise either. It was rather identified as a strategy by radical ethnic nationalist organizations like the TPLF and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to disintegrate Ethiopia. 


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  1. Amhara gang leaders who are playing religious games are pleading with the government for help and are frantically preparing to launch an attack to block the ordination of holy Fathers in Tigray.

    A herd of fano genocidal bishops considers their own discourse to be superior and holds it to a much higher standard than others. This unholy organization continuously compares and criticizes the standards, deeds, and opinions of others based on its own sinful views, disobeying the traditional criteria, whether religious or secular, for determining what is true and what is untrue. It believes that it is the pinnacle of moral greatness.
    It is a matter of great concern that the holy church are being governed by bishops who are not only corrupted but also a disgrace to their positions.
    Did they ask Abiy to put an end to the fighting in Tigray, Oromia, and other regions of the nation? They are always driven by their need for money, tithes and alms, power, and ethnicity.This despicable, shameful, and contemptible history will not go unrecognized and will be a cause of shame for all Ethiopians, not just for orthodox church followers.
    No amount of well-crafted rhetoric will be able to hide the truth about this dishonorable history.NO ONE will be coerced by a secular governing entity to join a church infested by corrupted,, satan worshippers and powermongers . No Oromo or Tigrayan wants these religious leaders who commit genocide against their own church members .

    Seeking the support of the Prosperity Party thugs , who killed Orthodox church members along with total support from Eritreans, the UAE, Turkey, and Somalia, is the height of irreligion and a clear demonstration of why thisamhara bishop are unfit to govern more than 50 million people. They all mustr resign and locked up along with mahibrekidusan leaders and ring mafia members. Menbereselma shall prevail !!

    • Why don’t you try to see things objectively? Since the coming power of Derg, Governments influence the church leadership but Woyane made it worst because of its tribalist ideology. The current ones moved it to the higher level just because they think they are majority. The fact is faith is blind to ethnicity. Even if the church administration compromises on ethnicity, Oromo is not majority in EOTC.

  2. Even though Tigray has suffered temporary defeats and tremendous losses, its drive for indpendence and statehood is unstoppable. The sacrifices of its citizens are for independence not to keep the corrupt and incompetent TPLF leaders in power.. Free Oromia is the gift of Tigray to the Oromo people.

    • You say “free Oromia is the gift of Tigray to the Oromo people?”

      How can a little over 4 million people give a region to a population and land size 10 times and 5 times, respectively, of itself? That is arrogance! That kind of foolishness led you to believe you can win a war on two fronts, with disastrous consequences. You still believe you could win even though most of your stupid leaders are dead and the wealth they robbed of a nation is in foreign banks for use by the soon dying addict Sebhat and his 11 robber brothers! Shame on you!

      • what are you saying here shabiyawit Abrehet , dikala ahiyawit

        you are leftover abandoned by whales to small fisheseses

        eritreans out of Oromiyaa, land of heros

        OLA shall prevail

  3. Shame shame on u guys in ur anger u cut of ur head which is the Emperor, and have made urselves fools. I hope u all will apply some sensible and come back to the position of reality of the power of the Holy Trinity

  4. QUOTE: “to disintegrate Ethiopia.” UNQUOTE

    Humble Question
    Who will benefit out of disintegrating an ancient country >>> ETHIOPIA.


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