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Wylie, Texas : ESFNA Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America 40th tournament 

Wylie ESFNA Ethiopian Sports federation
Ethiopians attending the tournament in Wylie Stadium, Texas. Photo : from Twitter


The 40th edition of the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) tournament kicked off this week in the City of Wylie, Texas.  It was started in 1984. 

 The week-long event is scheduled to take place between July 2nd to July 8th, 2023.   A weekly and three days pass was on sale at a 35 percent discount.  The weekly one was selling for $U.S. 110 and the three days pass for $70. 

The event draws participants, mostly Ethiopians, living in different cities across North America. The soccer tournament is the main event of the festival. This year, long-distance running is organized. 

Cultural shows, dance and music are also important events during the course of the tournament. Vendors sell Ethiopian food and other Ethiopian products in the designated area within the stadium. 

The executive committee has announced that it held a pre-tournament meeting.  Abiye Nurelegne, president of ESFNA, welcomed members and special guests, according to an update from the federation.  The Federation recognized three women for their dedication and service. 

Artist Fantish Bekele is named a cultural Ambassador in recognition of what he called  20 years of service to the organization.  Maheder Gebreselassie is given recognition for her unspecified contribution and support to the organization.

Meaza Mohammed, a journalist based in Ethiopia and who also runs Roha Media on Youtube,  is invited to the event. She is “recognized for her courage and dedication to Ethiopia.”

7-Eleven and Phison Real Estate are among the sponsors of the event. 

Image source : Social media

On the first day of the tournament, teams from 16 cities across North America. Activities for day two of the event have been underway. 

The finalists competing for a championship will be known in a week or so. 


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