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Ethiopian PM asked to resign, dissolve parliament 

Abiy Parliament resign
PM answering questions in the parliament on July 6, 2023. (Photo : screenshot from EBC video)


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Thursday appeared at the House of People’s Representatives. On Wednesday the parliament announced to the public that he would appear in the 28th session of the parliament to address questions from parliamentarians. Issues related to peace, security and bad governance were discussed. 

On the part of the Prime Minister, emphasis was given to the challenges that his government faced. His focus was on inflation which he said is a challenge for many other countries. But he claimed that his government managed to reduce the debt level in the country. He put it at 38 percent of the GDP.  

For the parliamentarian from the opposition quarter, the focus is security and the soaring cost of living.  Kidnapping citizens for ransom has been out of control in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. And parliamentarians have raised it to the Prime Minister. 

Teshome Adane, an MP, said citizens are being kidnapped and asked to pay millions of birr. The problem has worsened to the point where citizens are questioning if they can make it home safely. He asked what the government is doing to resolve the security situation in Amhara and Oromia regions. 

Deslagne Chanie, an opposition MP, reminded the PM that over 200,000 Ethiopians were reduced to homelessness after the government [in the Oromia region]. He also mentioned that millions have lost their lives due to the war and millions displaced including in the Oromia region. The worsening economic situation and unbearable cost of living is another problem that he cited to demonstrate what he described as the ‘failure’ of the Prime Minister’s leadership and his ruling party – Prosperity party. 

He further said that the PM’s party is incapable of rescuing the country from the quagmire it is in and asked the Prime Minister to hand over power to a transitional administration and dissolve the parliament. 

It has been noticeable for several years now that the Prime Minister is increasingly losing support and legitimacy in the country ,and that his government is taking a path of dictatorship.

PM Abiy Ahmed’s new political alliance with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is seen not only as a demonstration of tendency to autocratic rule but also a cause for concern if peace will prevail in the country. There are rumors that the Prime Minister, in alliance with the TPLF, is planning war against Eritrea. 


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  1. The Ethiopian economy was the fastest growing in the world before the Oromo uprising that helped Abiy Ahmed come to power. Ethiopia was prospering and overcoming poverty and famine under the leadership Abiy Ahmed called `daytime hyenas`. Now the economy is registering negative growth and the incompetent and corrupt Abiy Ahmed can not solve the crisis. He destroyed the industries and businesses in Tigray in cooperation with the Eritrean dictator.

  2. PM Abiy Ahmed , Ethiopia can’t survive without you. You are the best leader in ethiopian history unlike those leaders , TPLF mafia leaders, who sold Assab and rest of ethiopian ports to shabiya.

    Assab and Massawa belong to Ethiopia and all Ethiopians , regardless of their racial, religious, socioeconomic, or political affiliations. It is intolerable that the TPLF regime gave one province, Eritrea, permission to claim ownership of it as their own property. In defending these ports from foreign invaders, numerous people from all of Ethiopia’s provinces and regions have lost their lives. The fact that one province’s administrative zone, Eritrea’s, includes these ports does not in any way affect the rest of Ethiopian’s ability to enforce their ownership rights.

    The former gang, TPLF leadership violated their nation and its people by unilaterally turning over these ports to a single region without consulting the entire populace. This move discredits the sacrifices made by numerous people who battled to defend the freedom and sovereignty of Ethiopia from foreign invaders. These courageous people protected not just the co-citizens living in this area, Eritrea and its current stolen ports, but also the territorial integrity of Ethiopia .

