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Massive Electric Power outage, issue pointed to power station 

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A massive electric power outage has been reported across Ethiopia. It happened on Tuesday in evening (local time). 

Ethiopian Electric Power has confirmed the news, based on a report from State media outlets. The authority said the issue is linked to a problem ( the details of which is unexplained) at Gibe III Electric power generation station. 

The government further added that work is underway to resolve the issue and restore electric power.  However, Ethiopian Electric Power did not give an estimate of the time it takes to resolve the situation. 


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  1. This kind of outages has been chronic for years especially in the outside regions once you leave occurs several times almost every day . Worse yet , they never explain ,apologize or warn before hand like rest of hecworld does as to has happened, how it happen and how long it takes to fix or return

  2. what do you expect from an ethnic-merit government that is run by public servants with fake degrees, corrupt ethnic-fixed appointment, dumb character, twisted personalities…and the like. Power outages are the least you can expect,… they may even blow out the whole country……these devils have no idea what they are doing. Look at a pp official- the only good thing about him is his well trimmed mustache! ha ha ha

  3. Expell all amhara and banda tigre from Welkayit and Humara

    No single Amhara preacher, pastor, purported Mahibrekidusan, singer, or dancer would be permitted to market his goods( mezmur, book etc) in Tigray.

    All fano member amhara bishops must resign and church should be free of tenkuway, corrupted satan worshipper .

  4. EEP, Ethio Tele, the water distribution and utility center, All state owned media must be broken up. All top administrative employees of these supposedly public institutes must be fired. THEY ARE CADRES OF THE REGIME NOT PUBLIC SERVANTS.

    ይሄ የበሰበሰ መንግስት ለህዝብ ምንም ጥቅም የሌለው በበሰበሰ የካድሬ ስብስብ የገማ የጠለሸ ለህዝብ አገልግሎት ወይንም public service ምንም አይነት በቂ ትምህርት: የስራ ልምድ: የአመራር ክህሎት በሌላቸው አጭበርባሪ: ሌባ የስርአቱ አራማጅ የኦሮሙማና የወያኔ ቱሉቱላ ጉግ ማንጉግ የተሞላ በኢትዮጵያውያን ጀርባ ላይ እንደ መዥገር እና ቱኻን ተጣብቆ ደም የሚመጥ ከህዝብ ላይ በግፍ የተሰበሰበ ፍርፋሪ ለቃሚ ጥርቅም ነው::

  5. I now know who did it. Both Af-mishar(The only person who has the ‘unflawed’ US policy for the HOA) and Pants-On-Fire(who survived torture and potassium cyanide poisoning at the hands of Mengistu) shot me an email and told me it was Oromummaa who snipped one of the major transmission lines two days ago. This allegation was also confirmed later on by ‘Oromummaa’ blabbering loser/reject. Folks, this Oromummaa thing is everywhere. It was here just outside the grocery store in my hood yesterday just to harass me. I heard it was also at every airport here in North America, Europe and Oceania just to harass people it doesn’t like.
    Who made the dinosaurs extinct? Who else? Of course, it was same o, same o Oromummaa!!!


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