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Addis Ababa City Administration introduced restriction on rent hike 

HayaHulet area of Addis Ababa (April 2023/borkena)


The Addis Ababa City Administration on Monday announced that no rent increase is allowed for the next six months of time.  The decision is from the cabinet. 

Report from FBC, State Media, indicated that the Addis Ababa City Administration Cabinet decision is informed by rocketing cost of living in the city and its impact on the low-income families in the city.  Similar measures had been introduced in the past. 

Landlords are also restricted from evicting tenants in the next six months. However, the circumstances under which it will be implemented are unclear. 

The only exception the office made is that prices could increase if an agreement is reached – seemingly between renters and landlords. 

The office did not specify how it is going to resolve the problem in six months or whether it will extend the restrictions after six months. 

The rise in the cost of living was one of the top questions that Abiy Ahmed faced when he appeared at the parliament last week. 

Affordable housing has been an issue in the city for many years now and the city has been making claims that it is working to resolve it.

Millions of Ethiopians are struggling to feed their families due to price rise – not to mention that millions are facing hunger in different parts of the country including in the Tigray region.


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  1. If this story is true and Adds Abeba administrator is truly committed to implementing the rental hike restrictions, it will be wise, absolutely imperative and badly needed move by the Addis Abebe administration to control the ever none stop and uncontrollable rental hikes in Addis Abeba city and the surrounding areas.

  2. lazy fat woman – why don’t you build new houses or refrain from giving all the condos built by state money to your oromuma cadres and other running dogs. You are too low a mayor for this large city!


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