    It is crucial that the proper ownership of these ports be reconsidered in order to respect the contributions made and bring justice to all Ethiopian citizens . This can only be accomplished by an open, inclusive process that takes into account the opinions and goals of the entire populace. It is time for the government to repair this wrong and make sure that Massawa and Assab belongs to all of Ethiopian citizens in full.
    ማፊያዎቹ የህውሃት መሪዎች ኢትዮጵያውያን ያለ ወደብ አስቀርተው ለረሀብ እና ለእርስበርስ ግጭት ደርገዋቸዋል፥፥በትግራይ ሕዝብ ላይ ያደረሱት ግፍና በደል የቃላት ቋጠሮ የስንኝ ስድራት ሊገልፀው አይችልም፥፥ደጋፊዎቻቸው ሊያንቆለጳጵሷቸው በማሰብ ብዙ ይላሉ ለመጥቀስ ያህል ወደሰው ሀገር ሸሽተው እንደልባቸው መኖር ይችሉ ነበር ወዘተ ወንጀለኛን ማንይለቀዋል፤ማንስ ክብር ሰጥቶ ያኖረዋል፤እነርሱም ይህን ያውቁታል፤፤ገንዘባችን የሰረቅነውን ንብረት አስመልሰን ተሹመን ተሸልመን ነግሰን አሰግደን አስገብረን እንኖራለን በገር ውስጥ ይደላናል፥፥ከዚህ ቁረጥ ከዚህ ጥበስልን እያለን እንኖራለን ብለው እንጂ እናጅሬ ሀገራቸውን ወደው ለህዝባቸው ለመሞት አይደለም ቆላ ተራራ ሲሮጡ የከረሙት፥፥ይባስ ብሎ የታገለላቸውን ወጣት ከድተው በረሀብ ይቆሉታል፥፥ድምጤ ይሰማ ባለ በ አስለቃሽ ጭስ ይበትኑታል፥፥በፖለቲካ አመለካከቱና በአውራጃ በወረዳ እየከፋፈሉ አድሎና መገለል ያደርሱበታል፥፥ ሻዕቢያና ፥የሻዕቢያ የሽንት ጨርቅ ፥ ዘራፊ ፥መነኩሴ ደፋሪ የሆነው ፋኖ ከመላው የትግራይ ክልል ፥ከተሞችና መንደሮች ይውጡ፥፥ባንዳ ትግሬም ከመላይቱ ትግራይ ይውጣ ፥፥ሳይደርቅ በርጥቡ ሳይርቅ ከቅርቡ እንደሚባለው ባንዳ ትግሬ እንደ በፊቱ ከጠላት ጋር ወግኖ የትግራይ ህዝብ ላይ ጥፋት ሳያስከትል ከወዲሁ ተለቅሞ መታሰር እና ከትግራይ መባረር አለበት፥፥ ይህ ሁሉ መከራ በትግራይ ላይ የወረደው በህውሃት ቸልተኝነት እና ሆዳምነት ነው፥፥ያለፈው ይብቃ፤፤
    የራሷ ታሪክ የሌላት ከሠላሣ ዓመት በላይ እድሜ የሌለው ክልል አገር ነኝ የሶሥት ሺ ዓመታት ታሪክ አለኝ የሚለው ጨቅላው እምቦቀቅላው ያማራ መንግስት ዜጎቹን ከሁመራ ፥ወልቃይት እና ከመላው የትግራይ ክልል ግዛቶች ባፋጣኝ ያስወጣ፥፥
    በመጨረሻም ማንኛውም የህውሃት አባል ሆነ የጊዚያው መንግስት መሪዎች በትግራይ የመንበረ ሰላማ ቤተክርስትያን ላይ እጁን ማስገባት እና ለማፊያው ፋኖዶክስ የአማራ ሲኖዶስ ድጋፍ ከማድረግ ይቆጠብ፥፥በትግራይ ጀኖሳይድ ላይ በቀጥታ ተሳታፊ የሆነው ማህበረ ቅዱሳን ነኝ የሚለው ዘራፊው በማህበረ ሰይጣን የሚመራው ያማራ ሲኖዶስ በትግራይ ተቀባይነት የለውም፥፥ማንውም የማህበረ ቅዱሳን ደጋፊ ትግሬ ትግራይን መርገጥ የለበትም፥፥ከትግራይ ይውጣ፤፤ከወገኑ ጠላት አራጅ ጋር የሚሰለፍ ሁሉ አራጅ ጀኖሳይደር ነው፥፥

  3. No resignation or dissolution of parliament is gonna work for that country at this moment. These thugs who do the kidnapping for ransom are both in Amhara and Oromia regions. What they enjoy is not public support in those regions but the indifference by the common citizens. Both Oromos and Amharas want to see these ruffians eradicated but they feel powerless to do it themselves due to exaggerated reputation of the might of these armed hoodlums. When some Amhara and Oromo local officials try to do something about it these demons will shoot and hack them to death. We have all heard about assassinations of such local officials and common citizens. There are still other gallant local officials who are trying to do away with these miscreants and what must be done is provide them the means with which they can coordinate their tasks. supporters of these gangs who embedded themselves in the regional forces must be hunted down and expurgated. If the PM is against this then he should reconsider his current position.

