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Eritrean President Isaias, Ethiopian PM Abiy met in Cairo 

Eritrean President meets Abiy Ahmed in Cairo (Photo : Twitter)


Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Wednesday met in Cairo, where leaders from the neighboring countries are discussing the crisis in Sudan. 

Eritrea’s Minister for Information, Yemane Gebremeskel, has confirmed this in a Twitter message. He wrote : 

“President Isaias Afwerki also met, in the evening hours yesterday, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed and held extensive discussions on the crisis in the Sudan.” 

No indication if the two leaders discussed other issues pertaining to regional security in light of  reported mobilization on the part of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) with the intention to start a war in the Wolkait area. 

There have been reports in local media outlets that the relation between Abiy Ahmed and President Isaias has soured. 

Eritrea has not remarked about the reported development in Welkait and the new relation between Abiy Ahmed and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) which appears to be increasingly morphing into a form of political and military alliance.  

On Monday this week, members of IGAD met in Addis Ababa to discuss the conflict in Sudan but Eritrea did not attend.  

Egypt initiated the leader’s summit in Cairo to discuss the war in Sudan and how to stop it. Eritrea is active in the discussion. In a video shared by Eritrea’s Minister for Information, Eritrea’s President Isaias Afeworki is seen speaking in Arabic language at the summit. 

The president described the situation in Sudan as a “quagmire” but warned about the drawbacks of military intervention in the country. 

Yemane Gebremeskel wrote “Pre. Isaias thanked Egypt for its Initiative; reiterated Eritrea’s support to people of Sudan to extricate itself from quagmire; underlined imperative of respecting Sudan’s sovereignty; stressed pitfalls of military intervention; hoped collective efforts will lead to Gate of Safety” 

The Conflict in Sudan is said to have displaced well over 2 million people. An estimated 3000 people are said to have been killed due to the war between the Rapid Support Force and the Sudanese government, according to sources. 


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  1. This is another news that should be considered good. I hope and am sure that these two same people only living in two separate countries have learned enough and lasting lesson that cordial relationship will always have dividends beneficial for both. Kudos to the two leaders for meeting again.

    • Dear Dr. Ittu, please don’t shed too many tears; they mentioned you and you will continue to receive your wheat, dough, or even large sum of bucks as normal because you are working as a mercenary for them. Stay at home; Fano in Minnesota will catch you. The psychophrenic amhara fanos want to include some of American state into the territory of new Amhara republic,

      Amhara republic has no history, not alphabet, now historical heritages, zero statue. Lalibela is built by Agew. Fasiledes castle by Kimant.

      ሁሉአማረሽን ገበያ አታውጧት ይላሉ ፋኖ ያየው ሁሉ የኔነው እያለ ያለቃቅሳል፤፤ፋኖ ዋይታውስ ገብቶ አብሾ ከኪሱ ወድቆ ተገኘ፤፤

    • As usual Ittu Aba Farda. You, with all your commentaries, there is the stench of you being the unofficial spokesman or aplogist for these genocidal rogue presidents or if I were cruder, you sound more like the governmental stooge mouthpiece. I guess you work in one of of Aby’s Twitter account factories…

  2. A trio of dictatorial despots meet while their people suffer. They have done nothng good for the countries they govern all three of them.


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