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Closure of 18 departments at Debre-Birhan University sparks protest

 Debre Birhan University
Debre Birhan University Administration Office (Photo : Public Domain)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Protest erupted against the measure taken by Debre-Birhan University to close colleges of Science and Education, Social Development and other fields that are related to Amharic Language, history, identity, culture and indigenous knowledge. 

Following the closure of 18 departments under four colleges that offer first to third degrees, Debre-Birhan University community submitted a letter of protest to the administration office of the board of the University.

Addis Maleda reported quoting the letter submitted by the teachers to the University Board that the management informed the teachers about the closure of the departments of social and natural science colleges, including that of law and education under the pretext of “not included in the center of excellence”. The letter further indicates that the teachers under those departments would be suspended for they are not embraced in the “center of excellence”.

The teachers indicated in their letter that the decision is illogical and unconstitutional. Teachers of the Department of Education and Amharic were informed that they would receive a resignation letter as of July 08, 2023, according to Addis Maleda.

The university teachers called upon the concerned stakeholders to take immediate remedial action against the management of the university that has made inappropriate decisions to shut down the federal and regional working language through negligence and disdain. The decision was made without discussing the issue with teachers, students and Zonal community including stakeholders.

The university dismissed requests forwarded repeatedly by Teachers’ Association of the University to brief the university community regarding the measures it has taken to close the departments. 

Moreover, the university has closed the social and cultural, mathematical sciences and education fields of studies that are not given by private higher learning institutions, the teachers said. This was reportedly done in a situation where other universities have not closed such fields against the desire and preferences of the university and the local community. Following the closure of the departments, over 18,000 students were deprived of their rights to pursue education during the summer program, according to them. 

The teachers who opposed the closure of the cultural center including the center of history studies named after Emperor Zera-Yacob, requested the university administration to expound the university community about the decision made to close these departments. They have also asked the administration to reverse its decision and open the departments.  

Regarding the issue, Addis Maleda spoke to the president of Debre-Birhan University, Nigussu Tadesse (PhD). Nigussu said that the decision raised by the teachers [closure of the departments] was ruled by the Ministry of Education.

The president said that the question raised by the teachers regarding the Amharic department was inappropriate. “There was no student that preferred to be assigned in the department for the last three years. That is why it was closed,” he said.  

The president said that the information regarding suspension of teachers is wrong; “As per the decision made by the Ministry of Education, there will be a transfer of teachers to another university. No teacher will be dismissed,” according to the University president. 


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  1. At last oromoma is acting on the behest of traitors such as Nigusu – how dare you belittle Zerayakob, you little tplf-odp pimp? He is one of the greatest monarchs in Ethiopian history. How dare you close the Amharic dept? History Dept? Are you dumb? Why are oromouma concentrated on the corridor of Amhara to the center? History will judge you. The Debre Berhan Amhara people should not let this go unfinished……


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