    Now, in regards to inflation, which country is not reeling from its runaway height? The question is are the leaders doing something about it? Current level of inflation will be around for a while. It may even lead to even more painful recession before subsiding. If PM Abiy’s government policy is making the inflation worse then he should reconsider his position as the leader of the country and let the parliament bring in someone else to do the job. I am not a fan of so-called ‘provisional’ government. In many cases never worked. They became talk shops for loud mouths and smart alecks. Many of them ended up being head hunting agencies for individuals who ended up being brutal despots. Ain’t gonna work in our case. Just imagine these intellectuals and college professors who are deafening us now with ‘Orummuma’ this and ‘Neftegna’ that, ‘Oromo extremists’ this ‘Fano’ that moving their jaws on the podium of such provisional government. Just picture that! Provisional government in the current setting is just a set up for a punchline. A joke but not funny for the suffering citizens.

  4. Okay guys, this is it!
    This is it what Ittu?
    This is it! PM Abiy has to resign!
    Why all of a sudden change of mind, Ittu?
    Cuz, I watch a TV video clip from his parliament presentation and noticed he was looking for someone.
    Who do you think he was looking for?
    It was me. He sorted me out through the TV monitor and picked me out.
    From thousands of miles away, Ittu?
    Yep! He fixated his bloodshot eyes on me and gave me a killer look. I was horribly terrified and emotionally tortured by him. He must resign and hand over his premiership to a provisional government.
    Who will be members of the provisional government?
    No worries! I took care of that already. It is made up of Ms. Piggy as the PM and chairperson, Kermit the Frog as DP Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Twitty Bird as the Spoke Person, Speedy Gonzalez as Defense Minister, Mickey Mouse as the Governor of both Amhara and Oromia Regions. This will effective at noon today and the provisional government will be in session effective at 01:00PM thereafter. You see, I took care of just like that.
    What qualifies you for this critical and monumental job, Ittu.
    Because I have PhD that I panhandled years ago. I was loud mouthed in incoherent accent when I defended my doctoral thesis. They got tired of listening to my mumbling and certified my chicken scratched thesis.
    So you call yourself Mr. PhD?
    Yes! From now you should address me as Ittu, PhD.
    Keep dreaming, Ittu!
    No! Ittu,PhD!

    • All Amhara bishops must step down, including all who support the war . It is because they are all criminals. NO any other excuses .They are desecrating the sacred monastic and bishopric robes. They are not up to their religious mandate and authority. Simple as that!

      For the benefit of all members of the church, Mahibre rikusan, popularly recognized as Mahibrekidusan, must go through a necessary dissolution process

      Currently, the majority of religious leaders around the world are acting in an irreligious, unethical, and immoral manner. The goal of this section is to provide you a brief summary while emphasizing the key ideas you need to know. It also exhorts you to remain steadfastly committed despite the leaders’ veering off course, deviation from the right path..

      July 1 (Reuters) – Pope Francis has named an Argentine theologian and prolific author who decades ago wrote a book on the healing properties of kissing to be the Catholic Church’s new doctrinal chief, one of the Vatican’s top posts.
      The book named “”Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing, ”
      The book mentions “Jesus” on just one occasion, “Christ” on six occasions, “God” 28 times and “sex” a total of 13 times.
      Archbishop Fernández’s appointment has been met with criticisms focusing on a book he wrote about kissing, his handling of sexual abuse and comments he made expressing an openness to blessing same-sex couples.
      In May, the Flemish bishops of Belgium cited Amoris Laetitia to justify giving same-sex blessings. And so on. For this epic confusion, Fernández bears a great deal of responsibility.
      Amoris Laetitia is a papal document written by Pope Francis and released on April 8, 2016. The title, translated from Latin, means “The Joy of Love.”

      Besides, Patriarch Kirill blessed the Russian army and gave his blessing to the war. It was not just him but the majority of priests of the Moscow Patriarchate [Russian Orthodox Church]…

      Pastor Penuel Mnguni , south africa, once drove a car over a congregant, made people eat snakes and rats and sometimes stripped people naked. He also made them eat their own hair while jumping and stepping on them.
      With complete support of amhara elites ,Abiy Ahmed, amhara pastor, is killing his people , burning churches and mosques. He is 666.

      Amhara fanodox bishops have been implicated in assisting in the massacre of Tigrayans . The resulting genocide had severe consequences, including displacement, starvation, suffering, and death in the Amhara region. The responsibility for these tragic events falls on the regional leaders of Amhara as well as those who organized and created factions such as Fano . It is a logical and inevitable consequence that when one invades their own people with the aid of foreign mercenaries, retaliation and action will be taken against them once their land is freed from occupation.

      Bishops of the Amhara fanatical Fanodox church, such as Abba Petros, Abba Abraham, and Mahibreseytan, are only interested in gaining control of the see of Axum at the expense of Tigrayan Orthodox church members by extorting taxes and alms from them. Their intentions are far from seeking an apology; instead, they freely make sarcastic and disparaging remarks. Surprisingly, they make an attempt to take over a church with a storied 3000-year history and a collection of priceless artifacts.

