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Chief of Staff says no agenda for Defence Force to pick a fight with Fano

FM Berhanu Jula Defense Chief of staff
Chief of Staff of the Defense Force, FM Berhanu Jula (Photo : Screenshot from EBC Video)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –  (BORKENA) – Chief of Staff of the Federal Armed Forces, Birhanu Jula, called on members of the Defence Force to advise Fano militia so that they would return to lead a peaceful life with the community. The Field Marshal said that “there is no agenda for the Defence Force to pick a fight with Fano.”

The field Marshal said so on Tuesday in a speech he delivered during the annual celebration of the central command of the army in Jimma Town. EBC, state media, covered the event.

He said that members of the Defence Force enabled the prevalence of tranquillity through peace dialogue they had with militants located in various parts of the country. The Chief of staff touched on the issue of Fano militants in relation to this.

Field Marshal Birhanu said that the Defence Force enabled many members of Fano that are active in Amhara Region to return to the community peacefully.

The option set to “return the members of Fano to a peaceful life” was repulsed by what he called an “extremist force”. This same force had reportedly spread a “propaganda” saying that “they are about to be disarmed”. That was how “Fanos that started shooting at the government came into being”, the Chief of Staff said. 

Field Marshal Birhanu Jula said that thousands of Fano returned to peaceful life following the mediation efforts made by local elderly people and religious fathers.

“We want the rest to follow suit. We don’t want to fight with Fano. We have no agenda to fight with Fano,” he said. The Field Marshal called upon members of the Defence Force to advise Fano members to return to peaceful life; not to serve others as whipping sticks.  

In a similar development, Field Marshal Brihanu Jula said that “Shene” that claims to stand for the cause of Oromo people is not even aware of what its demand is “but it is killing Oromos”.

The Field Marshal said this at a recognition platform organised for the regiments of the Central Command who have made outstanding contributions in mission accomplishment. “Bandits are working to jeopardise the sovereignty of Ethiopia,” he said, adding that “apart from not knowing its demands, Shene is killing the Oromo people”.

“So long as it comes with force, we will fight against anybody that threatens the peace of our country including Shene,” said the Chief of Staff. 


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  1. even with all the pampers, you don’t look imposing like a real Ethiopian general. I am sorry for that – I don’t intend to pick a fight with someone who looks womanly like you.

  2. Who caused the current searing hot temperature in India and in the USA?
    Who caused the global warming?
    Of course, it is Oromummaa!
    Who made rents too damn high in Minnesota?
    Who triggered the supply chain disruption since 2020?
    Who made medicine sick?
    Who made the earth’s axis tilt by 3 inches to the east this year alone?
    Who made a green cow give out black milk?
    Who caused the last lunar eclipse?
    I am telling you the Oromummaa rap sheet is so long and massive you can travel to Uranus and back!!!

  3. Things are turning for worse for me now. I just came back from shopping and found out there are now two barricades I have to be harassed by. One manned by the Oromummaa and the other one by Fanos.
    Who let the sun come up 5 minutes late this morning?
    Who let the sun go down 15 minutes early this evening?
    Who let that brown cow turn green?
    Who invaded the old country in 1935?
    Who killed 3 million innocent Italians at Adwa who came to civilize the old country in 1896?
    Fanos and Neo-Gobenas.
    Who sent the Neanderthals go extinct 180,000 years ago?
    Who started the Covid-19 pandemic in 2017?
    Fanos and Oromummaa.
    The rap sheet on Fanos and their Neo-Gobenas allies can go on and on to reach the farthest galaxy and back. Them rascals!!!

  4. This just got in and hot off the press. News from reliable sources has just reached my media desk that Obbo Jawar has been on a trip for more than 2 years now.
    You have a media desk now, Ittu?
    Yes I do. In any case I was told that Jula and Abiy had spiked Jawar’s favorite drink with some funny stuff and he has been on a psychedelic trip since then.
    Do you mean Cyberdelic, Ittu?
    Yes. He has been on Turn on, tune in and dropout trip.
    No, it is now ‘Turn on, boot up and jack in’, Ittu.
    You’re right. I used mine from the 1960’s and 70’s. Phew! I was like ‘Turn on, tune in and dropout’ drifting away into the calmness of space, dude! I could pull the moon close to my face walk around in and out of its craters. I still get the vibe when listening to ‘War, is good for nothing’. Edwin Starr! Hit it!!! I know how Obbo Jawar feels now. All tranquil and in space!!!


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