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Militants killed three students, two mothers in Guraghe Zone

Google map shows Guraghe zone of Ethiopia

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) –Militants are kidnapping and killing residents in two Woredas of Guraghe Zone, South Nation Nationalities and Peoples Region, sources said.

Residents who were approached by the Amharic Weekly, Reporter said that the armed men killed and kidnaped people in Sodo and Meskan Woreda of the Zone.

They said that five people were killed during an attack perpetrated by the militants in Meskan Woreda last Monday, July 03, 2023.

The victims are three students and two mothers, the residents said, adding that after the killing spree in Meskan the militants moved to Mareko Woreda.

Moreover, an unidentified number of people were kidnapped by armed forces in Sodo Woreda a week ago, according to Reporter.

Peace and Security Sector head of Guraghe Zone, Commander Tejie Yirdaw confirmed to the Weekly Reporter that he had received information about the armed militants that have caused attacks in the above stated Woredas. 

Asked what the security office is planning to do regarding the attack, the commander said that his office “is holding joint discussion with the people of the area and the leadership”.

Tejie said that he was told by the residents about the militants who left after committing the attack. “It is clear the problem has occurred. But regarding who did that, we have not yet got the evidence,” he said.

Asked to give further explanation regarding the five people who were allegedly murdered by the militants in Meskan Woreda last Monday 03 July 2023, Commander Tejie said that he received the information and “investigation is underway”. 


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  1. This is just a warm up for what to follow. It is the first course that will be too big/wide spread through out that country except in Afar and Somali regions. That is what you call ‘liberating’ people according the working protocol of the byproducts of those commies from the 1960’s and 70’s. They will kill just for fun, kidnap and burn down homes when they feel like it. This is just a rehearsal before they come to town and pay residents of Addis/Finfine a heck of a visit. Why not? They have their buddies in the law enforcement and they are being counseled and represented by college professors here in the West. Why not? They seem to be enjoying it! Again, they will kill, torch and kidnap just because they can. My advice to our countrymen/women who have plans to travel to Amhara, Tigray and Oromia regions still stands. You will be a big trophy for these demons. Stay safe.


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