      To sum up, it has come to our attention that many Christian leaders, including those in the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant denominations, have shown a grave concern for spiritual principles. Unfortunately, these leaders seem to have put their own interests and worldly goals before their spiritual obligations. They have resorted to using their religious authority as a source of income rather than protecting the sanctity of their positions, pursuing fame and fortune by allying with worldly influences while ignoring their dedication to the teachings of God.

      Stay tuned, to be continued, ይቆየን!

  5. is it real he wants to fight with Eritrea with the tplf. I am no fan of tplf or Eritrea but if this buffon starts this war, he has to consiider the Fano. Has he thought about it or he thinks Fano doesn’t count – I have a mighty army under the tight command of my oromo generals…really? really?

  6. Truth is painful and she tastes bitter too, but we will bow down before her, because liars and their lies have no place here Truth is painful and she tastes bitter too, but we will bow down before her, because liars and their lies have no place here

    The apologists of this dictatorial regime, led by the incompetent, unqualified, I know it all, oromumma ideologue, so called oromumma pm abiy, masquerading as the legitimate pm of all Ethiopians are at again. The regime’s two bit cadres, digital armies of propagandists and cult personality worshippers are constantly barking on Borkena and other sites as if they could mislead or misinform any more.The ousted TPLF and its ethnofanatic sycophants are also drumming up for yet another war against Eritrea, further massacre and displacement of the Amhara, the Afar,the Gambella, the Gurage, the Gedo and many other Ethiopian communities across the nation.

    The realities on the ground that cannot any longer be denied or covered up by the abiy regime and his sycophant cadres are as follows:

    1) massive inflation now north of 40% in Ethiopia ( inflation in Kenya is 7.9% and in Somalia it is 6.6% as a comparison

    2) the birr has seen a devaluation of more than -120% or so in the fake “official or bank rate” and in the parallel market is devalued by over -400% on the incompetent abiy’s watch

    3) 1 quintal teff= 10,000 birr, 1 egg= 16 birr, 1 injera= 15 birr

    4) the average income is 2000 birr

    5) crimes like burglary, kidnapping and murder are rampant and nobody can move or travel anywhere freely in Ethiopia.

    6) the foolish pm claims he has planted 25 billion trees and his stupid and brain dead cadres repeat this embarrassing claim ad nauseam. Here is the disproof:

    Disproving abiy’s An his two bit sycophants and cadres stupid 25 billion trees planted grade 10,000 Pinocchio Lie
    a)25 billion trees @ the higher estimate of 20% seedling survival = 5 billion trees
    b) 5 billion trees @ 160- 170 trees per acre ( these estimates are very favorable to the stupid claims of this incompetent buffoon)= 10,000,000 acres minimum= about the size of Switzerland or Denmark.
    c) South Korea had a very successful reforestation program that managed to plant about 11,000,000,000 trees in 50 years ( half a century). abiy is claiming to have planted more than double that in a span of 2 years or less.
    d) In Africa, the Kwimba project in Tanzania, considered a reforestation success story of the 1990s, managed to plant 6.9 million trees in 9 years across some 40 villages.
    e) Size of Amazon rain forest= 2.58 million square miles= about 2 x the size of India, and some 6 times the size of Ethiopia
    f) total number of trees in Amazon rainforest estimated at 390 billion

    Regarding the EOTC, here are the facts:

    Whereas it is rather repulsive to enumerate, ethnicize and label the faithful by their tribes, neither the tplf nor oromumma ethnofanatics have supporting facts, none, zilch in this arena either. If the Holy Synod were to be formed along ethnic lines the Oromo which has only at most 8 million Oromo Orthodox religion followers, and the Tigreans who have at most about 4. 5 million Orthodox religion followers do not even reach 40% membership. If the Amhara were as tribalistic, ethnofanatic and greedy as the politically manipulated tplf and oromumma orthodox religion dissenters, the composition of the Synod would have to be at least:

    1) 65 % or so Amhara
    2) 20% or so Oromo
    3) 9% or so Tigrean
    4) 6% or so other Ethiopian ethnicities.

    Yet for the last 35 years who has been the Patriarch of the EOTC? If push comes to shove the Amhara can say ok we will satisfy the incompetent buffoon’s manipulation of the EOTC and make it an ethnic federation Synod and based on membership the composition will be 7 Amhara Bishops for every 3 others from all over the country. If the criminal thug shimeles further lashes out his dirty tongue on equity and wealth distribution, 65% of the EOTC total assets will be Amhara’s only!!!!!!!!



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